Sunday, August 11, 2013

Long email, good luck reading it!‏


Sorry I always start my emails with hiya that must get kind of boring every week, but I don’t really know how else to start. I guess I will just go day by day with this email; it has been such a long week I don’t even know if I can remember anything. Let’s see Monday we met with Victor and we gave him a date to work towards for baptism, however he was supposed to come to church this week and he didn't so that, so the date will probably have to be pushed back. We are going to talk to him today; he hasn't kept any commitments so unfortunately we might have to drop him because this is not making any progress. :-/ it’s sad but I don’t know what else to do. Tuesday we were supposed to have our appointment with Ross and Lauren (one of the wee families that we met last week and invited to pray about the plan of salvation) however they weren't home, we tried by a few more times during the week and were never able to catch them. That was pretty disappointing, but this is how the work goes, and hopefully we can get in contact with them in the future sometime.

On Tuesday we had zone meeting and our zone leaders had us all choose a certain amount of baptism invites we think we could extend in the upcoming week, Sister Hulet and I chose seven. And so as a Zone our goal was to extend 79 baptism invites by Sunday night.

Wednesday we had a lesson with Irene (a recent convert on the Motherwell side of the ward) about family history, in preparation for this Sister Hulet and I did some digging in our history and found that Sister Hulets  some-odd great grandfather was baptized in Fife and that made me wonder because I was told by Sister Brown (our mission president’s wife), when I told her that George D Watt was my great-great-grandfather, that she had a cool story about him in Fife that linked with her family. So after Sister Hulet and I read through all the history we both had on our families we had found that her ancestor and George D Watt were in the same place around 1841 (I think, we have all the dates written down, they’re not in my head right now), now her ancestor was baptized in September 1841 (by Orson Pratt and another missionary) and George D Watt joined Orson Pratt in late October or early November of 1841, it was a little disappointing because for a moment there we thought that maybe George D Watt baptized Sister Hulet’s ancestor, but no, but we have concluded that they definitely knew each other because there were about 80 members when George got there and her ancestor was one of them. So that’s cool! Especially since we are serving together now! So that was a fun companionship study). 
Sis. Watt enjoying Scotland's sunny summer.

We were supposed to have a lesson with Kieran, but he also bailed and we phoned him and we set up an appointment with him for the next day, which he also bailed and we phoned him again and he said he would phone back in 5 minutes and then he didn’t, so...I don’t know about Kieran. Again that’s ok; this was to be expected, when you have all these investigators it’s pretty quick to narrow down to the ones who are really serious about learning. Thursday we taught Mac. And it was super good. He has read all the way up to Omni which is great; I am so impressed with his commitment to learn. While we were teaching him he said, "Man if only God had a prophet right now that I could talk to or something to help prove that God is there...." (FACE-PALM!) I felt like a terrible missionary! How on earth did we get through all these lessons and never mentioned that we have a prophet on the earth today! OH MY GOODNESS! So I told him that we did and gave him website and committed him to watching a video of the prophet speaking, so hopefully he did! It really seemed to light a spark in him when I told him that we did. He looked at me like I had failed him; :( it made me so sad that this whole time he didn't know that! UGH! Anyway. So I am looking forward to seeing him again. Also on Thursday we met with Marie and Victoria. It was so cute, we come into their home and they both had the Book of Mormon, a Bible, a notebook and pen, and reading glasses out and ready! I loved seeing that they were ready and willing to learn! And our lesson went really well, we taught them about the plan of salvation. They had a lot of good feelings about it and in the end we asked them if there were any questions they had and Marie was like "nope you have answered all of them." So we invited them to church but they said they had a christening to attend but after that they are not going to make any plans on Sunday so that they can come to church! Also we invited them to a ward BBQ we were having and they came! Which was awesome, I showed them around the church and gave them a tour and showed them the photos. They liked the traditional photo of Jesus a lot. Anyway it is really going good with them, Marie really wants to feel the spirit so I hope she has or that she can soon, I know that if they knew this church was true they would join because they want it so bad! So it’s really exciting with them, I am just so happy that I have the opportunity to share the truth with them! After our lesson with them they were nice enough to show us a quicker way home and stuff so that was really nice of them.

Friday we went down to Douglas because Sister Ross (our recent convert) contacted us and gave us the number to a less active we didn't know about who really wanted us to come visit her. Her name is Alfonsian, and she is a super nice lady, after her we were able to visit Sister Ross. Then we came home and had another lesson with the Trench family which was nice.

Saturday was the ward BBQ and like I said Marie and Victoria came, after that we just did some chapping and went to Larkhall to visit the Lyles.

Sunday was way good. We talked with a family named the Mitchel’s in our ward. Sister Mitchel is a great lady and we were able to get to know her before the rest of the family came because we beat Brother Mitchel and his kids from church to the house. Sister Mitchel has been struggling with activity but she such a nice woman and I really like her. She wants to get back to church so hopefully we can help somehow; I definitely want to see them again I enjoyed our visit with them. Then we met with Jean McGilligan. Jean actually went to the ward BBQ which was awesome; I think that has been her first interaction with the ward in a long time. I really really like Jean, sometimes I wonder if she is a big reason why I was sent to Hamilton, we get along really well and I just love her and want her to come back to church so bad. I kind of had a very forward lesson with her on Sunday and made her commit to coming to church, up until now whenever I asked her if she was coming to church she always just said maybe, so I told her that she couldn't say maybe it had to be yes or no. And she said yes, so hopefully she will keep that commitment. After that we met with Sister McMillan. So it was a busy Sunday.

By Sunday Sister Hulet and I had extended 5 baptisms, both ones at the door while chapping and a few to people we have met with. So we extended one while chapping before our lesson with Jean and then after that we didn’t have an opportunity to talk to someone again until it was time to head home. So as we were heading home this older guy in front of us was speed walking and I challenged Sister Hulet to run after him and talk to him and she said I did. And I ran up to him and started a conversation with him, and just as I was directing him to invite him to be baptized he was like, "Well this is where I cross girls." and he crossed the road, and so I yelled across the road, "Hey I have one more questions for you! If you knew that there was one church on this earth that was true would you be baptized in it?" and he yelled back that he would, then I yelled, "There is, it’s is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and you should be baptized in it!" and he gave me a thumbs up and went down the street! Hahaha, so we made our goal and that was fun.

She found a Watt Tartan Book
Yesterday was a holiday so we couldn’t email and so we just went and played dodge ball in Glasgow and then we were supposed to have a lesson with Victor but he bailed, that’s why we have it today.

Yup so there is my week in a very long email. As I said to that speed walking man, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church and you all should be baptized in it (if you’re not already) because it is great, and it makes me happy! Why else would I be here!

Thanks for the prayers! I love you!

Sister Watt

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