Sunday, August 25, 2013

This week will be great!

So you can all sigh in relief, I won’t be sending as long of an email as usual. Things are good in Hamilton, Marie and Victoria are getting baptized this week and we are all so excited. We have had kind of a rocky road with it, but what can you expect from Satan when there are two wonderful people making a great decision. Last Monday Victor did bail on us, so that wasn't fun. But we just finally put the ball in his court. If he wants to make time for us he can phone us. Tuesday we went to district meeting and met our new District leader. He seems cool.  Also we had our usual with Marie and Victoria; they were so nice and got us take-away fish and chips. We had a good discussion with them. Wednesday we met with Sister Allen, which was good. Then we met with Jean McGilligan and John Ryan-Park. I need to be more patient with John, sometimes I am to straight forward, but that is just how I teach.
Sis Hulet and Sis Watt at a Castle.

So....Ok so on Thursday we had weekly planning and it was super exciting to plan for a baptism, so that made weekly planning better. And we also had dinner with the Hoggs, which was really nice of them. I haven't really worked out for like 2 weeks, I am not lying when I say that I have packed on the pounds! AHHHH it’s so scary, this week I have started seriously working out again because I am legitimately getting nervous. Also on Thursday we met Marie and Victoria at the church building to try on baptism clothes, they couldn't find anything that worked. And Marie and Victoria were getting super nervous and so at church Marie told some people about it and the ward just was so great, they just stepped right up; and the sisters in the ward found her and Victoria a baptism dress that fits them both! I was so happy; the ward has really been very kind to them and has really invited them in. Which is super good! 

Friday we did some service. Remember that time Sister Hulet and I pulled out that bush by the roots, yeah well this same family had a bigger bush they wanted out, and so we brought the elders, it took a while but we eventually succeeded! Sister Neil invited Marie and Victoria and us over for dinner on Friday. It was super nice of her, and it was great so that Marie could get a good friend in the church. Saturday we went to Douglas to visit Alfonsian, I don’t know why but every time we go there I get a headache....we also visited Fran, a less active. She has a super sketch elevator up to her flat so it’s always an adventure going up there. And Sunday we went to church and visited this guy who hasn't been to church in sooooo long, but his wife just died, so he is trying to find peace. 

Then the Lewis' had us over for dinner last minute which was way nice of them, they are such a great family I love them! They have little kids and sometimes it’s crazy, but that’s why I love going there, it reminds me of home! :) After that we visited Sister McMillan. So basically this week was a lot of less active visits and unsuccessful chapping  :-/ but that’s ok, I know that if I continue working hard it will become successful. 

This might be weird to say but this week I gained a testimony about how real Satan is, he works hard against people all the time! And it strengthens my testimony about how true this church is, Satan doesn't work this hard against other religions, I always hear about anti-Mormon literature, but I never hear about anti-(other religions) literature, and maybe that is because I am a Mormon and only hear about Mormon related stuff, but I also believe that Satan is working so hard against this church. It’s sad but it also just shows how great this work is. I know that The Church of Jesus Christ is the true church. I am happy to be a missionary for it!

Sister Watt

P.s. I guess that wasn't too short, also I went and visited 3 Castles today which was way fun!

Yeah! P-day!

Yes she is....
To whom it may concern, (I am in a really silly mood)

So I just realized I forgot my planner from my last transfers, because with each new transfer we get a new planner, so now I am really struggling trying to remember what we did all week.
It was another one of those chapping 24/7 weeks; although we found 2 really promising potential investigators, so that is good. We told them we would phone in a week so they have an opportunity to look over the Book of Mormon. 
Just a super fancy home from P-day.

As I said before (previous letter) we helped move the Ross' into their new home on Monday.  I never thought I would say this but I love doing stuff like that, I love gardening, and weeding, and washing windows, and moving people, and all that stuff I used to hate to do. There is something that a mission does to you; I think it might have something to do with doing the same thing every day and having to wear a skirt while doing it. Haha Dad I know what you are thinking, "I sure hope that stays, so when she gets home she can actually be of some use" and I sure hope it does too, but chances are it will fade when I realize that I don’t have to wear a skirt every day and I can listen to music and go do more fun things. Don’t get me wrong I love missionary work, but sometimes it’s nice to have a break to serve someone. Wednesday was our p-day. Sister Hulet and I just hung out together all day instead of going to Glasgow. We practiced some football, so I am pretty sure I will be pretty good at euro football when I get home. Haha actually I probably won’t.

Oh sorry on Tuesday we met with Marie and Victoria. Our lessons are now into the "Nitty gritty" and they have just been so good. I am constantly amazed at how prepared they have been to accept this gospel. They already don't do all the things we ask them not to, they don’t drink, or smoke, or anything. It’s such a blessing, and I thank God every day for the wonderful blessing, and the opportunity that I have to be a part of their conversion. They are still headstrong for the 24th of August, they know that Satan is trying them but they are staying strong. It was great, we were about to bring up keeping the Sabbath day holy, and I asked them what that phrase meant to them and Marie told us that they have just recently decided to change the way they treat Sundays and they listed out all the things they decided to change and it was everything that we were going to teach. The spirit is so strong in their lives that it is already teaching them, and they haven't even received the gift of the Holy Ghost yet! I am just constantly amazed.

On Thursday we met with them also and we had a really good discussion and they were so nice to make us dinner. We gave them a talk from Elder Holland teaching that basically Satan works on your fears and to stay committed to the original spirit you felt, we gave them this so that they can prepare to fight against Satan. They listened to it when we left and they said they loved it. :) I am just so proud and happy for them!
Let’s see, we did a lot of “less active” contacting this week, so it’s been interesting. Getting a lot of doors slammed. It makes me so sad, and it’s so hard for me to comprehend how these people leave the church. I know that everyone has their weaknesses and trials. But it says in the scriptures that through God our weaknesses can become strengths and our trials can become learning experiences. It honestly just breaks my heart to see these people who once had the gospel in their lives and it’s no longer there. I feel very fortunate for the family and the support I have had in my life. Here in Scotland that support isn't there. If you’re not Catholic, you’re Protestant, if you’re not Protestant or Catholic your weird, and if you’re a Mormon you have 9 wives and you have joined a cult. It’s so sad but it’s true.

Marie and Victoria didn't come to church this week because Marie was sick but they will be there next week and they asked us to tell them what they missed at church on Tuesday. Well I am running short on time because I emailed a lot of people today, I’m so popular! ;) Actually there was this girl in our zone who was saying how she doesn't receive very many letters, and then she followed that comment by saying only like one a day. I just about died inside! In my head, I’m like,   "yeah I don’t receive very many letters either, only like 17 a day and a few packages every week." Sorry this isn't an attack on anyone, I just thought about it, to be honest I really don’t like handwriting so I am fine with receiving emails. I just thought that was hilarious.

Oh also Sister Hulet and I got hit on more this week than usual, by a few 10 year olds, an old man, and a drunk man who thought he was that's exciting. Also this guy answered the door with a robe on, and it was open. I was thinking to myself "don’t look down; don’t look down, don’t look down." And I was just like "hey you want to learn about Jesus" and he said no, and I was like ok

bye, and I half walked half ran away. So those are my interesting stories for the week. I love you all! Be happy and be good and have a good week! Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight. ;)

Sister Watt

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Moves Call


Hiya                                                                                                                                 8-5-2013

So moves calls was yesterday and I am staying! I am not completely sure how I feel about it, on one hand I was a little excited to leave because I was ready to get out of Hamilton and experience a new area. On the other hand I am really excited about some of the work that is happening here and I didn't want to move. So yeah apparently, there is more I have to accomplish here. So now that that is out of the bag, I will tell yous about my week.
 Elder Brown-Cunningham is a Thug, Elder Phippen ate a tadpole, Sister Watt is way legit, and Sister Hulet (I love her)

Monday we did our stop smoking plan with the lady I mentioned in last week’s letter and she is doing great, it’s a week later and she is now a non-smoker. I am so proud of her! Tuesday we had district meeting and then when we got back I felt super ill! I had a terrible stomach ache and stuff, it was not fun, so we ended up staying in most of the day. We had dinner with the Devine’s that night. This was the first opportunity that we were going to see Marie and Victoria 2 times a week, so I wasn't going to miss that. They took us to a proper Scottish buffet and somehow I was able to get it down. I still felt pretty sick that night but sleeping helped a lot.
What she calls a "Proper Scottish Buffet"

Wednesday we just did a day of finding, and we met with Sister Allan. Thursday we met with Marie and Victoria. So all week we had been praying about how we would be able to ask them to set a baptism date. And we have been nervous about doing that because we know that the Jehovah  Witness tried pushing them into baptism, so we definitely didn't want that to happen. Anyway so we had this lesson plan and then when we walked in, you could just tell that something was wrong; turns out that they had been fighting a lot. So there was a lot of contention in the room, so we sat them down and told them that we couldn't teach them today if there was contention because the spirit can’t dwell in contention. Well basically they sort of worked it out and when the feeling of contention had subsided then we started our lesson. Sister Hulet leaned over and asked are we sticking with our lesson, and I just said as the spirit directs. So we went with our lesson plan, and we were starting to warm up to bringing up baptism, and Marie stopped us and said, I have been thinking about being baptism, tell me more about that. Basically my jaw just dropped, and it was just such an amazing answer to our prayers. We had a really good lesson and they accepted to pray for the date August 24th. So that was a great step for them.

Friday we visited some people and did some chapping. Man I am sorry. This email is so bad, we have had a really good week it’s just been a lot of finding, and Marie and Victoria really were the highlight. Haha I feel like my emails are getting more and more lame. Sorry.

Saturday we went to Douglas to visit a less active, and she had an up-side-down cross drawn on her wall. Turns out she asked a witch doctor to get the bad spirits out of her house. So I told her that an upside-down cross was actually evil and probably not the best thing to get bad spirits out. And so I helped her clean it off her wall and paint over it. So that was an interesting visit. Now we come to Sunday.
Sunday morning comes and we get a text from Marie that said basically they had a terrible week and haven't gotten an answer to their prayers and decided August 24 wouldn't be good. So we told them to just pray for the date again and come to church and that they would receive an answer. After church she texted us and said that they received their answer and that August 24th was the right day for them! I am so happy for Marie and Victoria and I am grateful that God sent them those trials so that they could see the importance of church.

Eating a chippy, and this is the fork they gave me....what the heck
After church we had an appointment set up to work with a family we had chapped into. However they didn't show. So that’s lame. But we also visited this less active that hasn't been to church in forever! But he just recently lost his wife, and he was super receptive, and said he wanted to find truth in his life again. So that was really good. Yup and this morning we helped a family move. So that was my week. Boring I know. This last Sunday I bore my testimony on Joseph Smith. I realize that I don’t do that enough. And my testimony in him has been tried like no other, but all I can say is that Joseph Smith was a true prophet, called of God. I know it. He wasn't perfect; he didn't have to be to restore the true church. I know that he was a prophet. I love testifying of this every day. Thanks for all the support!

Sister Watt

4th Month

This is mom, I love this picture! Isn't she cute :o)



Can you believe that I have been out for 4 months....holy cow this is going by fast. I know 4 months isn't that long but it feels like it is. Anyway I had a good week. On Monday Victor bailed on us again, so we saw him on Tuesday and we had to give him a rou for not keeping commitments. He asked us not to give up on him, but he won’t keep any commitments, so it’s an awkward situation. On Wednesday we had lunch with Sister Niel and then Sister Hulet got sick so we went back to the flat cave (see what I did there, instead of bat cave I said flat cave haha) and she rested and I took a nap and then I bleached the shower because it had mold on it, and I did other stuff. But we were in the rest of the day, I felt queasy for a bit, but I think when I cleaned the shower the bleach burned the illness out of me.

Thursday we had and all-Scotland conference. So that was good, Elder Teixiera came and spoke to us (and by speaking I mean rebuking), but it was still a good lesson and it answered my question on how I could improve myself as a missionary. After that we headed back from the conference and Sister Hulet and I booked it to get to Marie and Victoria's. They are so great! They fed us dinner and we ended up watching some Book of Mormon videos, and one ended with Elder Holland bearing his testimony of the authenticity of the book. It’s one of my favorite videos, Elder Holland is such a strong speaker and every time I watch that video I feel the spirit so strongly. They felt the spirit to and said that they understood how important studying the scriptures was and they promised to do better at it, which was awesome, especially since they were already doing really well! We asked them to pray to know if this is the true church, and they said they would and said that they were hoping to have an answer for us by Tuesday, when we meet with them again! So I am looking forward to that, and hopefully if the spirit is right we can set a baptism date for them. I just love Marie and Victoria, they are such great people. Also, on Friday they texted us and said that they had a great study; they read two chapters in the Book of Mormon together and read all of the pamphlets we have given them! Then they said that they prayed and thanked God for sending us to their door! :,-) It made me want to cry I was so touched by it. 

Friday night we went to a family’s house for dinner and yesterday I started the wife in the less-active family on the LDS stop smoking program. It’s a pretty rigorous program, and took forever for me to read and prepare to teach, but it was good. We only did the first half at church, we will do the second lesson tonight with her, and she will start the program tomorrow morning. If she follows this program to the T it gives her like an 85% guarantee that she will be a non-smoker in a week. It’s actually a really smart program! So that’s good.

Saturday we went to the home of a new family in the ward and helped with getting their home all organized and stuff. The elders came too; Elder Phippen chopped down the hedges, which was the scariest thing ever, because Elder Phippen kind of scares me (in a non-offensive way). He makes this creepy stocker murder face that freaks everyone out. And he worked at a haunted house, so when I saw him with that bush chainsaw thingy, I thought to myself "how often does this kid use a chainsaw? And how often is that chain saw used for its true purpose like trees, as opposed to humans." Hahaha, yous probably don't think this is funny, but I do. Elder Brown-Cunningham killed the weeds with weed killer, and Sister Hulet and I had the coolest job, standing on ladders washing windows! I don’t really know why I am telling yous all the details about our service work, probably because my week was not that exciting.

Anyway the most exciting thing that happened is that while Sister Hulet and I were picking up all hedge trimmings out of this pond, and saw that there were tons of tadpoles! So Elder Brown-Cunningham and Sister Hulet told Elder Phippen they would each give him a pound if he ate one....and he did! It was the funniest thing, I have it recorded on my camera, but he just picked it up, put it in a cup with water and swallowed it. Elder Brown-Cunningham was going to give him 2 pound, but he didn't chew the tadpole so it got bumped down to one pound. Hahah it was hilarious. We told him that he is going to wake up in the middle of the night to a frog croaking in his stomach. Next time I am near him and his stomach growls I am going to tell him it’s his frog jimmy. :) Man I dont know why I am in such a silly mood!
A tunnel she walks through every P-day.
 Well Sunday Marie and Victoria came to church, it was a good Sunday I thought, and they liked it too. We had a dinner appointment with Kieran and he bailed on us again. It made me really mad, because we dropped him then stopped by his house to see if he was really interested, and he said he was and set up this appointment with us and said he was super glad he met us, and then bailed on us. :-[ Then after that we had our own dinner and then chapped and went to Sister McMillans. So it was a good Sunday. Basically that was my week, sorry it wasn't very exciting, but next week I will definitely have more stuff to talk about. Anyway thanks for all the support.

 And as for my spiritual thought today, as a missionary, we can chap on doors all day long, but the church will grow so much more and so much faster if we have referrals from members in the church, so if you are reading this and not a missionary right now, this week pray and ponder about a name that you could give to your missionaries to drop by on, or invite that friend to have dinner with you and the missionaries, or invite them to church or an activity, and then tell the missionaries. I know that referrals have a better chance of something panning out, and there could very well be a friend of yours ready to accept the gospel. I would hate to get to the spirit world, and a friend comes up to me and say, "I would have accepted the church while I had a body and could have made these ordinances by myself, if only you had shared it with me, why didn't you tell me? And now I have to wait until someone does the work for me." As a missionary, I already feel like I am going to come across someone in the spirit world who will say, "You passed by me on the street and didn't stop me, why?" And that scares me; I need to stop more people on the street! (That is me rebuking myself in my head, by the way) Anyway I challenge you all to do that, I know it’s hard but it doesn't have to be. Give it a go, I know you will be blessed for it, I love you all and thanks for everything!
McDonald's is everywhere.

Sister Watt

I was about to put the number of weeks in this subject but I don’t know the number


So this has been a good week. Not as fruitful as the last few weeks but that was to be expected. I think I am just going to jump around on things that I did this week so if it seems jumbled that's why. So our two investigators Marie and Victoria…we had a great lesson with them on Thursday! As per usual, I just love them so much and I know how much the gospel can help their lives so I am super excited for them! Marie went to church on Sunday; Victoria had a late night babysitting so she didn't come. But Marie really loved church; I gave a lesson on eternal marriage in Gospel Principles. So that was interesting, but good. Throughout the week Sister Hulet and I figured out a way to burn President Monson's talk about obedience on a DVD, we went to the Devine's (Marie and Victoria) house Sunday evening and watched it with them, Marie was so excited to hear the words of our prophet. Afterwards Victoria really opened up to us; she is so excited for us to come again on Thursday and also to come to church on Sunday. The ward was so welcoming; I think Marie had a hard time getting out to her car to drive home because people kept on pulling her aside and talking to her. Sister Hulet, the Devine's and I are getting really close; we are already planning holidays when we are going to visit each other! The Devine’s really want to see Utah and see temple square! I can’t tell you how blessed we have been to meet them. God has prepared them well to receive this gospel. I think that they will come to know that this is the true church and make the decision to be baptized, I know that that is what God wants them to do, and I know they are ready for that, but they need to know that for themselves. But I have come to accept that if that does happen, I will probably miss it, there is a good chance I will be transferred this upcoming transfer. It’s really hard especially since I have gotten so close to the ward and the people and I feel like we are really starting to make progress! But I keep on trying to tell myself that it is not my will, and that it’s God's and if he feels I need to go someplace else, then that is right. Not going to lie its making me sad just thinking about the possibility of it.

Anyway, we didn't see Mac this week but hopefully we will next week. Our other investigator Victor hasn't kept any of his appointments nor phoned us back, we are supposed to have a lesson tonight, but we will see. Unfortunately it will probably be a lesson where we are going to have to rebuke him lovingly and give him an ultimatum, because we can only do so much, if he isn't willing to put the effort in, we can’t do anything. So we will see. 

I think I told yous last week that I made Jean McGilligan promise to come to church and commit to it. She is normally someone who keeps her promises but she wasn't there, so I was disappointed, but she texted me this big SORRY! Because she slept in on accident, and by the time she woke up she realized that by the time she got to church she would be walking in late and she didn't want to make a scene. So she promised me she would set an alarm clock this week! Haha that's another person that I have grown to love dearly! Jean is such an amazing person with a great testimony and love of God. She has a really good sense of humor, and we get along really well. I have come to notice as I have taken charge since Sister Parks left, that I am a very forward and blunt teacher. With some people this isn't that good, although Scotland is the place to be blunt; most people here have very strong personalities. So that's why I like Jean, I can be completely blunt and forward with her and she can take it. :)

We basically did a lot of finding this week and traveling. We met with the Ross family and they are progressing a lot in their foundation of the gospel. I am really impressed how smooth things have been with them, I know they have a lot of questions but I also know that they are learning that they can turn to the Lord for those questions and that they can exercise faith in the idea that maybe they don't know a lot about this or that now but it is going to take time.

This week we went to a member’s house to help with the back garden (that is what they call any property here, we call it a yard or back yard or lawn or garden, but they call it all a garden) and she assigned us to get this bush out by the roots. Needless to say even if we didn't get it out that thing got so destroyed there was no chance of it living when we were through with it. It took a lot of time and some stratagem and some major Sister Missionary muscle! I have a picture of our success with this, while we were getting it out it split in half! Oh yeah, macho macho macho sisters!
The Macho Sisters and The Bush.

So yesterday we were standing at the bus stop waiting for a bus to come and it wasn't coming, well Sister Ross and Lynn Marie were waiting at the bus stop with us and they decided to call a taxi, so they did and let us come with them, that was my first taxi ride, yeah it was exhilarating. Let’s see I think that might be all the excitement that happened. We have another all Scotland meeting this Thursday, so we will be going into Edinburgh for that. Because of the sun my hair has gotten so light! It’s weird that I am in Scotland and I think this is the most I have ever been in the sun in my whole life. Every day, all day in the sun walking around and it’s been sunny for like 4 weeks now! So yeah my hair is way light and I'm getting a nice even tan.....well as even as you can get as a missionary. Oh also Sister Hulet and I wrote a rap, it is awesome! It’s about Sister Missionaries. I am pretty sure we are going to become famous rappers someday!

Well I think that's it, thanks for all the prayers.
Love and kisses, be happy, have faith, and know that this gospel is true!

Sister Watt

P.S. there is this little girl right next to me trying to secretly steal my camera off my desk......awkward. Also one time this week while Sister Hulet and I were waiting for a train I was eating some of my American candy and this little boy walked up to me and stood right in front of me and stared at me for like a minute while doing that little vibrate spitting thing that kids do with their lips.....that was also super awkward.
You know how in America there are loads of Mexican restaurants, well that's like Indian food here, and they sell curries in jars and stuff, so this is our dinner one good!

Long email, good luck reading it!‏


Sorry I always start my emails with hiya that must get kind of boring every week, but I don’t really know how else to start. I guess I will just go day by day with this email; it has been such a long week I don’t even know if I can remember anything. Let’s see Monday we met with Victor and we gave him a date to work towards for baptism, however he was supposed to come to church this week and he didn't so that, so the date will probably have to be pushed back. We are going to talk to him today; he hasn't kept any commitments so unfortunately we might have to drop him because this is not making any progress. :-/ it’s sad but I don’t know what else to do. Tuesday we were supposed to have our appointment with Ross and Lauren (one of the wee families that we met last week and invited to pray about the plan of salvation) however they weren't home, we tried by a few more times during the week and were never able to catch them. That was pretty disappointing, but this is how the work goes, and hopefully we can get in contact with them in the future sometime.

On Tuesday we had zone meeting and our zone leaders had us all choose a certain amount of baptism invites we think we could extend in the upcoming week, Sister Hulet and I chose seven. And so as a Zone our goal was to extend 79 baptism invites by Sunday night.

Wednesday we had a lesson with Irene (a recent convert on the Motherwell side of the ward) about family history, in preparation for this Sister Hulet and I did some digging in our history and found that Sister Hulets  some-odd great grandfather was baptized in Fife and that made me wonder because I was told by Sister Brown (our mission president’s wife), when I told her that George D Watt was my great-great-grandfather, that she had a cool story about him in Fife that linked with her family. So after Sister Hulet and I read through all the history we both had on our families we had found that her ancestor and George D Watt were in the same place around 1841 (I think, we have all the dates written down, they’re not in my head right now), now her ancestor was baptized in September 1841 (by Orson Pratt and another missionary) and George D Watt joined Orson Pratt in late October or early November of 1841, it was a little disappointing because for a moment there we thought that maybe George D Watt baptized Sister Hulet’s ancestor, but no, but we have concluded that they definitely knew each other because there were about 80 members when George got there and her ancestor was one of them. So that’s cool! Especially since we are serving together now! So that was a fun companionship study). 
Sis. Watt enjoying Scotland's sunny summer.

We were supposed to have a lesson with Kieran, but he also bailed and we phoned him and we set up an appointment with him for the next day, which he also bailed and we phoned him again and he said he would phone back in 5 minutes and then he didn’t, so...I don’t know about Kieran. Again that’s ok; this was to be expected, when you have all these investigators it’s pretty quick to narrow down to the ones who are really serious about learning. Thursday we taught Mac. And it was super good. He has read all the way up to Omni which is great; I am so impressed with his commitment to learn. While we were teaching him he said, "Man if only God had a prophet right now that I could talk to or something to help prove that God is there...." (FACE-PALM!) I felt like a terrible missionary! How on earth did we get through all these lessons and never mentioned that we have a prophet on the earth today! OH MY GOODNESS! So I told him that we did and gave him website and committed him to watching a video of the prophet speaking, so hopefully he did! It really seemed to light a spark in him when I told him that we did. He looked at me like I had failed him; :( it made me so sad that this whole time he didn't know that! UGH! Anyway. So I am looking forward to seeing him again. Also on Thursday we met with Marie and Victoria. It was so cute, we come into their home and they both had the Book of Mormon, a Bible, a notebook and pen, and reading glasses out and ready! I loved seeing that they were ready and willing to learn! And our lesson went really well, we taught them about the plan of salvation. They had a lot of good feelings about it and in the end we asked them if there were any questions they had and Marie was like "nope you have answered all of them." So we invited them to church but they said they had a christening to attend but after that they are not going to make any plans on Sunday so that they can come to church! Also we invited them to a ward BBQ we were having and they came! Which was awesome, I showed them around the church and gave them a tour and showed them the photos. They liked the traditional photo of Jesus a lot. Anyway it is really going good with them, Marie really wants to feel the spirit so I hope she has or that she can soon, I know that if they knew this church was true they would join because they want it so bad! So it’s really exciting with them, I am just so happy that I have the opportunity to share the truth with them! After our lesson with them they were nice enough to show us a quicker way home and stuff so that was really nice of them.

Friday we went down to Douglas because Sister Ross (our recent convert) contacted us and gave us the number to a less active we didn't know about who really wanted us to come visit her. Her name is Alfonsian, and she is a super nice lady, after her we were able to visit Sister Ross. Then we came home and had another lesson with the Trench family which was nice.

Saturday was the ward BBQ and like I said Marie and Victoria came, after that we just did some chapping and went to Larkhall to visit the Lyles.

Sunday was way good. We talked with a family named the Mitchel’s in our ward. Sister Mitchel is a great lady and we were able to get to know her before the rest of the family came because we beat Brother Mitchel and his kids from church to the house. Sister Mitchel has been struggling with activity but she such a nice woman and I really like her. She wants to get back to church so hopefully we can help somehow; I definitely want to see them again I enjoyed our visit with them. Then we met with Jean McGilligan. Jean actually went to the ward BBQ which was awesome; I think that has been her first interaction with the ward in a long time. I really really like Jean, sometimes I wonder if she is a big reason why I was sent to Hamilton, we get along really well and I just love her and want her to come back to church so bad. I kind of had a very forward lesson with her on Sunday and made her commit to coming to church, up until now whenever I asked her if she was coming to church she always just said maybe, so I told her that she couldn't say maybe it had to be yes or no. And she said yes, so hopefully she will keep that commitment. After that we met with Sister McMillan. So it was a busy Sunday.

By Sunday Sister Hulet and I had extended 5 baptisms, both ones at the door while chapping and a few to people we have met with. So we extended one while chapping before our lesson with Jean and then after that we didn’t have an opportunity to talk to someone again until it was time to head home. So as we were heading home this older guy in front of us was speed walking and I challenged Sister Hulet to run after him and talk to him and she said I did. And I ran up to him and started a conversation with him, and just as I was directing him to invite him to be baptized he was like, "Well this is where I cross girls." and he crossed the road, and so I yelled across the road, "Hey I have one more questions for you! If you knew that there was one church on this earth that was true would you be baptized in it?" and he yelled back that he would, then I yelled, "There is, it’s is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and you should be baptized in it!" and he gave me a thumbs up and went down the street! Hahaha, so we made our goal and that was fun.

She found a Watt Tartan Book
Yesterday was a holiday so we couldn’t email and so we just went and played dodge ball in Glasgow and then we were supposed to have a lesson with Victor but he bailed, that’s why we have it today.

Yup so there is my week in a very long email. As I said to that speed walking man, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church and you all should be baptized in it (if you’re not already) because it is great, and it makes me happy! Why else would I be here!

Thanks for the prayers! I love you!

Sister Watt