Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sorry short letter

Hello. So this week… Hmmmmmm.. I don’t really know what say about this last week. There was a lot of time for chapping that’s for sure and a lot of traveling on the bus to places, and a lot of disappointments. But the great thing about chapping is that you find new hope in people who seem like they might be interest. So I guess there is light at the end of this really long tunnel! Although I could be confusing that light with a semi coming to crash into us, I guess we will find out!

The brightest point of my week was yesterday; because Brenda our less active agreed to come to church! We had a lesson with her on Thursday and I really feel like it was an inspired lesson. I really felt the spirit and I think Brenda did also, so when we asked her to come to church she just said yes! It was the dickens trying to get her there, but she enjoyed it and she said she is coming next week! So that is good. Another less active, Sister McGilligan also said that she would try to come, she says that every week she plans to go to church all the way up to Sunday morning and then she says nope can’t do it. I goes back to sleep. Well yesterday, I called her at 8:30 in the morning and talked to her, she got dressed, even her husband (who is not a member) offered to give her a ride and then she said no I can’t do it. So that is sad, but HEY progression, she got dressed this time, maybe next time she will make it to the car, and the next time make it to the church! Baby steps. :) I know she will get there, we are praying for her and I know God will help her get over the problem that she has with coming to church, because she does miss it and she really does believe in everything and has a strong testimony.

We talked to K Lyle again this week and she said that she wants to come to church it’s just a matter of getting there and also getting her daughter Stephanie who has anxiety about being around a lot of people out to church with her. So hopefully soon, we just keep on praying that K's daughter will come down to listen to us every time we go out there to teach. So that was my week.

It was sunny most of the week which was fabulous! And now it’s June! Hooray! Sister Parks goes home really soon, so that means I will be getting a new companion really soon. I’m kind of nervous to be left the ropes to Hamilton, I still feel like a stranger to it, I can never remember where anything is, and people live and what bus to take there. Also Sister Parks lost her planner this last week, which was very difficult! Because she is the scheduler and so her planner was more complete than mine. Also she had a couple of potential investigators that I hadn’t copied down yet. And you know the day before she lost it I got a prompting that I needed to update my planner with hers and I ignored it! UGH! Dead Terrible! That’s probably why we had such a hard week; God was saying this is what happens when you ignore the Holy Ghost Sister Watt! Anyway, I will never be doing that again!
Anyway, that is all I have for you this week, sorry my life isn't a bit more exciting. Thanks for all the prayers I can feel them, I know that this church is true and that God has a plan for us. I know that everything that happens to us is a test! I know that through Jesus Christ I can make it through these tests. I know my God loves me, and that he exists!

 Love, Sister Watt

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