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Long week! ‏

Sis. Watt " I hope this photo makes you happy, it makes me happy!‏"

Hola Familia! (And Amigos)

With the Book of Mormon
                Yes I serve in Scotland which is nowhere close to Mexico, and no I don’t know Spanish, but that’s ok! So I will start off with a funny moment this week! I was at the Wark’s home because Sister Wark agreed to come with us to an investigators house, and while we are waiting to leave, Lewis Wark (he is the youngest, I think he is 12) pulls out one of those El Paso hard taco shells. And he pulls out some minse (ground beef) and he starts putting together a taco. And he says to me, Sister Watt have you ever had a taco? HAHAHAHAHA So I said "Lewis...have I ever had a taco? I am from America, right next to Mexico! Have you ever had a taco?!" Ha ha it was funny, he was like good point. It was so funny, especially since they don’t have Mexican restaurants here, like at all. Oh man good times!
Super old and apparently abandoned church!
                So this week has been super long! It has been a week full of good moments and disappointing moments....ok probably more disappointing moments but that’s ok, it was still a good week. Like I mentioned we gained a new investigator! His name is Robert and he has some health issues and a lot of death in his family, and has a ton of questions. Which isn't a very good situation considering out of all the people I have talked to he is the hardest to understand. I seriously had no idea what he was saying the whole time while we were at his house. Scottish people, while reserved and quiet at first, are super chatty and don’t have very many conversation manners; meaning they interrupt all the time! It drives me insane! There are multiple times when I attempt to say something at least 3 times and I finally just give up because they won’t let me speak and they have already moved onto another topic of discussion! It is quite the patience test! Anyway so in our lesson I couldn't understand anything and couldn't say anything, but thankfully Sister Wark is Scottish and knows how to talk without being interrupted. So she gave a really good analogy to why we have trials in our lives, and why God allows it. She really brought the spirit in the room it was great.
On a rare sunny day
                We also got to teach the Lyle's this week (I don’t remember if I have talked about them at all) it was a crazy lesson. Because Katherine Lyle (she is the mom/grandmother and less active in the church) lives super close to her children and they all rely on her like crazy, she does so many things for them and her family is always having crazy things happening. I guess the only way I can explain it is when you watch that reality TV show Cake Boss where his whole family is big and loud and involved in everything and just always has drama happening, that’s what it is like. But I love the Lyles! Anyway getting back on track here, it started out with only K (Katherine) there, then her daughter Margarite and her daughter Jade came in. Then Margarites son came in right when we were starting our lesson, he is so anti-religion, and so he left when we started the prayer saying this was silly and he wasn't going to participate in it. Well then 5 minutes later he came back in saying he was "bored", and he came in with his girlfriend and daughter who is like 3 or 2. So in total we had two less actives, two non-members, another non-member upstairs, Stephanie, that we were hoping would come down, and a baby, oh and a crazy dog that wouldn't stop barking and escaped from his room at some point and bit me! So.....yeah it was mad house. But then the coolest thing happened. We started getting into our lesson, somehow everyone was quiet, and the girlfriend of Margarites son was listening so intently, and we gave her and Jade a Book of Mormon, and you could just tell that Margarite is screaming for help right now! It was pretty good, crazy but good! We were supposed to see them yesterday but a family emergency came up. But I hope all those people are there next week too, well not the dog, but everyone else.
                Poor Sister Allan (a recent convert) has had such crazy things happening in her life. It has been a real struggle for her, and a big test of her faith. So if you don’t mind praying for her, that God will take away her burdens and her faith in Him will be strengthened, that would be much appreciated! We had another lesson with Nicola and Sarah, but then they have cancelled and then rescheduled and then cancelled again three times in a row! So I don’t know how that is going, our last lesson they had a lot of hard questions. We are working on it and even if they don’t get baptized or accept the gospel then at least I know they have been exposed to the church and maybe down the road it will be a better time.
Chapping on doors like this one.
                We have been doing a lot of chapping! So far nothing too promising has come from it. But I know that as long as we continue moving forward and constantly trying to find people, that God will eventually lead us to the right person. Stake conference was yesterday, and they broadcast it from Salt Lake City for all of the UK and Ireland. So everyone had stake conference and it was way good. The people who spoke were Elder Baxter, Elder Richard G. Scott, President Henry B. Eyring, and the new general YW president (I don’t know her name). They all did a wonderful job. I also read in my studies over the week the talk on Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ by Gene R. Cook, he gave this talk at a BYU devotional I think. But he gave 6 suggestions to help you exercise faith:
                1) Be believing
                2) Commit yourself
                3) Do your part
                4) Pray
                5) Expect trials of your faith
                6) Expect the Lord to act!
It’s a great talk.
                The tree's here are finally starting to get their leaves! It makes the whole country so beautiful! When Sister Parks and I were taking the train down to Douglas for our lesson with Sister Ross, I just looked out the window the whole time. And all those pictures you see of Scotland, the rolling hills, and sheep everywhere and cute small houses fenced in by a short rock wall, actually exist! It’s beautiful.  Because Hamilton is a city I don’t see it as much but the country is just so pretty. And Douglas is a super cute small town I have some cool pictures I’ll send.
                Ok one last comment about Scotland. The rivalry in European football is crazy here!!!!!! I have only just learned the magnitude of it. So there are two football clubs that come out of Glasgow, the Rangers (who are blue) and the Celtics (who are green). Football is basically a religion here, on the nights there is a game on; lots of people ignore our chapping! But what is crazy is that not only is it just the Rangers verses the Celtics but it’s also the Protestants verses the Catholics. Protestants support the Rangers (predominantly), and the Catholics support the Celtics. It is so weird! Robert, our new investigator, was talking about how much he didn't like the hypocrisy in the Catholic church this is what he supposedly said (Remember, I couldn't understand him), "they go to church and then right when they get out they go to the nearest pub to cheer on the Celtics, that’s wrong!" ha ha, and you know he probably only feels that way because he doesn't support the Celtics. So it has been fun learning about this culture, and also I now have this undying urge to learn how to play football! Next Monday is a bank holiday so Lewis doesn't have school so Sister Parks and I are going to learn to play from him and his brothers and some others in the ward! It’s going to be grand! Well that’s all I have for you, sorry this letter wasn't as exciting, but I am very grateful for all your prayers! I can feel them. I love this work and I hope I am making my Heavenly Father proud. Every day I have the opportunity to bear my testimony of the reality of God! It is the best thing in the whole world!
This sister missionary has no fear!!

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