Sunday, March 31, 2013

First Letter from the MTC

 Saturday, 30 March 2013
 Hey Family and Friends,                   

So obviously it is my P-day, but next week my P-day will be on Friday. So it is so great being here! Man this is so hard to start because so much has happened and I just don't even know where to start.

Alright, so my first day was kind of a blur, we just went to orientations and stuff like that and met our district and I met my companions, as you might have heard I am part of a tri-fecta! That is what we call it anyway. My two companions are Sister Adams, from Canada, and Sister Galbraith, from Texas. They are great, it was kind of hard at first because I have a hard time getting a long with girls and I am one of the older ones here; so I am trying hard to be patient with 18 year old boys, especially since I am used to 21 years and up! haha.  But no I have been blessed and humbled!

 My companions and I work so well together and I truly do love them. Sister Galbraith is very good at summing up big doctrinal ideas like when we are explaining the atonement and/or trying to define a hard word. Sister Adams has a lot of feeling and can really connect with the "investigators", and surprisingly enough I am apparently the "Type A" personality, according to Sister Adams. Where I break topics down one by one into steps and stuff, kind of like a math teacher would. So it is way nice having all of our three personalities working together.

My teacher Sister Gibson  is acting as an investigator and we have taught her two lessons, our first one went really well, and our teacher said that she was amazed at how it all went. Our second one was less good, we still have a lot to learn. I can tell you that this place is amazing, never in my life have I been so spiritually fed. I absolutely love that we get to spend all day studying the gospel! It makes it so much easier that there aren't any distractions and that everyone is studying just like you. My favorite thing is: that all they talk about, almost 24/7, is that this is THE LORDS work.  We do not convert, we are simply the tool and the mouth piece. the Holy Ghost is the connection from God to us and through the Holy Ghost and by the Holy Ghost people are brought closer to the Lord.

I feel like I came into the MTC already feeling inadequate, like I wasn't scripturally strong enough. But I have had some moments when I realized that I know a lot more than I thought I did, and I have had some serious humbling moments. Honestly I feel like I pray every single night that God will humble me, because I feel like those moments when I feel so connected with the investigator, it is so hard to remind yourself that its not you! Its the Holy Spirit!

I think you all will be proud to know that I have had no adjustment problems with going to bed at 10:30 and waking up at 6:00, and yes I repeat I wake up at 6:00! That way I can get ready in time and beat the shower lines! Lets see...what else.... I don't know why so many people said the food here is good, maybe their moms aren't very good cooks, because I severely miss your cooking mom and also Ashley's cooking!!!!!!

Something funny that happened this week was we were at dinner and I was juggling my jello on my spoon....I know, I know, don't play with your food...but then my jello fell off into my chocolate milk! It was really funny!

So I have played some volleyball during gym time.  The first day I didn't play that much because there are a lot of Samoans and they don't share very well, so I decided to go running for a little while. Today we had gym time and I played 4 square for a little bit, and then played volleyball, which was alright but whatever. Umm

Oh yeah I forgot to say that the Elders in our district are going to Birmingham England. But as far as I know we have 3 districts of Sisters that are going to Scotland/Ireland! Five in ours (this must be the 5 girls in her dorm room), 4 in the other district in our zone, and I think 4 in another district that I found out about a little bit ago. In the other district in our zone they have 6 Elders going to Scotland/Ireland! Its been fun, but like I said our district is awesome. We have 4 Elders, 3 are super young, the 4th is 26, he is a convert from California, but originally from Jamaica. They are all really cool and fun!

I just want to say that this is the best decision of my life! I love it here, but I cant wait to get to Scotland/Ireland and spread His gospel! I love it so much. As I have been practicing over and over our discussions I have gotten soooooo excited to teach for real. I love the spirit here! It is so strong. I played the companion of my teacher Sister Gibson and we taught one of our Elders acting like an investigator. I was so shocked by how I literally heard the spirit tell me a question to ask the investigator and after I asked it my teacher told me later that that is exactly what she was going to ask! Like I said the spirit is sooo strong all the time, I love it! I love this gospel, I love missionary work, and I hope I can be a good tool for the Lord, to bring people to Christ!
I love you all, and thank you for helping me get here!

Love Sis Christine Watt

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Finally An Official Missionary

I am now a set apart missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and here is my contact information if you want to write me or email me. My email will be but I will not be able to email any friends until April 10th, my mailing address up to April 10th:
Sister Christine DiAnne Watt
MTC Mailbox #75
2005 N 900 E
Provo UT 84604-1793
Once I leave the country and go to Scotland/Ireland my new address will be updated along with my letters that my parents will be posting each week here on my blog . 

*You can use the above MTC address on to write me for free! "0410" is the estimated departure date when filling out the address. Also if you get the letter in by noon it will get to me that very same day!

Thanks for all your support,
Sister Watt

P.S. From here on out my lovely mommy will be updating this blog.