Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hard week but all is well.‏

This is from P-Day last week.
So this week was an interesting week. It was a roller coaster that is for sure. We had a lot of hopes this week but alas people have their agency and so it kind of plummeted  Haha but that's ok, there is always hope and I kin that things will pick up as a long as I keep working hard! 

Our investigators Sarah and Nicola are doing alright. Super cool thing happened this week we got a text from Sarah and she said "What does God think about forgiveness" so we sent back to her a scripture that basically said that God forgives all who ask for forgiveness. And we told her to look up the scripture in her Book of Mormon and then to let us know what she thought. She text us back the next morning and said, "i know its late to believe, but I thank you for opening my eyes"!!!!!!!!!!! Sarah did not believe in God, and I am not so sure that she completely believes yet but she is making progress. Anyway that was super cool. So we met with them later in the week and that was an ok lesson. They had to change our original scheduled time so we ended up having to fit them in to a tight spot so we could only meet with them for like 40 minutes. But it was good we finally got them to somewhat pray. They aren't keeping their commitments (although Sarah is definitely making progress) so we had them write down the things they are thankful for and the things they want for their future on a piece of paper and then write dear Heavenly Father, and in the name of Jesus Christ Amen, on the sheet, and so they ended up saying those parts out loud but praying for all the things they wrote down in their heads.....I don't kin if that makes any sense. But basically they are hesitant to pray out loud in front of us. 

Again from last week
We did a lot of chapping today and a lot of less active finding. Honestly though I feel as though we just were traveling the whole week! We have been on a lot of trains this week and buses  The recent converts  the Ross family is amazing! Especially Sister Ross. She text us and told us that next week (this week) she will be feeding us dinner and told us to be ready because her friend who she has been sharing the gospel with wants to talk to us! Yay! So this week we will be receiving a new investigator! 

So I am having a super hard time concentrating right now because today it is soooooo hot outside. I am not even kidding! I am wearing my thick black tights because I am always prepared for rain but it hasn't rained a drop and I am literally sweating right now! It's sunny as all get out! But a couple of days ago it rained so bad and I was soaking wet, I have a picture that I will send but that doesn't really do it justice because that is when it had just started raining and we ended up walking all day. So that's fun. :) 

So yesterday for p-day we went to Glasgow and I have some pictures for that as well, anyway and we played lawn bowling, its a interesting sport here that old folks play! But it was really fun! In order to get to Lawn Bowling we walked a lot through Glasgow and it just amazed me even more, it really is a cool city! Eh...I really just don't have that much to say, it was a very uneventful week! So lets see if I can think of any other things to say about Scotland..... notice I said kin, that means know and I am starting to get in the habit of saying kin and also aye which obviously means yeah. 

Sister Parks and I have had so much time walking around that we have written a song, also I quote movies to her a lot, and we just learn a ton about each other  Oh! Today a down syndrome man kissed my hand :) it was grand. So when your walking on the streets you have to watch where you're walking because there are so many dogs here and so many people have dogs and they just don't care about cleanliness so they just let their dogs dirt everywhere (meaning poop). Its disgusting! Oh another weird thing, in stores in the bakery isle they bag pancakes. Like literally they cook up a couple of pancakes and sell them in bags. :) Also their favorite drink here is called Irn Bru, everyone drinks it, its a fizzy drink (meaning soda) and it kind of tastes like bubble gum. I am not a huge fan. They call potato chips crisps here, and basically all candy bars and crackers and anything that has a crunch in it a biscuit.  Um they call dessert, pudding and sometimes they call dinner tea. Oh! one of my favorite words, numpty! Haha it means airhead or numb skull  

Alright, so that is all I can think of right now, sorry this letter was not very exciting hopefully I will have more news next time! But thanks for all your prayers and love! I really appreciate it! Honestly, I know this was a hard week for me, but I can feel all the prayers and I can see how much God blesses my life! We talked to a man the other day that really made me angry, its the first time that I have been angered by someone here. And that was because he was telling me that my God and Jesus Christ was different from his even though he was a Christian. He was bashing our church and telling us that it was wrong, and that made me mad that he had the gall to tell me who my God was or wasn't  but you kin all though I initially was mad, i eventually was sad that he didn't understand the truth that I have been blessed with. And I became sad that he didn't have an open heart to see that our God is the same, that He loves us all, that He wants us to return to Him, and that He has provided a way to do that. That our God wants us to be with our families forever, He wants us to have everlasting joy, He wants us to experience all the blessings He has! It makes me sad that so many people are missing out on all these promised blessings because they just don't know! They haven't had the opportunity to hear, and many of those who have, don't have an open and soft heart to listen. That makes me sad, but in turn it makes me happy to know that that is why I am here, that is why I am a missionary. Thanks for your prayers and I hope that maybe through the things that I have said have strengthened your faith, because it strengthens mine. I love you! Thanks!
Sister Watt
P.s. I read The Fourth Missionary this week, to all those who are about to serve a mission I strongly suggest you read that, even to those who aren't serving a mission, it is a fabulous talk and now because of it I am trying harder to submit all my heart and mind and will to the Lord! (I will post this talk too tonight)
P.s.s sorry scratch the pictures, I ran out of time so i wont be sending that photos, sorry! Next week you will see them for sure! Love you!
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