Friday, April 5, 2013

Last week at the MTC

Christine's words "Pure Awesomeness" Her glasses crack me up.

Hey family!

Man so much has happened since I last emailed you I cant even remember everything. Lets see, Easter Sunday was good. I don't really remember what I said to you last week so if I repeat anything I am sorry. But yeah so Easter Sunday was good, the dinner was alright that night, and it was great just spending the whole time listening to people talk about really spiritual things and build us up! As opposed to constantly learning and practicing missionary teaching and the lessons. But of course after being built up on Sunday we got humbled on Monday.
Sisters in my district Back: Sister Adams, Sister Galbraith Front: Sister Lund, Sister Rousseau

I think I told you that our first lesson with our pi (a.k.a fake investigator) Erin went really well. Since then we had a few more rough lessons with her and then she came to us saying that her friend brought up the scripture in Revelations 22:18 where it says that there will be no more revelations after that. But its funny because John wrote Revelations before he wrote his own book, anyway so we had a really good and long discussion with Erin, and she is progressing again, and so are we! We are still learning and we definitely struggle a lot but we are getting better and that's all that matters!

Sister Watt's district The whole district, the guys: L-R: Elders: Carlson, Singleton, Hess, Ward
My relationship with my companions just keep on getting better and better. We had the coolest thing happen. one of my companions has really been struggling with confidence in herself and feeling like she isn't feeling the spirit and problems at home. She told us all about whats going on at home. Anyway so I think it was Monday that she just broke down and Monday night Elder Singleton (who is our district leader) asked if she wanted a Priesthood Blessing and she said she did. So he gave her one and it was the most inspired blessing I have ever heard. He said things about her parents and it was crazy because he never knew anything about her family situation! Honestly everyone in the room was crying it was so amazing! It is amazing to see the love that God has for his children and how the priesthood can harness that love perfectly and show that every word is coming from our Heavenly Father! That blessing was truly from our Heavenly Father through the spirit, through the priesthood! So amazing.

Lets see I have learned a lot! Remember how I used to have a problem with getting my thoughts formed into words and out of my mouth? Well that happens a lot when I am practicing my lessons with my companions or teachers, but its amazing how rare that happens when I am actually teaching an investigator. So that it pretty cool.

My companionship: Sister Adams, Sister Watt, Sister Galbraith
I love how strong the spirit is here! The other day my companions and I were discussing what we wanted to prepare for a TRC (which is a random investigator, not one we have been teaching multiple times) and originally we had talked about how our investigator Luwanna seemed like she needed purpose in her life and so we were going to give her the second lesson. So when we were actually planning our lesson I brought that up, and we decided to pray about it individually. So I started my prayer and I said Heavenly Father we have decided that lesson 2 is the lesson we want to teach Luwanna and I didn't even finish my statement when a clear voice said to me, "This is my restored gospel, it is the most important thing, teach my restored gospel." And I said ok, and I finished my prayer and waited for my other companions to finish their prayers, seriously my prayer was no longer than a minute. When my companions finished they said they all felt that lesson 1 was what we needed to teach. Later that night we had our lesson with Luwanna and it went really well, it was super rough at the beginning but then Sister Galbraith brought out the scripture Isaiah 49: 15-16 and the spirit hit like a ton of bricks, and Luwanna felt like that was the perfect scripture.

Yesterday we had in-field training which is preparing missionaries who are leaving soon, and it made me realize how close it actually is! I am so excited to get out of here and teach. I love this gospel, I know that this church is true with my whole heart. I love the atonement and I love the part it plays in my life. I use the atonement every day without fail! This is the Lords work and I can see that change in me to be a better tool in Gods vineyard. Sister Sheri Dew gave us a challenge at the end of her Sunday devotional talk. She asked us to read D&C 138 and Abraham 3 and then ask God to talk to us about how he feels about us. I invite you to do the same.

I love you all and I am so excited to share the gospel!

Sister Watt

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