Sunday, August 11, 2013

I was about to put the number of weeks in this subject but I don’t know the number


So this has been a good week. Not as fruitful as the last few weeks but that was to be expected. I think I am just going to jump around on things that I did this week so if it seems jumbled that's why. So our two investigators Marie and Victoria…we had a great lesson with them on Thursday! As per usual, I just love them so much and I know how much the gospel can help their lives so I am super excited for them! Marie went to church on Sunday; Victoria had a late night babysitting so she didn't come. But Marie really loved church; I gave a lesson on eternal marriage in Gospel Principles. So that was interesting, but good. Throughout the week Sister Hulet and I figured out a way to burn President Monson's talk about obedience on a DVD, we went to the Devine's (Marie and Victoria) house Sunday evening and watched it with them, Marie was so excited to hear the words of our prophet. Afterwards Victoria really opened up to us; she is so excited for us to come again on Thursday and also to come to church on Sunday. The ward was so welcoming; I think Marie had a hard time getting out to her car to drive home because people kept on pulling her aside and talking to her. Sister Hulet, the Devine's and I are getting really close; we are already planning holidays when we are going to visit each other! The Devine’s really want to see Utah and see temple square! I can’t tell you how blessed we have been to meet them. God has prepared them well to receive this gospel. I think that they will come to know that this is the true church and make the decision to be baptized, I know that that is what God wants them to do, and I know they are ready for that, but they need to know that for themselves. But I have come to accept that if that does happen, I will probably miss it, there is a good chance I will be transferred this upcoming transfer. It’s really hard especially since I have gotten so close to the ward and the people and I feel like we are really starting to make progress! But I keep on trying to tell myself that it is not my will, and that it’s God's and if he feels I need to go someplace else, then that is right. Not going to lie its making me sad just thinking about the possibility of it.

Anyway, we didn't see Mac this week but hopefully we will next week. Our other investigator Victor hasn't kept any of his appointments nor phoned us back, we are supposed to have a lesson tonight, but we will see. Unfortunately it will probably be a lesson where we are going to have to rebuke him lovingly and give him an ultimatum, because we can only do so much, if he isn't willing to put the effort in, we can’t do anything. So we will see. 

I think I told yous last week that I made Jean McGilligan promise to come to church and commit to it. She is normally someone who keeps her promises but she wasn't there, so I was disappointed, but she texted me this big SORRY! Because she slept in on accident, and by the time she woke up she realized that by the time she got to church she would be walking in late and she didn't want to make a scene. So she promised me she would set an alarm clock this week! Haha that's another person that I have grown to love dearly! Jean is such an amazing person with a great testimony and love of God. She has a really good sense of humor, and we get along really well. I have come to notice as I have taken charge since Sister Parks left, that I am a very forward and blunt teacher. With some people this isn't that good, although Scotland is the place to be blunt; most people here have very strong personalities. So that's why I like Jean, I can be completely blunt and forward with her and she can take it. :)

We basically did a lot of finding this week and traveling. We met with the Ross family and they are progressing a lot in their foundation of the gospel. I am really impressed how smooth things have been with them, I know they have a lot of questions but I also know that they are learning that they can turn to the Lord for those questions and that they can exercise faith in the idea that maybe they don't know a lot about this or that now but it is going to take time.

This week we went to a member’s house to help with the back garden (that is what they call any property here, we call it a yard or back yard or lawn or garden, but they call it all a garden) and she assigned us to get this bush out by the roots. Needless to say even if we didn't get it out that thing got so destroyed there was no chance of it living when we were through with it. It took a lot of time and some stratagem and some major Sister Missionary muscle! I have a picture of our success with this, while we were getting it out it split in half! Oh yeah, macho macho macho sisters!
The Macho Sisters and The Bush.

So yesterday we were standing at the bus stop waiting for a bus to come and it wasn't coming, well Sister Ross and Lynn Marie were waiting at the bus stop with us and they decided to call a taxi, so they did and let us come with them, that was my first taxi ride, yeah it was exhilarating. Let’s see I think that might be all the excitement that happened. We have another all Scotland meeting this Thursday, so we will be going into Edinburgh for that. Because of the sun my hair has gotten so light! It’s weird that I am in Scotland and I think this is the most I have ever been in the sun in my whole life. Every day, all day in the sun walking around and it’s been sunny for like 4 weeks now! So yeah my hair is way light and I'm getting a nice even tan.....well as even as you can get as a missionary. Oh also Sister Hulet and I wrote a rap, it is awesome! It’s about Sister Missionaries. I am pretty sure we are going to become famous rappers someday!

Well I think that's it, thanks for all the prayers.
Love and kisses, be happy, have faith, and know that this gospel is true!

Sister Watt

P.S. there is this little girl right next to me trying to secretly steal my camera off my desk......awkward. Also one time this week while Sister Hulet and I were waiting for a train I was eating some of my American candy and this little boy walked up to me and stood right in front of me and stared at me for like a minute while doing that little vibrate spitting thing that kids do with their lips.....that was also super awkward.
You know how in America there are loads of Mexican restaurants, well that's like Indian food here, and they sell curries in jars and stuff, so this is our dinner one good!

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