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Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom and Sisters and Every Mother! ‏

Happy missionaries, Sis Watt with Sis Parks

Man it was so good to see all my family yesterday! I feel like it has been such a long time since I have written so I am trying to remember what I have talked about, so sorry if I repeat anything. So because there aren't very many members of the church here there are a ton of part member families. That is nice because we can have lessons with members present, but at the same time is so frustrating because obviously if they were open to the gospel they would have joined by now so it makes it a lot harder to teach them. We met with the Holton’s on last Tuesday, and Brother Holton is a strong Catholic and has been his whole life. He is a sweetheart and totally respects his wife and admires her and even says there is a light within her. But he just won’t budge! His wife has recently taken on a lot of illnesses and so he has been going to mass on Saturday nights and taking his wife on Sundays and comes to our church on Sundays. We asked him why he does that and he said that he couldn't take church out of his wife's life. He also said that that since he has to go to mass on Saturdays he really doesn't enjoy it because he wants to be home. So hopefully with the combo of not enjoying his church services and serving his wife by taking her to church he will come around.

On Wednesday we went to the Lyles home, I don’t know if I have already told you about them but the Lyles got baptized a long time ago and the youngest daughter is maybe 30ish and she was never baptized and we talked to her a bit and gave her a Book of Mormon and she said she already felt better and she was going to read it. So we had an appointment set up last Friday and they weren't home, this time though they were and we got their number (because we had forgotten last time) and we have an appointment for tomorrow. Man I have been so antsy to talk to Stephanie again! So I am excited. We also talked to this young couple who got married a year ago; they are living with their aunt. They are active members of the church but the aunt isn't so we stopped by to talk to them hoping Ann (that’s the aunts name) would be there, she wasn't but we had a good talk with the new couple and it seemed like they have been getting kind of complacent so I felt like it was good to talk to them again.

Thursday was a messy day; we had basically all our appointments fall through. Including Nicola and Sarah who weren't home when we got there, I got a real weird feeling about it since they have both been very dodgey recently about meeting with us. We texted them Friday asking them if they were still interested and I guess they both just were way sick. So we talked to them on Friday and her daughter was home this time and it was so hard to feel the spirit because her daughter was really rambunctious. We were trying to watch the restoration DVD and no one could focus, so we let them borrow it and they said they would watch it today, so keeping my fingers crossed! Anyway we went and visit Brenda who is a less active that we are teaching right now and she was so sweet, she is basically afraid of everything including dogs (which is weird because everyone has dogs here!) but despite that before we came she walked over to the store and bought bread and sandwich meat and made us sandwiches to take on our way! It was so sweet! We keep trying to convince her to come to church but she keeps on saying that she won’t know anyone there even though we have clearly established that there are still 3 or 4 people in the ward that she knew before! Haha oh well we are working on it.

 In Glasgow
Remember that guy we met who was gardening and we said that we would come back in 3 weeks and help him garden, well it’s been three weeks and we went over and helped him in his gardening work, it was good. You could tell that he felt the spirit because he literally stopped what he was doing a couple of times and just thought about what we were saying. He hasn't read any of the Book of Mormon since we gave it to him, he said his wife has. We tried to get his address so we could send the Elders (because he doesn't live in Hamilton he lives in the Motherwell side of the ward) to teach him, but he refused; he was hesitant though, he almost accepted the offer. Haha we are working on that too. :)  So many things are a work in progress.

Lawn Bowling
Ok so here is the highlight of my week!: The very first time Sister Parks and I went to Lynn Marie's house to talk to her, her little brother Matthew was there. And in our lesson we taught Matthew to pray (he is like 12 or 13), well we were on the bus and Matthew got on our bus in his school uniform (oh by the way just imagine a bunch of kids from Harry Potter with the school uniforms...not the cloaks....but that’s literally what all the students look like here) and he sat behind us so we could talk to him. So Sister Parks was blathering (Scottish for chatting) to his younger brother and I was talking to him and he was telling me about this big test he had coming up and I said that I would pray for him. And he was like that, "and I will pray for you" so then I said thanks, and asked him if he has been praying. I was not expecting that he would say yes because the way he said "I will pray for you sounded like a joke." Anyway and he said yes! And I literally had to constrain myself from jumping out of my seat. Then he said that my explanation that “a prayer is like a letter”, (basically dear Heavenly Father...the contents of your heart....and in the name of Jesus Christ amen, and I explained how if you don’t say the ending part it’s like not delivering the letter, because Jesus Christ is the middle man, the deliverer) anyway he said that really helped him! So now I am getting even more excited, I am like trying not to freak him out and be totally cavalier about it all. So I asked him if he feels like God is listening to him, and he said yes that when he prays like that he feels like God is there and not just a mist around him! So by now I am basically peeing my trousers (trousers is what we call pants, pants in Scotland is underwear) with excitement! I asked him how often he prays and he said whenever he is home alone and its quiet, so he must be praying out loud! Oh my goodness seriously that whole thing made me so excited, he then said that it made him feel good, and I asked him what he was praying about and he said basically showing his gratitude to Heavenly Father! :D :D :D :D Oh my… it was fantastic! And his sister Lynn Marie cancelled our visit on Thursday and we will see her today, and Matthew wasn't going to be at her house on Thursday but he said we will be there today so I truly believe Lynn Marie had to cancel so that Matthew could join our lesson! Seriously though he is such a neat kid and I was just so excited. It made my whole day!

So I think I will be sewing a hood for her rain coat.
On Saturday we had a helping hands project. It was a Stake Community Service Activity. So that was fun, we picked up rubbish in Glasgow along the canal; which takes a long time because people leave their rubbish everywhere!!!! I can’t tell you how many beer bottles and cans I picked up! A couple in our ward picked us up and took us to the activity, and it was funny because he kept on saying "what the heck" except using the word that you often find in the scriptures and associate with Satan and Burning Fire, and I was kind of shocked. But Sister Parks told me that the word that describes Satan’s place of dwelling is not a bad word here (I know that Hell is not a bad word to use in context but I found more enjoyment describing it like this). I find out weird things about Scotland all the time its great it makes life 10x more interesting. Something I learned yesterday is that they say "smart" for stylish sometimes. I wish I had picked that up earlier because that clears up a lot of conversations I have had in the past!

Well that was basically my week. It’s raining right now....that’s the 7th time today and its only 2 pm. It has been sunny and then cloudy and rainy. This morning while we were studying it was even half sunny, half cloudy AND raining all at the same time! It was cool. The leaves on the trees are starting to come and it is making Scotland ten times more beautiful! I thought I would be skunnard (fed up) with the rain but I actually love embracing the rain every day, it adds flavor to my life. Anyway I am running out of things to say....Skyping family was great! And I loved seeing everyone. I am glad that my letters don’t bore you!
All the missionaries in our ward, Elder Fakkel (second one in from the left) is going home tomorrow)
Alright so something I have been trying to do is with everyone that I meet I try to see them in Gods eyes. He loves this person who is spewing profanities at me drunkedly across the street! He loves the woman I see across the street from the kitchen window in my flat smoking at every half hour. He loves the little Catholic woman that walks to mass every Sunday. He loves the two crazy American Sister Missionaries who are stopping people on the street and making life super awkward for them! Isn't that amazing, he loves us all so much. I have been trying to comprehend even a fraction of that love but it is so hard. I exhort you to try doing that, when you’re working with someone or talking to someone try to look at them through Gods eyes. I love this church, and I love preaching the gospel. I often watch this Mormon message:
Every time I watch it I almost cry (sometimes I do cry). I love Elder Holland’s testimony of the Book of Mormon. I hope this video brings the spirit to you like it does for me every time I watch it.

This church is true, Joseph Smith was a prophet, he died for the Book of Mormon because it is a true book, it’s another testament of Jesus Christ. What Joseph Smith saw actually happened. Thomas S. Monson is a prophet. Our Heavenly Father lives! And Jesus Christ died for us so we can return to our Heavenly Father; I have a very strong testimony of all these things. I love being a missionary!

Sister Watt
 In Glasgow

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