Sunday, July 7, 2013

So this week has felt so long!!!!!

I think these are the missionaries that did the Kababtism
So this week has felt so long!!!!! Especially with moves. It was weird because with moves Monday-Wednesday was so confusing and I feel like I didn't get anything done! Monday was basically constant food because Sister Parks had to pack and we had two food appointments one for a fry up (which is basically just a huge breakfast! with as much meat as you can possible fit) then we had a dinner appointment that night and a family home evening where a lot of people from the ward came to say goodbye. It was nice being the companion in this situation because since Sister Parks was leaving everyone was giving her special treatment and because I am her companion I get it too!!!! Woohoo. So at our fry up they usually serve black pudding, so everyone made me try tastes like a scab. No joke it was way gross. Then the missionaries here have a tradition that when you come here on your mission that you have to be Kababtised. A Kabab is a popular food here brought by all the Indian restaurants here. Basically it’s a pork meat with lettuce and onion and other veg on Na’an bread with some special sauce. Anyway sounds good right, well the only problem is that the meat on it just sits on a skewer spinning next to a little heater to keep it warm, so basically I don’t know how long that meat has been sitting out and it grosses me out. It grosses out Sister Parks as well, so in her year and a half of service she has avoided being Kababtized. So at the family home evening Elder Brown-Cunningham who is Scottish and Elder Peterson went to the Indian place and bought a Kabab and then brought it back to this members home and had a Kababtism. Since Elder Brown-Cunningham is Scottish he claimed he had the most authority to Kababtise and so he Kababtised Sister Parks (that way she was in the presence of a bunch of ward members as well and so she couldn't deny it). And then she turned around and Kababtised me. It was an interesting experience. Kabab's taste good I just can’t get over that meat. Anyway so that was my Monday.

Then Tuesday bright and early Sister Parks and I were picked up by the zone leaders and brought to Glasgow where I said goodbye to Sister Parks and then the Elders took me to stay in Knightswood for the day and spend the day and night with the sisters serving there. Then on Wednesday, which was our p-day, we went to the Glasgow church and met our companions and then we all played football. It was so great! Sister Hulet is my companion she came out the same time as me and she served in Kirkcaldy before this. She is great! We have very similar personalities so we have a lot of fun! I am not going to lie, its stressful having to be the only one who knows all these people and where everything is because right now it’s me making all the decisions, and now I feel like I need to fill Sister Parks shoes so I feel all responsible, not like I wasn't responsible before, but it’s different. Anyway it’s probably really good for me.

So for the past 4 weeks it has been sunny virtually every day!!! It has been so nice; I can’t tell you how many times I have left the flat without tights or a jacket. And on Monday, you won’t believe this but, I got sun burned! Oh my goodness it was so exciting! I saw my old companion from the MTC on Wednesday and she was like "holy freckles!" I was proper happy about it.

Let’s see on Thursday we did a lot of finding, we had a dinner appointment and we had another appointment with a guy who I met in Glasgow but lives in Motherwell, but the guy bailed so that was too bad. We stopped by mac and we talked to him and had a lesson with him at his door, because we couldn’t go in. But we have an appointment with him soon, so that’s good. On Friday we did a lot of thing-me's, (this must be a Scottish phrase) to be honest Friday was so busy that I don’t really remember what we did. But we did do some finding on this street and we did the same street two days in a row and we ended up finding 4 potential investigators on that street. So that was cool. Sister Hulet was in a trio before she came here so they didn’t do very much chapping on doors, so that was kind of a new experience for her. She was so sweet, she said that my door approach was really good, but I just told her it’s because I have had A LOT of practice! haha.

Anyway so then we had Saturday, which was a normal day, and Sunday was great as usual. Since we had that general broadcast (the one you had last week) the Warks were super nice and took us to their house and fed us and then gave us a ride to the broadcast. That was super nice, and then we rode home on the train and now its Monday! So that was my week, I guess writing about it now it seems like it actually went really fast but in the moment it was a really long week.

Sis Hulet, Christine's new companion
I am sorry I don’t have any cool stories to tell. It was kind of a boring week. But there are some definite bright hopes for the future, Sister Hulet and I have some good goals for this transfer so hopefully they are accomplished. Victor didn’t come to church this week again, it was disappointing but hopefully when we talk to him today we can convey the importance of it all. It’s amazing to see the cause of people’s downfall as a missionary. Because you realize how important it is to do the little things like read your scriptures and pray and go to church, because I can’t tell you how many times we talk to someone who is now less active, and we find that they originally stopped doing all the little things so when someone said something kind of rude to them they were in a position to be offended because they weren't doing those little things, that stabilize our testimony in Jesus Christ and the gospel. There is a spirit and confidence that you receive when you do the little things.

So Sister Hulet showed me this song/talk and it is so good. I loved it, warning it may make you a bit emotional. This is for those about to go on a mission, those on a mission, and everybody else! I loved it. Anyway so that is attached to this email along with a photo of Sister Hulet and I which was just recently taken :) Thank you for all your support and love! I feel the prayers every day. I love you all!

Sister Watt

Sorry I tried to attach the MP3 "Till the Work is done" put it didn't work. 
Christine's mom.

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