Sunday, August 11, 2013

Moves Call


Hiya                                                                                                                                 8-5-2013

So moves calls was yesterday and I am staying! I am not completely sure how I feel about it, on one hand I was a little excited to leave because I was ready to get out of Hamilton and experience a new area. On the other hand I am really excited about some of the work that is happening here and I didn't want to move. So yeah apparently, there is more I have to accomplish here. So now that that is out of the bag, I will tell yous about my week.
 Elder Brown-Cunningham is a Thug, Elder Phippen ate a tadpole, Sister Watt is way legit, and Sister Hulet (I love her)

Monday we did our stop smoking plan with the lady I mentioned in last week’s letter and she is doing great, it’s a week later and she is now a non-smoker. I am so proud of her! Tuesday we had district meeting and then when we got back I felt super ill! I had a terrible stomach ache and stuff, it was not fun, so we ended up staying in most of the day. We had dinner with the Devine’s that night. This was the first opportunity that we were going to see Marie and Victoria 2 times a week, so I wasn't going to miss that. They took us to a proper Scottish buffet and somehow I was able to get it down. I still felt pretty sick that night but sleeping helped a lot.
What she calls a "Proper Scottish Buffet"

Wednesday we just did a day of finding, and we met with Sister Allan. Thursday we met with Marie and Victoria. So all week we had been praying about how we would be able to ask them to set a baptism date. And we have been nervous about doing that because we know that the Jehovah  Witness tried pushing them into baptism, so we definitely didn't want that to happen. Anyway so we had this lesson plan and then when we walked in, you could just tell that something was wrong; turns out that they had been fighting a lot. So there was a lot of contention in the room, so we sat them down and told them that we couldn't teach them today if there was contention because the spirit can’t dwell in contention. Well basically they sort of worked it out and when the feeling of contention had subsided then we started our lesson. Sister Hulet leaned over and asked are we sticking with our lesson, and I just said as the spirit directs. So we went with our lesson plan, and we were starting to warm up to bringing up baptism, and Marie stopped us and said, I have been thinking about being baptism, tell me more about that. Basically my jaw just dropped, and it was just such an amazing answer to our prayers. We had a really good lesson and they accepted to pray for the date August 24th. So that was a great step for them.

Friday we visited some people and did some chapping. Man I am sorry. This email is so bad, we have had a really good week it’s just been a lot of finding, and Marie and Victoria really were the highlight. Haha I feel like my emails are getting more and more lame. Sorry.

Saturday we went to Douglas to visit a less active, and she had an up-side-down cross drawn on her wall. Turns out she asked a witch doctor to get the bad spirits out of her house. So I told her that an upside-down cross was actually evil and probably not the best thing to get bad spirits out. And so I helped her clean it off her wall and paint over it. So that was an interesting visit. Now we come to Sunday.
Sunday morning comes and we get a text from Marie that said basically they had a terrible week and haven't gotten an answer to their prayers and decided August 24 wouldn't be good. So we told them to just pray for the date again and come to church and that they would receive an answer. After church she texted us and said that they received their answer and that August 24th was the right day for them! I am so happy for Marie and Victoria and I am grateful that God sent them those trials so that they could see the importance of church.

Eating a chippy, and this is the fork they gave me....what the heck
After church we had an appointment set up to work with a family we had chapped into. However they didn't show. So that’s lame. But we also visited this less active that hasn't been to church in forever! But he just recently lost his wife, and he was super receptive, and said he wanted to find truth in his life again. So that was really good. Yup and this morning we helped a family move. So that was my week. Boring I know. This last Sunday I bore my testimony on Joseph Smith. I realize that I don’t do that enough. And my testimony in him has been tried like no other, but all I can say is that Joseph Smith was a true prophet, called of God. I know it. He wasn't perfect; he didn't have to be to restore the true church. I know that he was a prophet. I love testifying of this every day. Thanks for all the support!

Sister Watt

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