Sunday, September 1, 2013

150 days on a mission and on day 151 we had a baptism! ‏

This was a great week, busy but good! As you can see we had a baptism this week. It was so good. I will just quickly go through the week and when I get to it give more details about the baptism. So Monday we went and saw castles which are what I talked about last week.
Tuesday we basically chapped the whole time. There has been a lot of chapping this week. But we met this lady whose name is Mell. It was actually super awkward at first because we chapped the door and this girl came to the door, so naturally I thought she was the person who lived there, so I started talking and she didn't even look at me, and said "excuse me" and walked past us and then Mell came to the door. Well Mell is a counselor so that was one of her clients, haha it was really awkward. Anyway, we talked to her about the plan of salvation and how it answers those important questions like "why we are here" and "where we are going", she said she wasn't very religious but wanted to know the answers to those questions.

A couple of weeks ago at the All of Scotland conference we were advised that when we are finished talking to someone and we pray with them that we should ask if there are any family members or friends we could pray for and then after we are done ask if these people would like to hear our message as well. So we asked Mell at the door if we could pray for any friends or family members, and she said she had a friend named Ishbell who has cancer. So we did and set up another appointment with Mell for Friday. Well we forgot to ask if we could teach Ishbell as well. So we were kind of mad at ourselves for that. Well along came Friday and turns out Mell invited Ishbell to our lesson! It was so good, and I felt really blessed that God knew the intentions of our heart and made up for our mistake! :) So that was good. And now we have 2 new investigators so that’s really good!

Tuesday night we met with Marie and Victoria and just finalized the baptism details. They were so nervous so we went over the interview questions again and calmed their nerves.
Wednesday we had Zone Conference. So we just had our zone and President Brown came, and he spoke to us, so did his wife Sister Brown, and the assistants to the president, and our Zone leaders, and also the new leadership Sister Training Leaders (basically female Zone leaders). It was a really good conference that helped me want to push myself and see a lot of things I need to work on more. Afterwards, since President Brown decided he was going to interview Marie and Victoria for their baptism, Sister Brown offered to take us home afterwards. In the car with them I asked them what they were planning on doing until the interviews, and President was like, "well what are you doing" so I told him, "chapping and dinner" and then he was like "well we will join you!" Sister Hulet and I gave each other the most horrified look! It was so scary! Haha so we picked a street and President Brown was like how about we just go on splits and go on opposite sides of the street! So I knew Sister Hulet didn't want to be with President Brown, and since I am Senior I felt obligated to go with him, so Sister Brown went with Sister Hulet and I chapped doors with President Brown. At first I was so nervous, but we had a good time and got a lesson at the door during it, and he complimented my missionary work, so that was good. Haha but it was scary. 

After that President and Sister Brown took us to KFC and then to the church for the interview, which went really well. Afterwards they took us to our next appointment and President Brown told us how impressed he was with the understanding and faith that Marie and Victoria had! Especially Victoria for her spirituality at such a young age (she is 15 almost 16). So it was cool that he was really impressed. After that we met with our recent converts, the Ross' and then got stranded in Motherwell and had to walk forever to get to a place where the buses came.

Thursday we did some service for a family that just moved in. Friday as I said we met with Mell, and we brought a lady in our ward to join, which was super good. And we set up a return appointment, but it won’t be for a couple of weeks, because they both have holidays. Then we met with some less active members.

Saturday! We went to the church early and got the water heater going so the baptism water would be good. Then we went and helped these people move in to a home, and then we came back to the church and started filling the font. It took like 2 and 1/2 hours! But then we set up chairs and stuff. Oh I forgot to say the day before President Brown asked what time the baptism was at and when I told him he said he was going to try to make it. So the baptism was at 4, Marie and Victoria came and got dressed, they were so nervous and almost wouldn’t let us take pictures with them! But it went really good. The spirit was strong, and it was just a short baptism (Marie didn't want anything too long) and not many people were there because Marie didn't want very many people. So it was good, short, small, and sweet. We did the usual opening song and prayer, I did a spiritual thought, and then Marie and Victoria got baptized by Elder Thomas. We asked how they felt and they said clean and at peace! So obviously that was the highlight of our week! And Marie afterwards took us out for dinner, which was really nice.

Sunday they got confirmed, Elder Phippen did the confirmation. And it was a really good Sunday. After lunch Sister Hulet and I visited Jean McGilligan and I talked to her husband about the Stop Smoking program and he has agreed to try it, so I will be giving that program on Wednesday and then Jean and I made a deal that if I got him to stop smoking she would come to church! hahah so it better work. After that we had a dinner appointment with a nice lady in our ward. So it made for a great day! That night Marie texted us thanking us for finding her and Victoria and that she has just had such a great and peaceful day and feels the spirit. :)

All I have to say is that it was so nice to see Marie and Victoria make such an important step this week!  I was telling Sister Hulet last night how blessed I feel to have met them. It really has humbled me to know that God has entrusted in my and Sister Hulets hands the blessing of meeting and teaching His two wonderful daughters, often times I don’t think I deserve it. Then I realize that I have been blessed to have met Marie and Victoria, and especially to be a tool in God’s hands. That’s all we really were, tools, because God prepared them and the Spirit converted them. I have learned so much from this experience, and most importantly it has helped me see and understand that there truly are people that God has prepared. I already love missionary work, but finally being able to see why we are doing this has made it special for me. I can’t wait to see how Marie and Victoria progress. Thanks for all the prayers and support! And thanks for enduring my extra-long email!

Love you all!
Sister Watt

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