Sunday, May 5, 2013

I have been on my mission for a month!!!!‏

Just hanging with the guys.

So I have to say that after I emailed last week Sister Parks and I went to Glasgow to meet with the rest of the zone. We played football (soccer for all you Americans) and then we played dodge ball and guess what! I totally nailed this Elder in the face on accident, it was hilarious but also I felt really bad at the same time. And for my brothers Jordan and Josh who are probably thinking that it didn't hurt him at all, he actually said it hurt a lot and he thought he had a bloody nose for a second there! Oh man I felt bad but that was funny.
                Ok so this week things really started to pick up, we actually had lessons! That is a change! We talked to these two girls that we stopped on the street and had the first lesson with them, and that was good. When we talked about how when the apostles and Christ died the churches established started changing because of peoples differences it was awesome because you could just see a light bulb go off in one of the girls head! They asked a bunch of really good questions, and so we are teaching them again soon. We met this lady on the street as well and we talked to her about how families can be together forever and she said that it was a blessing that we said that because her father had just died about 2 weeks ago, she said she felt like it was a message from heaven. So we had an appointment with her on Sunday, and we even followed up on Saturday to make sure she was still good for that appointment and right when we got on the train (and had spent the money to buy the train ticket to Larkhall) she text us and told us she messed up the times and couldn't talked to us. So we chapped in Larkhall in freezing weather!!! But it was good, we have a couple of people who told us to come back and we are going to meet with this lady, her name is Margarite, on Wednesday and hopefully she will not bail on us again.
Saturday night we were doing some chapping and we were kind of in a dogdey (meaning sketch, not the nicest) area, and since Saturday night is the night for drinking (well actually every night, and day, and every hour is a drinking hour here, seriously people are drunk all the time!) we talked to some interesting folk. There were 3 men, all had had something to drink and they were talking to us, and inviting us in for a beer and stuff. Then the one who was the most drunk shook my hand and asked my name I told him it was Sister Watt and he started freaking out! He wouldn't let go of my hand, which was awkward, and he kept on asking me if I was related to some football star here. Anyway so that was interesting. But we deal with drunken people a lot here. It really is sad; the word of wisdom is a real problem here. I can’t tell you how often I see a wee kid who canny (cant) be older than 10 and smoking! I see it all the time and it just breaks my heart.
I don’t know if I told you this but on Tuesday I did exchanges and that was good. I got to go to an area that isn't new and I got to teach and stuff. Also I placed a Book of Mormon with this guy who recognized the girl I was doing exchanges with and was saying that he had talked to her before and has been doing a lot of thinking since he did last time, and asked where the church was and what time they meet and stuff. So that really made me feel good that although in Hamilton we aren't doing that much teaching, but we are planting seeds, you never know who or how someone is going to be effected by that. Anyway we also met this woman named Linda and we asked her this question we said if you could ask God one question what would it be, and most people come up with good serious answers that helps us to find their needs but she's like that (that's what they say here, in America we say I was like, she's like, they said etc., but here they say I was like that, she's like that and then they quote the person, weird huh!) "I know what I would ask him, I would ask him what color of wedding dress I should wear. Because I have children already and so does that mean I can’t wear a white wedding dress?" Haha It was not the kind of response we were expecting! But we ended up having a really good conversation with her; she has been struggling a lot! And we shared a few scriptures and had a prayer just in her doorway and so that was a great little lesson with her, and she told us to come back on the weekend because she is always home but we went by on Saturday and she wasn’t. So we will stop by again.
The golf balls
I don’t know if I already told you this but this lady in our ward has a daughter in law and wants us to teach her really bad, I guess she has been praying for Sister Missionaries because her daughter in law won’t talk to the Elders and she thinks we can break that barrier. Anyway I don’t know when we are going to talk to her but hopefully that works out. It looks like we won’t be making our goal to baptize one person this transfer because we only have 2 more Sundays of this transfer but that’s ok, I know that we have some really promising investigators and hopefully we will have more success next transfer.
So in order to make up for my unhealthy gorging I have been working out really hard in the morning so Ashley, I would love it if you could find some good workouts that would only take like 20 minutes or so, our flat is on the 2nd floor so it can’t consist of any jumping and it also cant consist of any weights. So if you find anything let me know! I would love that. Also mom and dad thank you sooo much for the golf balls I use them every day! They have chapped on more than a hundred doors already!
The less active lady that came to church last Sunday we met with her and I just adore her! She is a total sweetheart and has a strong testimony she just needs to get back in the habit of the basics, like praying and reading. She has two adorable kids, who are the sweetest things, and she made dinner for us that was so nice and yummy and I just love her. She didn’t go to church this week but hopefully she will and we are going to be talking to her again on Thursday! So that’s good. We finally were able to talk to our recent convert family! They are amazing; the poor wife has had so much trial since she joined. She and her husband were Jehovah Witness and they have been harassing them like crazy since they joined the church, and she has had health problems within her family, but she is staying strong and continues to recognize the blessings she is getting from the church.
I realize that this letter sounds kind of scatter brained so sorry. Let’s see what else.....we got in contact again with the catholic lady about genealogy, and she wasn’t interested in coming to the Family History Center but she was totally fine with us dropping by again and continuing to talk to her. I don’t know if she is at all interested in our church, but she is a nice lady and willing to listen so hopefully we can help her. Again I think I say this all the time but the ward is amazing, they are always taking care of us and they love missionary work and they just are all so nice! It’s amazing, even Sister Parks said that this ward is amazing.
Today we went with the Elders in our ward (they are in charge of Motherwell area) and the most spiritual and righteous ex-communicated member you will ever meet on a hike to Falls of Clyde! It was beautiful, I have some photos, and it was just amazing area. So that was super fun. Well I think that is all I have for you. Dad asked some good questions about Scotland maybe you can post his questions and my answers so some more people and learn more about Scotland. I just want to say that I know that God loves everyone so much. Honestly it is amazing meeting all these people and realizing that God loves them all!!!! I know he does, and as I get to know people I am finding that I love them too. I know that I am a missionary for the true church; this week we had a guy ask who the guy was that founded our church, and Sister Parks responded Jesus Christ. I know that is true. I know that this is Jesus Christ's true church restored here! I love it, I know that God hears my prayers and he feels for me when I am sad and he wants me to be happy. I love this gospel, I love being a missionary, honestly sometimes we are just walking down the street and I realize that I have the opportunity to do this for 18 months and I just smile! I love it! I know I am supposed to be here, and I know that while this is hard that somehow, no matter how small, I am making a difference, and that knowledge is a blessing to me, and keeps me going. Thanks for all your prayers and support!
Bye bye bye (that’s how they say bye here on the phone, they say it in a high voice and multiple times)
I love you!
Sister Watt

Here is the AUF’s definition: i.e. last week’s letter
Sorry! AUF's are a list of names that the church sends us in the area, basically they have these names and have reported that the address is wrong on them, so the church sends these names to hired people who do research and look for them, then they find their new/real address and send the information to the area where they live, our job is to go out to these addresses and chap on the door and find out if they are interested (because they are always less-active people) and if they live there and then we are supposed to chap 10 doors on each side of their door, and then we report our results. So that’s and Auf sorry!

Answers to her dad’s questions:
-Life is grand! It has been a roller coaster, and missionary work is kind of slow because we are white washing this area (do you know what that means, i feel like I say it a lot so I want to make sure you understand). The bags under my eyes keep on getting deeper and deeper, ha such is missionary life. And for some reason I don’t sleep well here. Oh well I am working hard and I don’t feel tired.
-This week started out really good we are finally getting lessons and finding people who are interested, but it kind of all crashed and burned in the end of the week, a lot of people cancelled so that’s hard, but we will figure it out.
-We have ward council like every 2 weeks or so and ward coordination every Tuesday. The members are great here, they love missionary work and the ward missionary leader is fantastic, so that’s good. Honestly this whole ward is fantastic!
-The weather here is crazy! One minute it is sunny and relatively warm and the next raining and windy and then it’s sunny again.....and then it hails. And all that is in an hour. Hahah you may be laughing now but I am dead serious! most mornings its really sunny, but it does rain every day! Thankfully it’s not too humid hear so my clothes do dry, my shoes are pretty water proof so that’s good and moms coat works like a charm! So I stay pretty dry!
-yes the mission president is way open to having family members come to pick up the missionaries. There is a group leaving in a couple of weeks and there are quite a few who have family members coming!

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