Sunday, September 29, 2013

In Edinburgh!‏

The Motherwell District
So here I am. I am now in a new place. It is weird! Seriously it’s actually a huge culture shock! Edinburgh is a beautiful city. And we are in the heart of it! It’s completely opposite of Hamilton. Hamilton was all Catholic Protestant and a pretty good range of ages. It was quieter and everyone had been living in Hamilton for years! Edinburgh is an old fashioned city stuck in a modern world. Everyone is going going going. People are all on the streets and I don’t think I have seen a wider range of culture in my life. There are a ton of Asians, Indians, and Europeans. I am pretty sure I hear other languages as I pass by people more than I hear English. There are a ton of younger people. Either they are really young or really old. My theory is that a lot of the families have moved out to places like Hamilton (which is like a suburb so to speak, although not really) just for safety and better environment for kids. There are a couple Universities here so there are a lot of students and that is where a lot of the culture comes from. Like I said in Hamilton there were a lot of strong members of the Catholic and Protestant churches. Here basically everyone we have talked to is Atheist. So that has forced me to turn my tactics of talking to people. But it has been good. A change is always good. It has been quite the culture shock though. Anyway so that’s a little bit about Edinburgh. I’ll tell you about my week now.
Victoria, Sis Watt, Marie

The Goodbyes
So Tuesday Marie and Victoria took us out to lunch to say goodbye. It was good to see them! I'm going to miss them, and I hope everything goes well with them with the new companion. I also spent a lot of time packing. Man after being there for 6 months I really had spread all my stuff around. We tried by some people to say goodbye to but they weren't home. Like Jean McGilligan. It made me really sad that I didn’t get to say goodbye to her. Then Tuesday night Sister Hulet and I went out for dinner, our last date with each other! Haha it was good.

more Goodbyes.
Wednesday we woke up bright and early! Oh quick interruption. So there is this saying here that says Red Sky at Night is a Shepherds Delight (meaning the next day will be nice) and Red Sky in Morning is a Shepherds Warning (it’s going to be rainy that day) and ever since I heard that, it has never failed me! It totally has worked every time, it blows my mind! Anyway we woke up at 5 so that we could pack and catch our train. In which we met a bunch of missionaries in Glasgow Queens Street Station, and then Sister Hulet and I said goodbye :'(((( and then my and other missionaries got on the train to Edinburgh. That’s where my companion Sister Birch and I met up and we had the rest of the day to get settled and go shopping and have a good p-day. So that’s what we did. We walked down what’s called Princess which is like a huge shopping street! There is this store Primark (which is a wonderful sheep clothing store that I am going to miss when I come home) that is 3 stories tall! It was awesome! Then Wednesday night we had ward coordination.

Thursday we weekly planned which was weird since I don’t know anyone. Also its really frustrating me not knowing how to get anywhere because I knew Hamilton like the back of my hand! We had a lesson cancel so we did a lot of street contacting and got some good lessons, including one return appointment, with this guy who thinks he might be that will be interesting. We were invited to have dinner at the mission home, so we had dinner with President and his wife, which was good. She took a video of me flipping whip cream up in the air and catching it in my mouth. She said that she was going to put it on Facebook, so you will have to look for it! I love Sister Brown she is hilarious and loves silly stuff like that. She was watching the video over and over and was cracking up. Then we went to Enrichment where I met some of the Sisters in the Ward.

Goodbye, Lynnmarie Findlay
Friday we had a lesson with our only investigator, his name is Gary and he has an appointment on the 19th of October. He has a cool story I will tell you later, I am running out of time quickly here. But Gary is solid! He is so good. We also met with a lady named Ruth and Lorain. They are really nice ladies. And then we had dinner with the Nielsons. They are a great family!

Goodbye to the Ross Family
Saturday Sister Birch was sick (she gets sick a lot poor girl :( ) so we didn’t get much done. But we met with this lady June and her daughter Shelby. Some fiasco happened with them, June is a less active and Shelby a non-member. She was going to take the lessons but something happened and she doesn’t want to anymore, which was really sad, because they already live a Mormon lifestyle. I don’t know it just made me really sad because I think the gospel would be really good for her.

Sunday I met the ward. It’s definitely different than Hamilton but it will be great, just takes a little getting used too. I met Elder Brown Cunningham’s family, (for those who don’t remember we served in the same ward in Motherwell for 3 months) so that was kind of cool. And cool that I am in his home ward. After that Sister Birch was still feeling sick so we stayed in so she could rest.

And that was my week. Here are photos. Sorry it’s so quick but I love you all! Kisses and thanks for the prayers!

Sister Watt

This was a sad Goodbye to more than just companions. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Drum Roll Please........‏

Yeah it’s getting cold enough for hot cocoa

Me as a scarecrow

Hello Family!
So....I know you are all wondering if I am getting moved....well I am! I am going to Corstorphine (kər-STOR-fin), which is in Edinburgh. My companion will be Sister Birch. Obviously Sister Hulet is going to be staying in Hamilton as Senior Companion. She will be serving with Sister Oliphant. It’s funny because Sister Hulet said she never wanted the amount of responsibility that would come with being a Senior Companion (which is like nothing) and so she said that she will always be a Junior, and now she is a Senior! Haha
Anyway, I am excited to leave Hamilton. I am really going to miss Sister Hulet a lot. We have become so close and we really did make a good team. But I am sure it will work out for the better. I am also going to miss Marie and Victoria and some of the other people, like less-actives, that we have been working with. But I know that this is the right place for me to go. 
Alright, I will tell you about my week:
Monday we just went and played dodge ball, and then did some finding but it wasn't very successful.

I just love that face of hers!
Tuesday we had district meeting and since it was the last district meeting our district leader, who is from Georgia and loves chicken, made us wings and we had a feast after district meeting. It was really good. Then Tuesday Sister Hulet and I made these awesome gifts for Marie and Victoria out of blocks. They have like a scripture on them, just something nice that they can put up in the home to remind them to be happy! Then Tuesday night we met with Lynn Marie and Sister Ross. Lynn Marie made us dinner and we bought S'more stuff! It was great, although they don’t have graham crackers here, they are just called digestives here and they are not nearly as good as graham crackers...also their marshmallows aren't very good. The chocolate was good! So it made for an alright S'more. It’s weird coming here and no one knows what that is! Crazy!

Wednesday was really successful chapping. We found some good potential, although none of our appointments that we set up went through, one of them because the lady got sick. But that’s ok, at least we got to meet these people and hopefully that one time we talked with them at the door will help influence them later on. Seriously if all I do is leave that person’s doorstep and they are even thinking about Jesus Christ or God in a way that they hadn't before, then I feel successful! Then Wednesday night Sister Allen had us over for dinner; which was delicious as usual and so nice of her. After that we had a good lesson, so Wednesday was a good day.

Thursday was interesting. John Ryan-Park got us signed up to be in the Hamilton Newspaper. So we got a picture taken of us and the Elders and got interviewed. It was kind of weird, and we will see what the outcome is. I am not completely sure the interviewer really understood what we were about but I guess we will see. Then we weekly planned. We did some chapping and then met with Marie and Victoria for an official visit (the one on Tuesday wasn't really official). We talked with them about Eternal Marriage, I was afraid that it was going to be a hard subject because Marie is divorced but it actually went really well! It’s great seeing Victoria make the same decision as I did at that age to get married in the temple, and Marie made that decision as well, if the opportunity ever presents itself.

Friday we met with Irene. But that was funny because we didn't know she was expecting us. The Elders just phoned us and said "hey are you guys meeting with Irene today at 1" and I was like "no" and they were like "well she thinks you are, so you better go." Haha its ok though, we had a good chat and I know she really likes Sister Hulet because she is good listener. I mean I am not a bad listener, but I guess Sister Hulet shows it better than me. Then we just chapped, and randomly ran into a less active, which was weird. 

Saturday we had an appointment with one of the people we met earlier in the week but she bailed. So we ended up with a lot of finding. We ended up talking to a lot of people, although no one was really that interested; but, there was this super nice Catholic lady who let us in and to have us a drink. She wasn't interested but she was really nice to let us in. 

Sunday was good. So we got to church and just was greeting people and waiting for it to start and this member was approached by one of the bishopric members seeing if he was ready for his talk and the member had completely forgotten. So before I knew it I was walking over to the bishopric member and offered to give the talk!!!!! This whole time I am thinking to myself "Sister Watt, what are you doing! Go back, don’t be an idiot!" But apparently the spirit really wanted me to and I feel obligated to do that as a missionary. But it was good talk. I was the final speaker and I had to fill up 20 minutes about blessings from paying an honest tithe. It was based off of President Marion G Romney's talk in like 1982. But it was good and a good experience for me. Also it was nice speaking since I am leaving now. Then we headed over to Bothwell to have an appointment with another lady we met in the week but she texted us while we were on the bus that she was sick. And so tried by some people in Bothwell and took photos with some scarecrows, because Bothwell was having this scarecrow festival. Then we went to Fran's for dinner and that’s where we received the phone call that I was leaving, so I said goodbye to Fran and then afterwards we stopped by Sister McMillan, so I could say goodbye to her.

Today I am saying goodbye to Lynn Marie and the Ross' so it’s going to be a good day visiting good people. It’s weird leaving though. So yup that was my week. That was a long email! Sorry. But I hope everyone has a great week! And thanks for all the prayers and emails. The church is true!

Love ya!
Sister Watt

Gru Scarecrow!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Probably the shortest letter, not much time and not much to say

Everyone know it is bad luck when you drop a Book of Mormon, as missionaries, however when you drop one, your future husband gets uglier. Poor sister Watt has dropped one multiple times. ~Sis. Hulet
Dear Family and Friends (yes I am going official letter style here),
Unfortunately this email will probably be short because this was a really bad week! I am pretty sure everything we had planned except for maybe 2 lessons got that wasn't fun.
We had FHE with Marie and Victoria at the Duncanson’s home, so that actually went really well!

There was this lady that Sister Parks (Previous companion) and I tried by within the first couple of weeks we were in Hamilton, she is a less-active and her surname is Watt (that’s like half the reason we tried by). Well When we tried by, her sister had just died and so she didn't want to talk, and so we went and got flowers for her and we thought she was avoiding us. Well, all these months later, sister Hulet and I tried by her house again and she was home and she set up a time that we could come over and she said she got the flowers and she was grateful for them. So it was kind of cool seeing something that Sister Parks and I did months ago, and see the benefit now. Our lesson with her was on Tuesday.

A cookie always makes the day better...or not.
Wednesday we met with Marie and Victoria. Thursday we saw Lynn Marie for the first time in a while! It was so good seeing her, I missed our weekly visits we had with her. So that was really good.

Friday we had Nacho Night. It was a thing that we missionaries put together for a ward activity. We delegated bringing nacho supplies to the activity, and we made nachos and watched Mormon Messages and then we played a game. Last time I tried to set up an activity for the ward no one showed really. And the whole point of this activity was so that people could invite their friends, it’s easier to invite someone to a ward activity than to church. But this activity went really well! A lot of people a lot more than I was expecting so it was really good, and everyone enjoyed it so we will definitely be doing that again!

Saturday we went down to Douglas, which is always a nice journey, because its long it gives you time to think and stuff, and enjoy the scenery. And Sunday we had stake conference, and that was good too. They just sustained a new Stake Patriarch. We also had a dinner appointment with this new young couple. They are way cool! So that was fun. Yup and now it’s Monday! So that was my week.
It’s starting to get cold here now. I’m starting to have to wear my coat all the time, and tights as well.....I’m starting to get nervous for the winter. Haha oh no!
Well sorry this is a lame email! But I love you, and next Sunday is moves call so hopefully I will have some exciting news on where I am going next....and I really hope I am moving I need something new! Hopefully Ireland that would be sweet!
We also chapped Professor Lockhart’s door, no big deal! (Harry Potter)

Thanks for all the support! Stay Golden!

Sister Watt
People have an obsession with lawn gnomes here, and this was a super creepy one we found yesterday! Sister Hulet decided to take a photo by it.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sorry long and boring letter, good luck with that!‏

Just more pictures from the Castles and missionary fun.

You know I really need to take physical notes on the things I should write about each week, because I get to Monday and remember all these mental notes that I made throughout the week to write about in this email, and realized I remember making the mental notes, but not what they were. So this may turn out to be a very boring email.

Right so this week I learned a lot about electricity. On Monday when we got home our electricity was out and so I went to the....fuse box? (I think that is what it’s called) and checked it and came to find that there was something in the kitchen that kept on tripping the main switch. So I went through this way stressful situation that consisted of calling the mission office a million times and the letting agency and our tenant. And then re-calling them because they said the electrician would come but didn't and no returned calls yada yada. It was terribly frustrating! So finally on Wednesday the electrician came. By the way on Monday with the help of some members we narrowed it down to the washing machine that was causing the problem so we had electricity, we just didn't have the washing machine. Anyway, the electrician came on Wednesday and took a look at it, and then explained to me that the tube that brings the water from the tank to the washing machine was leaking and it happened to be leaking right over the electrical socket that the machine was plugged into....that’s safe! So he then told me that the plumber was going to have to come. And then the plumber wasn't coming, and I wasn't about to just sit around for the plumber to come, we had already done enough of that waiting for the electrician. So the plumber ended up coming Thursday and fixing the problem. Its a good thing he did too because I ran out of underwear on Friday! So that made for a stressful first half of the week, especially since Sister Hulet and I were trying to get a significantly higher amount of lessons this week. 

So Tuesday we had a really good district meeting. Our district leader talked about how it’s interesting that for things we are passionate about or have a desire to learn we will work and work and work to succeed at them (for example sports or a musical instrument), but when it comes to missionary work sometimes we just give up on different aspects of it. So we needed to develop a desire for something in missionary work, something that we will work and work and work at, and never give up. That was really good, and helped me a lot this week. After that we went on exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders, Sister Hulet went to Irvine and I stayed in Hamilton which was nice because I don’t like packing up my things and sleeping in a different bed. The exchange went really well, I told Sister Passey that I wanted to work on street contacting because I really have a hard time with that and so we did a lot of street contacting and Sister Passey is really good at it, so I learned a lot. After exchanges, what I learned about the street contacting helped a lot for Sister Hulet and me in reaching our goal for our lessons this week. 

Wednesday Sister Hulet came back (I missed her so much!) and we went and gave the stop-smoking program to this less active and her husband. Later in the week she phoned me and told me that the huge doses of Vitamin C that the program asks you to take have been counteracting her heart medication and nearly killing that back fired. :( I felt really bad, but it’s not really my fault and she is fine now. Haha I kind of chuckle at it because its such an awkward situation, and I kind of feel like such a dafty (idiot). Oh well we're all good now soo.... Then the singles ward in Glasgow had a talent show set up and for the first half the senior couple signed a bunch of the missionaries up to do a talent. And I was forced (not really but obligated, and roped into doing it) to play my guitar. I ended up playing one of the songs I had written because it was the only one I could remember, and it was terrifying. I have never played an original to so many people before! My legs were literally bouncing while I was playing. But I made it through so its ok. But it was scary. 

Thursday we helped paint a lady's house, she just moved into the ward. So that was good, and then we went and taught Marie and Victoria. They have said that they feel such a difference since their baptism and I couldn't be more proud of them. Friday we had an appointment lined up but she bailed so we ended up just street contacting and visiting Irene (a recent convert) and some less actives, and then we had a lesson with Sister Allen, just some scripture study with her. Saturday, our whole day got cancelled; every appointment we made fell through! Hahah so that kind of made it hard. We ended up just street contacting.

Sunday was way good. If you remember JRP, he went less active right when I got here in Hamilton. Well he came to church for the first time. During fast and testimony meeting he got up to the stand and the whole congregation got really quiet and awkward and then he said "I’m back!" hahahahahahahaha it was the funniest thing ever. Then he told us that he had a dream basically telling him that he needed to come back so he did. It was good, and I am really proud of him. We also had an appointment with a guy we chapped into during exchanges and he phoned us before and told us that he couldn't make it, so that was disappointing. 

But last night we were walking around because it wasn't 9 yet and so we were trying to find people on the street to talk to, and this drunk guy came up to Sister Hulet and I and started talking to us. He was pretty drunk. Anyway half way through a sentence he stopped and looked at Sister Hulet and said "you’re gorgeous!", then he turned to me and said, "I mean you’re alright, but she, she is gorgeous!" BURN! Haha I would have been offended except for the fact that he was drunk so....but it was funny. Anyway that was my week, I feel so fat right now because Marie and Victoria took us to an Indian Buffet! They spoil us; it’s so kind of them.

I have said throughout this email that Sister Hulet and I made our goal for lessons we wanted to get. I just want to say that it was extremely hard to get those lessons, and I can’t tell you how hard Satan pushed against us this week to keep us from making that goal. There were so many times that we could have just not tried because of situations like the electrician and plumber and traveling. All these things that happened where we could have just given up and not tried to use all of our time to get just one more lesson, have a meaningful conversation with just one more person! But Sister Hulet and I recognized that it was Satan fighting against us and we really pushed for it. It was hard and besides a number, we haven't received any fruits from it, we weren’t able to get very many return appointments with people we talked to, but I feel good knowing that at least we left these people with something a little bit more than what they had before. I testify that the devil doesn't want us to reach goals because he knows that that will make us feel like we accomplished something, it will make us work harder. I know that he doesn't want that, but we can push past him, and as long as we continue working hard at whatever we are doing that we can get past any thing that gets in our way. Thanks for all the support and prayers!

I love you all, and you are all "GORGEOUS!" :)

"Peace out"
Sister Watt

Sunday, September 1, 2013

150 days on a mission and on day 151 we had a baptism! ‏

This was a great week, busy but good! As you can see we had a baptism this week. It was so good. I will just quickly go through the week and when I get to it give more details about the baptism. So Monday we went and saw castles which are what I talked about last week.
Tuesday we basically chapped the whole time. There has been a lot of chapping this week. But we met this lady whose name is Mell. It was actually super awkward at first because we chapped the door and this girl came to the door, so naturally I thought she was the person who lived there, so I started talking and she didn't even look at me, and said "excuse me" and walked past us and then Mell came to the door. Well Mell is a counselor so that was one of her clients, haha it was really awkward. Anyway, we talked to her about the plan of salvation and how it answers those important questions like "why we are here" and "where we are going", she said she wasn't very religious but wanted to know the answers to those questions.

A couple of weeks ago at the All of Scotland conference we were advised that when we are finished talking to someone and we pray with them that we should ask if there are any family members or friends we could pray for and then after we are done ask if these people would like to hear our message as well. So we asked Mell at the door if we could pray for any friends or family members, and she said she had a friend named Ishbell who has cancer. So we did and set up another appointment with Mell for Friday. Well we forgot to ask if we could teach Ishbell as well. So we were kind of mad at ourselves for that. Well along came Friday and turns out Mell invited Ishbell to our lesson! It was so good, and I felt really blessed that God knew the intentions of our heart and made up for our mistake! :) So that was good. And now we have 2 new investigators so that’s really good!

Tuesday night we met with Marie and Victoria and just finalized the baptism details. They were so nervous so we went over the interview questions again and calmed their nerves.
Wednesday we had Zone Conference. So we just had our zone and President Brown came, and he spoke to us, so did his wife Sister Brown, and the assistants to the president, and our Zone leaders, and also the new leadership Sister Training Leaders (basically female Zone leaders). It was a really good conference that helped me want to push myself and see a lot of things I need to work on more. Afterwards, since President Brown decided he was going to interview Marie and Victoria for their baptism, Sister Brown offered to take us home afterwards. In the car with them I asked them what they were planning on doing until the interviews, and President was like, "well what are you doing" so I told him, "chapping and dinner" and then he was like "well we will join you!" Sister Hulet and I gave each other the most horrified look! It was so scary! Haha so we picked a street and President Brown was like how about we just go on splits and go on opposite sides of the street! So I knew Sister Hulet didn't want to be with President Brown, and since I am Senior I felt obligated to go with him, so Sister Brown went with Sister Hulet and I chapped doors with President Brown. At first I was so nervous, but we had a good time and got a lesson at the door during it, and he complimented my missionary work, so that was good. Haha but it was scary. 

After that President and Sister Brown took us to KFC and then to the church for the interview, which went really well. Afterwards they took us to our next appointment and President Brown told us how impressed he was with the understanding and faith that Marie and Victoria had! Especially Victoria for her spirituality at such a young age (she is 15 almost 16). So it was cool that he was really impressed. After that we met with our recent converts, the Ross' and then got stranded in Motherwell and had to walk forever to get to a place where the buses came.

Thursday we did some service for a family that just moved in. Friday as I said we met with Mell, and we brought a lady in our ward to join, which was super good. And we set up a return appointment, but it won’t be for a couple of weeks, because they both have holidays. Then we met with some less active members.

Saturday! We went to the church early and got the water heater going so the baptism water would be good. Then we went and helped these people move in to a home, and then we came back to the church and started filling the font. It took like 2 and 1/2 hours! But then we set up chairs and stuff. Oh I forgot to say the day before President Brown asked what time the baptism was at and when I told him he said he was going to try to make it. So the baptism was at 4, Marie and Victoria came and got dressed, they were so nervous and almost wouldn’t let us take pictures with them! But it went really good. The spirit was strong, and it was just a short baptism (Marie didn't want anything too long) and not many people were there because Marie didn't want very many people. So it was good, short, small, and sweet. We did the usual opening song and prayer, I did a spiritual thought, and then Marie and Victoria got baptized by Elder Thomas. We asked how they felt and they said clean and at peace! So obviously that was the highlight of our week! And Marie afterwards took us out for dinner, which was really nice.

Sunday they got confirmed, Elder Phippen did the confirmation. And it was a really good Sunday. After lunch Sister Hulet and I visited Jean McGilligan and I talked to her husband about the Stop Smoking program and he has agreed to try it, so I will be giving that program on Wednesday and then Jean and I made a deal that if I got him to stop smoking she would come to church! hahah so it better work. After that we had a dinner appointment with a nice lady in our ward. So it made for a great day! That night Marie texted us thanking us for finding her and Victoria and that she has just had such a great and peaceful day and feels the spirit. :)

All I have to say is that it was so nice to see Marie and Victoria make such an important step this week!  I was telling Sister Hulet last night how blessed I feel to have met them. It really has humbled me to know that God has entrusted in my and Sister Hulets hands the blessing of meeting and teaching His two wonderful daughters, often times I don’t think I deserve it. Then I realize that I have been blessed to have met Marie and Victoria, and especially to be a tool in God’s hands. That’s all we really were, tools, because God prepared them and the Spirit converted them. I have learned so much from this experience, and most importantly it has helped me see and understand that there truly are people that God has prepared. I already love missionary work, but finally being able to see why we are doing this has made it special for me. I can’t wait to see how Marie and Victoria progress. Thanks for all the prayers and support! And thanks for enduring my extra-long email!

Love you all!
Sister Watt