Sunday, August 25, 2013

This week will be great!

So you can all sigh in relief, I won’t be sending as long of an email as usual. Things are good in Hamilton, Marie and Victoria are getting baptized this week and we are all so excited. We have had kind of a rocky road with it, but what can you expect from Satan when there are two wonderful people making a great decision. Last Monday Victor did bail on us, so that wasn't fun. But we just finally put the ball in his court. If he wants to make time for us he can phone us. Tuesday we went to district meeting and met our new District leader. He seems cool.  Also we had our usual with Marie and Victoria; they were so nice and got us take-away fish and chips. We had a good discussion with them. Wednesday we met with Sister Allen, which was good. Then we met with Jean McGilligan and John Ryan-Park. I need to be more patient with John, sometimes I am to straight forward, but that is just how I teach.
Sis Hulet and Sis Watt at a Castle.

So....Ok so on Thursday we had weekly planning and it was super exciting to plan for a baptism, so that made weekly planning better. And we also had dinner with the Hoggs, which was really nice of them. I haven't really worked out for like 2 weeks, I am not lying when I say that I have packed on the pounds! AHHHH it’s so scary, this week I have started seriously working out again because I am legitimately getting nervous. Also on Thursday we met Marie and Victoria at the church building to try on baptism clothes, they couldn't find anything that worked. And Marie and Victoria were getting super nervous and so at church Marie told some people about it and the ward just was so great, they just stepped right up; and the sisters in the ward found her and Victoria a baptism dress that fits them both! I was so happy; the ward has really been very kind to them and has really invited them in. Which is super good! 

Friday we did some service. Remember that time Sister Hulet and I pulled out that bush by the roots, yeah well this same family had a bigger bush they wanted out, and so we brought the elders, it took a while but we eventually succeeded! Sister Neil invited Marie and Victoria and us over for dinner on Friday. It was super nice of her, and it was great so that Marie could get a good friend in the church. Saturday we went to Douglas to visit Alfonsian, I don’t know why but every time we go there I get a headache....we also visited Fran, a less active. She has a super sketch elevator up to her flat so it’s always an adventure going up there. And Sunday we went to church and visited this guy who hasn't been to church in sooooo long, but his wife just died, so he is trying to find peace. 

Then the Lewis' had us over for dinner last minute which was way nice of them, they are such a great family I love them! They have little kids and sometimes it’s crazy, but that’s why I love going there, it reminds me of home! :) After that we visited Sister McMillan. So basically this week was a lot of less active visits and unsuccessful chapping  :-/ but that’s ok, I know that if I continue working hard it will become successful. 

This might be weird to say but this week I gained a testimony about how real Satan is, he works hard against people all the time! And it strengthens my testimony about how true this church is, Satan doesn't work this hard against other religions, I always hear about anti-Mormon literature, but I never hear about anti-(other religions) literature, and maybe that is because I am a Mormon and only hear about Mormon related stuff, but I also believe that Satan is working so hard against this church. It’s sad but it also just shows how great this work is. I know that The Church of Jesus Christ is the true church. I am happy to be a missionary for it!

Sister Watt

P.s. I guess that wasn't too short, also I went and visited 3 Castles today which was way fun!

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