Saturday, June 29, 2013

Moves, and new assignment

Hello family! and friends!
This has been a good week, not as successful as I had hoped but hey the work is moving forward! We got moves call yesterday. Sister Parks is being transferred to a place way way west of Ireland and she has no idea who her companion will be ;) (For those of you don't get it, she is going home, her time is up). It feels really weird for her to be done with her mission. Because as far as I am concerned my mission consists of Sister Parks so I feel like I should be going home as well! Anyway, she is super nervous and I have been giving her dating and living like a normal person advice all week! hah As if I am a good person to get the advice from! Anyway so my new assignment is to be senior companion, and my companion is Sister Hulet, which is a girl that was in the same MTC group as mine, she was in a different district in the MTC but I did do some role plays with her in our zone meetings in the MTC. So she seems like a really cool girl and I am relieved I am not training, I certainly was not ready for that. But it will be good for sure. 
No pix this week from Christine. So I thought I would add a picture of Christine before she reported to the MTC. She is with two girls that are, as of this transfer, now Sister Missionaries in the Scotland/Ireland Mission.

So last Monday we went and visited Victor, he is the Nigerian and we invited him to be baptized and he said yes, and that once he clears up some stuff he will be baptized. But then we saw him last night and he apologized to us, saying that he was high last week. But he promised he would never be high again when we came because he said that he didn't feel the spirit last week and he was super disappointed, also he still wants to get baptized but knows that there are a few things he needs to clear up. But Victor is a great guy! He wants Gods spirit really bad, and he wants to change soooooo bad. He didn't go to church yesterday and when we talked to him he was so upset with himself and was like "I really should have gone to church but I didn't". Anyway so we will be working with him and just take it really slow. I am finally getting to the point where I can understand his accent, which is good since Sister Parks is leaving. 

We met with the Scott family (which is the couple that came to church and hadn't been in really long time). They are the essence of not church active but gospel active. They are super strong in their testimonies. Brother Scott has just had some serious health problems which make it difficult to go to church. So we had a good chat with them and they said they really liked us coming over and sharing scriptures with them. 

A lot of things fell through this week but that's ok, we had a lot of chapping time and found some more potential investigators. So a while back Sister Parks and I started this thing called the Motherwell Ward 40 day fast, and basically what we did is we passed out a calendar and then people in the ward signed up for days to fast, so basically for each day there was a member of the ward fasting, and that went for 40 days straight. So essentially, the ward as a collective whole fasted for 40 days. And part of this fast was that every member fasted for the missionary work to progress in the Motherwell Ward. So that 40 days fast ended on Friday and we had a 40 day fast fireside with a Munch and Mingle on Friday, it wasn't as well attended as I had hoped but it was still a good fireside. Sister Parks and Elder Peterson sang, and Elder Brown-Cunningham and I gave wee talks and we had a portion of the time open for people to share some special experiences regarding either their day that they fasted on or how the 40 day fast has helped them. It was great to hear the stories there were a few really miraculous things that happened. So that was good to get that over with because Sister Parks and I planned the whole thing and have been contacting the person who is supposed to be fasting every day and then we set up the fireside and so it’s been a big thing,  it’s kind of nice to get that over with. 

This week I saw a great blessing, Sister Parks ran out of money pretty quickly because she didn't get her whole months allotment, we were looking in our fridge last Monday and thinking to ourselves that it would be another really tight week. However we had a lot of dinner appointments and then the people who fed us sent us home with huge boxes and bags of food! So we didn't have to worry about lunch or dinner at all this week. It was such a blessing! 

Yesterday we showed Victor the restoration DVD and he just smiled at the part where Joseph Smith Sr. got baptized. And he said that he like it and asked if he could keep the video to watch again this week; which was super cool. 

Oh! Sister Parks and I were chapping and we kind of got lost and got into this super posh (rich) area and we were trying to find a wee path that was going to lead us to the street we wanted to chap. and so we go down this road, which turned out being a super posh driveway that led to this beautiful home! And so since we were in their driveway we just walked up to their door, well they had this clear glass door and you could see into their front room. I am not kidding you I am pretty sure this must be one of the homes that BBC filmed in either sense and sensibility or Persuasion. Because this front room looked exactly like a house in one of those movies, I don't remember which. It had black and white tiled floors and this high ceiling and beautiful carved beams and a walkway above and a piano in the entryway. Basically the most posh place I have seen here. So beautiful, the people weren't home and it seriously took all my effort not to just walk into their home. It was so cool! 

Anyway I am sorry that my email is quite lame this week. Hopefully I will have more news for yous later. (By the way that is what they say here, they say yous instead of you a lot) Thanks for all your support. I know that while the work seems slow right now, it will pick up as long as I am exactly obedient. My mission president loves to be obedient, and while I am not quite in love with it yet, I think that to love being obedient would be amazing, and I know that I can learn to love it as I continually strive to be exactly obedient. I love missionary work. You know our mission has a mission song and the chorus says this "Till the work is done, united we will be as one, royal strong and true, till the Savior says the work is done." And I love it because that is exactly what keeps me going, I know I need to keep on pushing until the Savior says the work is done. Missionary work is vital, and I hope that everyone is trying their hardest to have missionary experiences, because we are all sons and daughters of God and we all went on this earth hoping that we could prove ourselves and return to Him. So we need to help our brothers and sisters reach that hope. I love missionary work. Ok I'll get off my soap box now! I love you all and have a good week! Thanks for everything.


Sister Watt

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Good Week

So normally I would go about this letter chronologically, however I have some very exciting news...well exciting news for me...drum, church yesterday we had less-actives at church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness it was so exciting. 4 of those 6 were people that Sister Parks and I taught last week :) There was a daughter and her mom whom we taught last Sunday, we had a good spiritual lesson about re-evaluating our lives, like having a personal checkpoint. So what you do is you read Alma 5: 14-15 and you ask yourself the following questions, so here are the verses: 
 14 And now behold, I ask of you, my brethren of the church, have ye spiritually been born of God? Have ye received his image in your countenances? Have ye experienced this mighty change in your hearts?
 15 Do ye exercise faith in the redemption of him who created you? Do you look forward with an eye of faith, and view this mortal body raised in immortality, and this corruption raised in incorruption, to stand before God to be judged according to the deeds which have been done in the mortal body?
And you ask yourself these questions, basically if any time in your life you have felt these things or done these things and then we skipped forward to verse 26
26 And now behold, I say unto you, my brethren, if ye have experienced a change of heart, and if ye have felt to sing the song of redeeming love, I would ask, can ye feel so now?
So if you have felt all that in the past can you feel it still now? Anyway I challenge that you all do this sometime. It really helps to take a step back and look at your spiritual life. Where are you now? Where were you a year ago? Are you spiritually stronger, less, or the same than a year ago? What can you do to improve, what needs to be change to "receive his image in your countenances"?
This was the lesson we did and it went great and I did it for myself and I have goals for things I am trying to change now as well. Obviously it helped out this mother and daughter, they were both at church! Brenda came again this week, I don’t know what was up with her last week (but I guess she has some type of mental illness) but this week she was happy to come. So we were in our gospel doctrine class, she was answering a question, and the teacher asked her about her sister, and she said that he sister used to be Mormon but is now something different, and then she was like, "but I don’t think it matters what religion you are, they are all the same just as long as you believe and are good".....uhhh....HAHAHAHA I guess we know what we will be teaching Brenda this week, there is only one TRUE religion and it is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, this is Gods kingdom! Anyway I just about choked when Brenda said that in class. hahahaha oops.
The 4th person that we taught last week was the husband of a woman in our ward. From the beginning she told us that her husband was less-active and that he turns away most people who stop by, but that she was sure if we stopped by he wouldn't turn down sister missionaries. We haven't been able to go though, because she lives on the Motherwell side of the ward, but they just made a change that now every missionary in the ward shares boundaries. So we went by, and he opened the door and goes "Sister Missionaries!........I suppose I should probably let you in huh?" and we were like, "yes that would be a good idea", and he did. First off, their house was like heaven!!!!! They had all these guitars hanging on the walls and records and CD's galore! Oh my goodness, and so we got to know him for a bit, and jammed on his guitar, he must have decided we were pretty cool because he let us give a lesson and he shared his favorite story. He still has a strong testimony of the gospel and loves it and is a great teacher, he just said flat out that the reason he doesn’t go to church is because he is lazy. Anyway they were kind enough to take us home and on our way out of the car he said he might see us at church, and I told him to get his butt into gear :) And he was at church and I walked up to him and said so you managed to get into gear huh? And he said I told you I would! Anyway he is such a cool guy, I am really glad we get to teach him now. The 2 others at church Sister Parks and I didn’t teach yet, they were people who live in Hamilton, we have stopped by their flat before but they hung up on our buzzer to their flat. So it was cool they were at church, and we introduced ourselves, so hopefully next time they will let us in!
A Cemetery
But guess what it gets better! Mary is an investigator that the Elders had been teaching for a bit. And she was super close to getting baptized and then she stepped out and kind of dropped the Elders. On Wednesday they went to Irene's (who is a recent convert and Mary's friend) and Mary was there, they talked to her but she said that she wanted to stick with her Catholic faith. So the Elders were officially dropped now. Well on Thursday Irene had us over for dinner and Mary was there, so we ended up having a really good talk with her. A comment was made to her about her father (who has passed) and her joining the church and that is what brought Mary down. She was inspired to go to Irene's, because what better people to talk to Mary about her dad than two other girls who also love their dads and just want them to be proud! So we had a heart to heart and she said that she knew it was true, but she didn’t want to disappoint her Dad, so Sister Parks invited her to go to church this Sunday with the question to see if her dad was pleased with her decision. So she did she came to church and we talked to her afterward. I asked her if her question was answered and she said yes, and so I asked how she was feeling and she said that she thinks she belongs here and that she wants the missionaries to "learn her again" (teach her). So Mary is back, and the Elders get to teach her again and hopefully they will have a baptism real soon. She loves the church so much it’s amazing! AH! Sunday was so good!
Happy Birthday Brydie!!
Alright I am done with talking about Sunday; On Wednesday Sister Parks had the opportunity to be a blessing in someone's life! We went and stopped by Brydie's house, who is a catholic lady we see around a lot and originally talked to about family history. And we talked to her a wee bit and she let us in to help clean her flat, and then Sister Parks was inspired to ask the very random question when her birthday was. And it was that day! So we asked her if she had done anything to celebrate, she said no, and that she has never had a birthday cake or anything on her birthday before. So we walked with Brydie to Asda and we bought cake and ice cream and sang her the birthday song. And she was so sweet she kept on saying you have made my day! It was so great to see that God loves her so much that he sent missionaries so she would have a happy birthday! I’ll send a photo.
Last Monday we had our lesson with Victor, he is from Nigeria (his accent is soooooo hard to understand). He was so great, he wants to learn from us, we wants to be better, he wants to go to church (although he didn’t go this week!), and he loves Jesus and the word of God. So we started talking to him about the Book of Mormon and while we were talking about it he thought we were saying the Book of Woman! hahaha, and so he was all confused, and with his accent woman still sounded like he was saying Mormon, so we told him that Mormon was a prophet and he was like "woman are prophets!" oh my goodness once we figured out the confusion is was so funny. He must have been so weird’d out by these two women talking to him about a Book of Woman which is apparently the word of God! Hilarious! But our lesson went really well after we got over that little misunderstanding. And we will see him tonight as well.
On Saturday the ward had a talent show and auction to help the youth go to EFY. And so Sister Parks and I were in it, I played the guitar and we sang the Hallelujah song but switched up the words as if we were doing a door approach! It was fun, I did terrible on the guitar but oh well, it’s been a while since I have played it. I will see if I can get that video somehow to you.
Sis Watt said they started teaching the dead because the living weren't listening. 
Well I am pretty sure that is all the highlights of my week, today we are going to play Laser Tag! Last week we witnessed a drunk woman trying to run away from these store owners because she had 4 huge bottles of Vodka in her big bag. It was super awkward to watch because she was drunk so she wasn't going fast and she wasn't talking coherently, and it was in slow motion. It was just a really awkward thing for me to witness.
The work is moving right along, I wish it was moving a little faster but oh well! If you want to see what the area looks like that I am serving in, you can visit this url.
I just want to say simply this church is true! Why else would I be spending everyday all day chapping on doors and stopping random people on the street and traveling by bus (which by the way is so frustrating and terrible) if it weren’t true! A couple of weeks ago I was thinking to myself if my testimony was strong enough that I would give up my family for it like some investigators do, but then I realize that is exactly what I am doing, giving up 18 months to be away from my family to serve God. I love being a missionary; I know this is where I am supposed to be. It’s hard but it is 100% worth it! Thanks for everything, for your prayers and love!
I love you! Cheers!

Sister Watt

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Happy Father’s day to my father and my brother and brothers-in-law who have wives and children (sorry Jordan your day will come)! I hope you have exciting plans, and know that I will be celebrating it in my heart :)
So I will try to really add in lots of Scottish phrases to make things more interesting, I know I have been slacking on that! Just to let you know anything that is like don’t or wasn’t or isn’t, Scottish people say with a "y" so dony, cany, and so forth, so that is how I am typing it, I might have missed some but that’s ok.
So this week was better than the last! Which is brilliant! Last Monday we had FHE with the Lewis' and that was dead awesome. Their family is sooo great! They made us food; Sister Lewis is such a wee soul! Anyway I just loved it! It reminded me of our family a bit, so that’s me just trying not to grete (cry).
Sister Galbraith is the sister on the right.
Tuesday we had an all of Scotland Zone Conference. It was fab seeing my old companion in the MTC Sister Galbraith we were just blathering (chatting) the whole time....not during the meetings, but during lunch and before the meeting started. Sister Parks sang a song! And she was wonderful. She sang it with our district leader Elder Jackson and she was soo nervous about making the high notes. So I’m like, praying that God would help her hit those notes and she did, and she came down from singing and said, thanks so much for praying for me I could feel it! So that was cool. President Brown asked us to come with a question so it could be answered. I didn’t really know what to ask, but I know that God knew that from last week I was struggling. And so he answered an unknown prayer! That meeting gave me a lot of drive for missionary work again, because I kin that I was really feeling down. Anyway the church is really pushing for us to get involved in using Family History as a way of finding people and to use it in our missionary work. And throughout the few weeks I have seen some good opportunities for using Family History, like people who dony know enough about it and could use help, the only problem is that I dony kin enough about it. The mission is trying to train us, but I am a hands on learner not someone who can understand just on a training mom any advice? Basically that conference took up most of the day and traveling home took up the rest of the time, we just went to Sister Allen's, who made us dinner, and we had a lesson.
Wednesday we tried to stop by that guy, Mac, who said that if he believed God was there he would totally follow everything that God wanted him to do. He said that he lost our number and that he felt really bad about not being there for our last appointment. He seemed pretty genuine about it; also he has had some serious family issues going on in his family. So hopefully we will meet with him again. We chapped this kids door who was willing to meet with us on Thursday and he seemed kind of interested...but then he wasny there. That’s ok we will try by again! It’s hard because you dony want to give up on God’s children, because I kin that this could change their lives and that it is true! But sometimes you have to just let it go after a few goes.
Thursday we had exchanges with the sisters in East Killbride. I was the one who stayed in Hamilton and Sister Parks went to East Killbride. So I was dead nervous to be the one in the lead but it actually went pretty good. It was a 48 hour exchange, we did a lot of chapping and Sister Robertson and I had a good amount of lessons at the door in those two days. Something really disappointing happened though. Brenda didny want to come to church again! It was so strange, she was completely different this week and she was not responsive to the spirit at all. She seemed really sad, and I asked her why and she said she was upset about her friend. So hopefully she is better next week. On Friday we had lunch at Sister Duncansons house and she had a friend named Ruth there. She fed us Cheese and Beanie which she said was like what college students eat because it is so quick and easy and cheap.
Real quick, I might have already brought this up but, something weird they do here is that they actually call their school by the literal name of it. So we would say I am going to school for basically every level of age, but their like that, "I am going to primary" (for elementary school), or "when I get home from High School", or "I am in college" (which is like from ages 16-18 or something like that), and "I am heading off to Uni" or "University". So its kind of strange.
So the Cheese and Beanie is like Uni food. It’s just toast with beans and cheese melted on top. haha that’s it, it’s not bad, I mean it’s not my favorite meal. But it’s not terrible. Ruth was super quiet so I dony kin if she took in anything we said, but even if she took in a wee bit, maybe,  that God loves her, I am happy with that. Then we were heading to Motherwell to try to find a referral we had, and I missed the bus stop at Motherwell and so we rode our bus all the way to Hamilton, and then got off our bus and got on another back to Motherwell! haha oops, so that’s me, just a greenie over here no kin where I am at! But we finally made it to this referral and she seems like a dynamite investigator. She has no religious background, her father is a member of the church, he just moved to Brazil, she said that she doesn’t know what her Dad is talking about but whenever he talks about the church she just feels good!, and she wants direction in her life! It’s brilliant! Also, ya kin how last week I mentioned that I didny follow the spirit! Well I did this time. So we walked up Chelsea's (the referral) close (the complex) and we buzzed her flat and there was no answer, well I had to use the toilet (what they call bathrooms here) soooo bad! So we went to a pay point (which is like a petrol station [gas station], except without the petrol part, only the wee store, they have them everywhere) and I asked if I could use their toilet. So I did (which was way dodgey because it wasn't a public toilet it was just the employees toilet) and then I felt like we should try by Chelsea’s flat again. So we walked back and went to her close and the close door was open, so we walked in and walked up to her flat and her flat door was open, but she wasny in. Then I looked out the window behind me and I saw a young girl sun bathing and a little girl running around in one of the designated gardens (which is what they call yards here) for the close. So even though I felt like it was going to be awkward I asked Sister Robertson if she was ok if we went out there. So we did and it was Chelsea and we ended up giving her a lesson in her garden, and meeting her two little kids! It was great. Oh and her, and her partner broke up so that is nice that we didny have to deal with the whole “your living together but not married” awkward situation. Anyway so that is dead exciting about Chelsea, and we invited her to church but she couldny come this week but she said she will next week and we have another appointment set up this week, so hopefully it will all work out.
Saturday was good, we did a lot of chapping. And Sunday is always great! We had a lesson set up with a girl named Irene on Sunday, and she called us Sunday morning saying that she wasny completely moved in yet, and if we would give her a couple of weeks she would love to chat with us then; which was dead nice of her to do, because normally people never call. But she seems genuinely interested in meeting with us. We had a less active lesson and the less active finally admitted that she needed to get back to hopefully we will see her this upcoming Sunday! So that was my week! I know pretty dead exciting. I am pretty sure there are so many more Scottish phrases I could put in this email but I cany think of anything else! Ok normally I would bare my testimony but Sister Parks is giving me the sign that we have to hurry up. So I love you and grateful for all the prayers and support!


Sister Watt

Sorry short letter

Hello. So this week… Hmmmmmm.. I don’t really know what say about this last week. There was a lot of time for chapping that’s for sure and a lot of traveling on the bus to places, and a lot of disappointments. But the great thing about chapping is that you find new hope in people who seem like they might be interest. So I guess there is light at the end of this really long tunnel! Although I could be confusing that light with a semi coming to crash into us, I guess we will find out!

The brightest point of my week was yesterday; because Brenda our less active agreed to come to church! We had a lesson with her on Thursday and I really feel like it was an inspired lesson. I really felt the spirit and I think Brenda did also, so when we asked her to come to church she just said yes! It was the dickens trying to get her there, but she enjoyed it and she said she is coming next week! So that is good. Another less active, Sister McGilligan also said that she would try to come, she says that every week she plans to go to church all the way up to Sunday morning and then she says nope can’t do it. I goes back to sleep. Well yesterday, I called her at 8:30 in the morning and talked to her, she got dressed, even her husband (who is not a member) offered to give her a ride and then she said no I can’t do it. So that is sad, but HEY progression, she got dressed this time, maybe next time she will make it to the car, and the next time make it to the church! Baby steps. :) I know she will get there, we are praying for her and I know God will help her get over the problem that she has with coming to church, because she does miss it and she really does believe in everything and has a strong testimony.

We talked to K Lyle again this week and she said that she wants to come to church it’s just a matter of getting there and also getting her daughter Stephanie who has anxiety about being around a lot of people out to church with her. So hopefully soon, we just keep on praying that K's daughter will come down to listen to us every time we go out there to teach. So that was my week.

It was sunny most of the week which was fabulous! And now it’s June! Hooray! Sister Parks goes home really soon, so that means I will be getting a new companion really soon. I’m kind of nervous to be left the ropes to Hamilton, I still feel like a stranger to it, I can never remember where anything is, and people live and what bus to take there. Also Sister Parks lost her planner this last week, which was very difficult! Because she is the scheduler and so her planner was more complete than mine. Also she had a couple of potential investigators that I hadn’t copied down yet. And you know the day before she lost it I got a prompting that I needed to update my planner with hers and I ignored it! UGH! Dead Terrible! That’s probably why we had such a hard week; God was saying this is what happens when you ignore the Holy Ghost Sister Watt! Anyway, I will never be doing that again!
Anyway, that is all I have for you this week, sorry my life isn't a bit more exciting. Thanks for all the prayers I can feel them, I know that this church is true and that God has a plan for us. I know that everything that happens to us is a test! I know that through Jesus Christ I can make it through these tests. I know my God loves me, and that he exists!

 Love, Sister Watt

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Two Months Out! ‏

So I have been out on my mission for 2 months! That’s crazy! It has been long but also a quick two months. And I imagine it will be like that for the rest of my mission.
Well this week has been just like the other weeks full of disappointments but blessings too! So we have been doing a lot of chapping, and on one of our times out chapping we talked to this guy Mac for a long while. He doesn’t believe in God because of things that have happened in his past. Well we set up a time to go to his house in two days after that. Since his wife wasn't going to be in we had to find a girl to come with us and it was the hardest thing to find! Anyway so the only person we could think of was someone who used to go out with the missionaries all the time but now she hasn't been to church in a long time. We have talked to her quite a bit before so we know she still has a strong testimony, especially of the Book of Mormon, so we called her and she went to go teach him with us. Mac kept on saying he would be absolutely loyal to God if only he had proof that he was there! So we just kept on telling him that the Book of Mormon is the proof! Anyway our joint teacher did great! She used to be catholic and she said she was just as stubborn as him, and the Book of Mormon changed that. Well luckily Mac wants to believe in God so he is willing to read the whole Book of Mormon (he has read the whole bible before) and we have another appointment with him this week. He really is a great guy, and I know that if he gains a testimony of the truthfulness of this gospel he will be a wonderful member and servant of our Lord.
Proof there is sun in Scotland
I don’t know if I said this last week but our two investigators Sarah and Nicola, have dropped us. It’s sad but you know I am just happy that they have been exposed and you never know what they might decide to do in the future! Now we have all this time for chapping and finding people who God has specifically prepared! In one of our chapping extravaganza’s we found two potential investigators. One is a guy from South Africa who said he personally isn’t too interested in church but his wife loves religion and after moving from South Africa hasn't found a church she likes yet. So we are meeting with their family this week, and we also found this girl in the same close (which is what you call an apartment building, so a flat is an apartment, and a close is an apartment building) and she has been taught before by missionaries. She told us that she was invited to be baptized and when we asked her why she wasn't she said it wasn't for her. When she said that I felt inspired to ask her if she believed that there was one true way that God wanted us to live to return to him, she said she didn’t. Then I felt inspired to be blunt to her, so I told her that God does only have one path that we are supposed to follow to return to him and that path is the church that Jesus Christ established when he was on the earth, I told her that that true church had been lost after He and the apostles died and that the true church has been established again. Then I said the reason why the elders invited her to be baptized in our church was because that true church is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I was super nervous with how blunt I was being, but then we made an appointment to see her again, and that’s tonight. As Sister Parks and I walked home I told her that I felt inspired to be blunt, and she said that she felt the same and was about to say the same thing when I started talking to her. So that made me feel a lot better and know that the Holy Ghost was guiding me.
                I am so glad to be a missionary because I have the lucky opportunity to always be in a state that I can easily recognize the Holy Ghost, now whether or not I am always diligent on following those promptings is something I am still working on, but as a missionary you feel the spirit with you always! And I love it! What is also cool is that you can also feel it when it leaves, and since you’re around it so much, that feeling of it being gone is so distinct you know you’re not supposed to be where you are right now. That happened to Sister Parks and me this last week. It was later, and we were just doing some chapping to finish the day and we went into this flat and got up the first flight of stairs when Sister Parks said that we shouldn’t be here, and I was so glad she said that because I was feeling really weird about it too, I realized the Holy Spirit that is my constant companion had left. I don’t know what would have happened, or if anything would have happened, but all I know is that I am so grateful for the spirit, and that I was able to recognize when it was trying to tell me that this was a bad place by leaving. As a missionary I have the special blessing to never be with people or in places like school or work that drives the spirit away, but I think we can always find things in our lives that we can remove like contention, or maybe some relationships or thoughts that will help keep the spirit with us. I hope that when I am off my mission I continue to strive to live my life so that the Holy Ghost can still be with me wherever I go, and that I never get used to it being gone, so that I can always feel the difference!
We had another lesson with the Lyles except this time only K was there so it was nice and relaxed, and it was cool because she expressed interest in coming to church on her own, we hadn't even invited her to church yet (we were going to), she just said how she was going to try to get her daughter Stephanie (who is really shy) out and go. She couldn’t this week and our appointment with her got canceled because of family matters but hopefully Stephanie will be willing to talk to us in our next appointment and the spirit will inspire them to go to church. I know that would be really good. Especially if Stephanie could make some friends in the church, so when K is no longer there to take care of her she will have friends to turn to, I know that is a real worry of K. So hopefully!!!! We are praying that they will come!
We went out as usual to beautiful Douglas, and had dinner and a lesson with the Ross family. Brother Ross's daughter from his first marriage, Erin, wanted to talk to us about the church, she is 10. So we taught her and she came to church on Sunday. I don’t know how much she liked it, but hopefully we will be able to see her again.
Yesterday we had p-day! I have been looking forward to this p-day for a while because we played football! We played with Lewis Wark and his friend and the Elders in our ward. It was so much fun!!! It was kind of rainy but we decided to go play anyway. Lewis taught us some simple things like how to pass and catch the ball! I had a lot of fun, and Lewis actually said that I was a pretty good defender. So I am thinking I am going to practice here and then get really good and come home and go pro! ;) Elder Brown-Cunningham (the new elder in our ward) is from Edinburgh Scotland (haha he got called to the Scotland/Ireland mission!) and so naturally he is pretty good at football. And he said that I kept on annoying him because he would get the ball and think that he got past me but I would be in front of him again! Haha! Yes! Anyway I think mostly it was just fun running around outside! So that was super nice of Lewis to get that set up for us.  Let’s see… then we chapped after p-day and we found two more potential investigators. So hopefully that will go somewhere!
She is looking Scottish here. 
Well I am loving the work! I know that this is the Lords work and as I continually try to submit my will to Heavenly Fathers will I will see success, if not in the people I teach then at least I will see success in the changes in me!  I know that a mission is exactly what the Lord had in store for me and that I am out here for a reason! I know Joseph Smith was a true prophet, and sometimes when the natural man in me wonders if I do know that, I find when I read the Book of Mormon that he was! The Book of Mormon is the keystone! If you find your testimony lacking I promise that if you read the Book of Mormon it will be strengthened and your questions will be answered! I love this church! If I didn’t I wouldn’t be here. Thanks for all the prayers! I love you!

Sister Watt