Saturday, June 29, 2013

Moves, and new assignment

Hello family! and friends!
This has been a good week, not as successful as I had hoped but hey the work is moving forward! We got moves call yesterday. Sister Parks is being transferred to a place way way west of Ireland and she has no idea who her companion will be ;) (For those of you don't get it, she is going home, her time is up). It feels really weird for her to be done with her mission. Because as far as I am concerned my mission consists of Sister Parks so I feel like I should be going home as well! Anyway, she is super nervous and I have been giving her dating and living like a normal person advice all week! hah As if I am a good person to get the advice from! Anyway so my new assignment is to be senior companion, and my companion is Sister Hulet, which is a girl that was in the same MTC group as mine, she was in a different district in the MTC but I did do some role plays with her in our zone meetings in the MTC. So she seems like a really cool girl and I am relieved I am not training, I certainly was not ready for that. But it will be good for sure. 
No pix this week from Christine. So I thought I would add a picture of Christine before she reported to the MTC. She is with two girls that are, as of this transfer, now Sister Missionaries in the Scotland/Ireland Mission.

So last Monday we went and visited Victor, he is the Nigerian and we invited him to be baptized and he said yes, and that once he clears up some stuff he will be baptized. But then we saw him last night and he apologized to us, saying that he was high last week. But he promised he would never be high again when we came because he said that he didn't feel the spirit last week and he was super disappointed, also he still wants to get baptized but knows that there are a few things he needs to clear up. But Victor is a great guy! He wants Gods spirit really bad, and he wants to change soooooo bad. He didn't go to church yesterday and when we talked to him he was so upset with himself and was like "I really should have gone to church but I didn't". Anyway so we will be working with him and just take it really slow. I am finally getting to the point where I can understand his accent, which is good since Sister Parks is leaving. 

We met with the Scott family (which is the couple that came to church and hadn't been in really long time). They are the essence of not church active but gospel active. They are super strong in their testimonies. Brother Scott has just had some serious health problems which make it difficult to go to church. So we had a good chat with them and they said they really liked us coming over and sharing scriptures with them. 

A lot of things fell through this week but that's ok, we had a lot of chapping time and found some more potential investigators. So a while back Sister Parks and I started this thing called the Motherwell Ward 40 day fast, and basically what we did is we passed out a calendar and then people in the ward signed up for days to fast, so basically for each day there was a member of the ward fasting, and that went for 40 days straight. So essentially, the ward as a collective whole fasted for 40 days. And part of this fast was that every member fasted for the missionary work to progress in the Motherwell Ward. So that 40 days fast ended on Friday and we had a 40 day fast fireside with a Munch and Mingle on Friday, it wasn't as well attended as I had hoped but it was still a good fireside. Sister Parks and Elder Peterson sang, and Elder Brown-Cunningham and I gave wee talks and we had a portion of the time open for people to share some special experiences regarding either their day that they fasted on or how the 40 day fast has helped them. It was great to hear the stories there were a few really miraculous things that happened. So that was good to get that over with because Sister Parks and I planned the whole thing and have been contacting the person who is supposed to be fasting every day and then we set up the fireside and so it’s been a big thing,  it’s kind of nice to get that over with. 

This week I saw a great blessing, Sister Parks ran out of money pretty quickly because she didn't get her whole months allotment, we were looking in our fridge last Monday and thinking to ourselves that it would be another really tight week. However we had a lot of dinner appointments and then the people who fed us sent us home with huge boxes and bags of food! So we didn't have to worry about lunch or dinner at all this week. It was such a blessing! 

Yesterday we showed Victor the restoration DVD and he just smiled at the part where Joseph Smith Sr. got baptized. And he said that he like it and asked if he could keep the video to watch again this week; which was super cool. 

Oh! Sister Parks and I were chapping and we kind of got lost and got into this super posh (rich) area and we were trying to find a wee path that was going to lead us to the street we wanted to chap. and so we go down this road, which turned out being a super posh driveway that led to this beautiful home! And so since we were in their driveway we just walked up to their door, well they had this clear glass door and you could see into their front room. I am not kidding you I am pretty sure this must be one of the homes that BBC filmed in either sense and sensibility or Persuasion. Because this front room looked exactly like a house in one of those movies, I don't remember which. It had black and white tiled floors and this high ceiling and beautiful carved beams and a walkway above and a piano in the entryway. Basically the most posh place I have seen here. So beautiful, the people weren't home and it seriously took all my effort not to just walk into their home. It was so cool! 

Anyway I am sorry that my email is quite lame this week. Hopefully I will have more news for yous later. (By the way that is what they say here, they say yous instead of you a lot) Thanks for all your support. I know that while the work seems slow right now, it will pick up as long as I am exactly obedient. My mission president loves to be obedient, and while I am not quite in love with it yet, I think that to love being obedient would be amazing, and I know that I can learn to love it as I continually strive to be exactly obedient. I love missionary work. You know our mission has a mission song and the chorus says this "Till the work is done, united we will be as one, royal strong and true, till the Savior says the work is done." And I love it because that is exactly what keeps me going, I know I need to keep on pushing until the Savior says the work is done. Missionary work is vital, and I hope that everyone is trying their hardest to have missionary experiences, because we are all sons and daughters of God and we all went on this earth hoping that we could prove ourselves and return to Him. So we need to help our brothers and sisters reach that hope. I love missionary work. Ok I'll get off my soap box now! I love you all and have a good week! Thanks for everything.


Sister Watt

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