Sunday, August 11, 2013

4th Month

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Can you believe that I have been out for 4 months....holy cow this is going by fast. I know 4 months isn't that long but it feels like it is. Anyway I had a good week. On Monday Victor bailed on us again, so we saw him on Tuesday and we had to give him a rou for not keeping commitments. He asked us not to give up on him, but he won’t keep any commitments, so it’s an awkward situation. On Wednesday we had lunch with Sister Niel and then Sister Hulet got sick so we went back to the flat cave (see what I did there, instead of bat cave I said flat cave haha) and she rested and I took a nap and then I bleached the shower because it had mold on it, and I did other stuff. But we were in the rest of the day, I felt queasy for a bit, but I think when I cleaned the shower the bleach burned the illness out of me.

Thursday we had and all-Scotland conference. So that was good, Elder Teixiera came and spoke to us (and by speaking I mean rebuking), but it was still a good lesson and it answered my question on how I could improve myself as a missionary. After that we headed back from the conference and Sister Hulet and I booked it to get to Marie and Victoria's. They are so great! They fed us dinner and we ended up watching some Book of Mormon videos, and one ended with Elder Holland bearing his testimony of the authenticity of the book. It’s one of my favorite videos, Elder Holland is such a strong speaker and every time I watch that video I feel the spirit so strongly. They felt the spirit to and said that they understood how important studying the scriptures was and they promised to do better at it, which was awesome, especially since they were already doing really well! We asked them to pray to know if this is the true church, and they said they would and said that they were hoping to have an answer for us by Tuesday, when we meet with them again! So I am looking forward to that, and hopefully if the spirit is right we can set a baptism date for them. I just love Marie and Victoria, they are such great people. Also, on Friday they texted us and said that they had a great study; they read two chapters in the Book of Mormon together and read all of the pamphlets we have given them! Then they said that they prayed and thanked God for sending us to their door! :,-) It made me want to cry I was so touched by it. 

Friday night we went to a family’s house for dinner and yesterday I started the wife in the less-active family on the LDS stop smoking program. It’s a pretty rigorous program, and took forever for me to read and prepare to teach, but it was good. We only did the first half at church, we will do the second lesson tonight with her, and she will start the program tomorrow morning. If she follows this program to the T it gives her like an 85% guarantee that she will be a non-smoker in a week. It’s actually a really smart program! So that’s good.

Saturday we went to the home of a new family in the ward and helped with getting their home all organized and stuff. The elders came too; Elder Phippen chopped down the hedges, which was the scariest thing ever, because Elder Phippen kind of scares me (in a non-offensive way). He makes this creepy stocker murder face that freaks everyone out. And he worked at a haunted house, so when I saw him with that bush chainsaw thingy, I thought to myself "how often does this kid use a chainsaw? And how often is that chain saw used for its true purpose like trees, as opposed to humans." Hahaha, yous probably don't think this is funny, but I do. Elder Brown-Cunningham killed the weeds with weed killer, and Sister Hulet and I had the coolest job, standing on ladders washing windows! I don’t really know why I am telling yous all the details about our service work, probably because my week was not that exciting.

Anyway the most exciting thing that happened is that while Sister Hulet and I were picking up all hedge trimmings out of this pond, and saw that there were tons of tadpoles! So Elder Brown-Cunningham and Sister Hulet told Elder Phippen they would each give him a pound if he ate one....and he did! It was the funniest thing, I have it recorded on my camera, but he just picked it up, put it in a cup with water and swallowed it. Elder Brown-Cunningham was going to give him 2 pound, but he didn't chew the tadpole so it got bumped down to one pound. Hahah it was hilarious. We told him that he is going to wake up in the middle of the night to a frog croaking in his stomach. Next time I am near him and his stomach growls I am going to tell him it’s his frog jimmy. :) Man I dont know why I am in such a silly mood!
A tunnel she walks through every P-day.
 Well Sunday Marie and Victoria came to church, it was a good Sunday I thought, and they liked it too. We had a dinner appointment with Kieran and he bailed on us again. It made me really mad, because we dropped him then stopped by his house to see if he was really interested, and he said he was and set up this appointment with us and said he was super glad he met us, and then bailed on us. :-[ Then after that we had our own dinner and then chapped and went to Sister McMillans. So it was a good Sunday. Basically that was my week, sorry it wasn't very exciting, but next week I will definitely have more stuff to talk about. Anyway thanks for all the support.

 And as for my spiritual thought today, as a missionary, we can chap on doors all day long, but the church will grow so much more and so much faster if we have referrals from members in the church, so if you are reading this and not a missionary right now, this week pray and ponder about a name that you could give to your missionaries to drop by on, or invite that friend to have dinner with you and the missionaries, or invite them to church or an activity, and then tell the missionaries. I know that referrals have a better chance of something panning out, and there could very well be a friend of yours ready to accept the gospel. I would hate to get to the spirit world, and a friend comes up to me and say, "I would have accepted the church while I had a body and could have made these ordinances by myself, if only you had shared it with me, why didn't you tell me? And now I have to wait until someone does the work for me." As a missionary, I already feel like I am going to come across someone in the spirit world who will say, "You passed by me on the street and didn't stop me, why?" And that scares me; I need to stop more people on the street! (That is me rebuking myself in my head, by the way) Anyway I challenge you all to do that, I know it’s hard but it doesn't have to be. Give it a go, I know you will be blessed for it, I love you all and thanks for everything!
McDonald's is everywhere.

Sister Watt

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