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Happy Father’s day to my father and my brother and brothers-in-law who have wives and children (sorry Jordan your day will come)! I hope you have exciting plans, and know that I will be celebrating it in my heart :)
So I will try to really add in lots of Scottish phrases to make things more interesting, I know I have been slacking on that! Just to let you know anything that is like don’t or wasn’t or isn’t, Scottish people say with a "y" so dony, cany, and so forth, so that is how I am typing it, I might have missed some but that’s ok.
So this week was better than the last! Which is brilliant! Last Monday we had FHE with the Lewis' and that was dead awesome. Their family is sooo great! They made us food; Sister Lewis is such a wee soul! Anyway I just loved it! It reminded me of our family a bit, so that’s me just trying not to grete (cry).
Sister Galbraith is the sister on the right.
Tuesday we had an all of Scotland Zone Conference. It was fab seeing my old companion in the MTC Sister Galbraith we were just blathering (chatting) the whole time....not during the meetings, but during lunch and before the meeting started. Sister Parks sang a song! And she was wonderful. She sang it with our district leader Elder Jackson and she was soo nervous about making the high notes. So I’m like, praying that God would help her hit those notes and she did, and she came down from singing and said, thanks so much for praying for me I could feel it! So that was cool. President Brown asked us to come with a question so it could be answered. I didn’t really know what to ask, but I know that God knew that from last week I was struggling. And so he answered an unknown prayer! That meeting gave me a lot of drive for missionary work again, because I kin that I was really feeling down. Anyway the church is really pushing for us to get involved in using Family History as a way of finding people and to use it in our missionary work. And throughout the few weeks I have seen some good opportunities for using Family History, like people who dony know enough about it and could use help, the only problem is that I dony kin enough about it. The mission is trying to train us, but I am a hands on learner not someone who can understand just on a training mom any advice? Basically that conference took up most of the day and traveling home took up the rest of the time, we just went to Sister Allen's, who made us dinner, and we had a lesson.
Wednesday we tried to stop by that guy, Mac, who said that if he believed God was there he would totally follow everything that God wanted him to do. He said that he lost our number and that he felt really bad about not being there for our last appointment. He seemed pretty genuine about it; also he has had some serious family issues going on in his family. So hopefully we will meet with him again. We chapped this kids door who was willing to meet with us on Thursday and he seemed kind of interested...but then he wasny there. That’s ok we will try by again! It’s hard because you dony want to give up on God’s children, because I kin that this could change their lives and that it is true! But sometimes you have to just let it go after a few goes.
Thursday we had exchanges with the sisters in East Killbride. I was the one who stayed in Hamilton and Sister Parks went to East Killbride. So I was dead nervous to be the one in the lead but it actually went pretty good. It was a 48 hour exchange, we did a lot of chapping and Sister Robertson and I had a good amount of lessons at the door in those two days. Something really disappointing happened though. Brenda didny want to come to church again! It was so strange, she was completely different this week and she was not responsive to the spirit at all. She seemed really sad, and I asked her why and she said she was upset about her friend. So hopefully she is better next week. On Friday we had lunch at Sister Duncansons house and she had a friend named Ruth there. She fed us Cheese and Beanie which she said was like what college students eat because it is so quick and easy and cheap.
Real quick, I might have already brought this up but, something weird they do here is that they actually call their school by the literal name of it. So we would say I am going to school for basically every level of age, but their like that, "I am going to primary" (for elementary school), or "when I get home from High School", or "I am in college" (which is like from ages 16-18 or something like that), and "I am heading off to Uni" or "University". So its kind of strange.
So the Cheese and Beanie is like Uni food. It’s just toast with beans and cheese melted on top. haha that’s it, it’s not bad, I mean it’s not my favorite meal. But it’s not terrible. Ruth was super quiet so I dony kin if she took in anything we said, but even if she took in a wee bit, maybe,  that God loves her, I am happy with that. Then we were heading to Motherwell to try to find a referral we had, and I missed the bus stop at Motherwell and so we rode our bus all the way to Hamilton, and then got off our bus and got on another back to Motherwell! haha oops, so that’s me, just a greenie over here no kin where I am at! But we finally made it to this referral and she seems like a dynamite investigator. She has no religious background, her father is a member of the church, he just moved to Brazil, she said that she doesn’t know what her Dad is talking about but whenever he talks about the church she just feels good!, and she wants direction in her life! It’s brilliant! Also, ya kin how last week I mentioned that I didny follow the spirit! Well I did this time. So we walked up Chelsea's (the referral) close (the complex) and we buzzed her flat and there was no answer, well I had to use the toilet (what they call bathrooms here) soooo bad! So we went to a pay point (which is like a petrol station [gas station], except without the petrol part, only the wee store, they have them everywhere) and I asked if I could use their toilet. So I did (which was way dodgey because it wasn't a public toilet it was just the employees toilet) and then I felt like we should try by Chelsea’s flat again. So we walked back and went to her close and the close door was open, so we walked in and walked up to her flat and her flat door was open, but she wasny in. Then I looked out the window behind me and I saw a young girl sun bathing and a little girl running around in one of the designated gardens (which is what they call yards here) for the close. So even though I felt like it was going to be awkward I asked Sister Robertson if she was ok if we went out there. So we did and it was Chelsea and we ended up giving her a lesson in her garden, and meeting her two little kids! It was great. Oh and her, and her partner broke up so that is nice that we didny have to deal with the whole “your living together but not married” awkward situation. Anyway so that is dead exciting about Chelsea, and we invited her to church but she couldny come this week but she said she will next week and we have another appointment set up this week, so hopefully it will all work out.
Saturday was good, we did a lot of chapping. And Sunday is always great! We had a lesson set up with a girl named Irene on Sunday, and she called us Sunday morning saying that she wasny completely moved in yet, and if we would give her a couple of weeks she would love to chat with us then; which was dead nice of her to do, because normally people never call. But she seems genuinely interested in meeting with us. We had a less active lesson and the less active finally admitted that she needed to get back to hopefully we will see her this upcoming Sunday! So that was my week! I know pretty dead exciting. I am pretty sure there are so many more Scottish phrases I could put in this email but I cany think of anything else! Ok normally I would bare my testimony but Sister Parks is giving me the sign that we have to hurry up. So I love you and grateful for all the prayers and support!


Sister Watt

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