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Me as a scarecrow

Hello Family!
So....I know you are all wondering if I am getting moved....well I am! I am going to Corstorphine (kər-STOR-fin), which is in Edinburgh. My companion will be Sister Birch. Obviously Sister Hulet is going to be staying in Hamilton as Senior Companion. She will be serving with Sister Oliphant. It’s funny because Sister Hulet said she never wanted the amount of responsibility that would come with being a Senior Companion (which is like nothing) and so she said that she will always be a Junior, and now she is a Senior! Haha
Anyway, I am excited to leave Hamilton. I am really going to miss Sister Hulet a lot. We have become so close and we really did make a good team. But I am sure it will work out for the better. I am also going to miss Marie and Victoria and some of the other people, like less-actives, that we have been working with. But I know that this is the right place for me to go. 
Alright, I will tell you about my week:
Monday we just went and played dodge ball, and then did some finding but it wasn't very successful.

I just love that face of hers!
Tuesday we had district meeting and since it was the last district meeting our district leader, who is from Georgia and loves chicken, made us wings and we had a feast after district meeting. It was really good. Then Tuesday Sister Hulet and I made these awesome gifts for Marie and Victoria out of blocks. They have like a scripture on them, just something nice that they can put up in the home to remind them to be happy! Then Tuesday night we met with Lynn Marie and Sister Ross. Lynn Marie made us dinner and we bought S'more stuff! It was great, although they don’t have graham crackers here, they are just called digestives here and they are not nearly as good as graham crackers...also their marshmallows aren't very good. The chocolate was good! So it made for an alright S'more. It’s weird coming here and no one knows what that is! Crazy!

Wednesday was really successful chapping. We found some good potential, although none of our appointments that we set up went through, one of them because the lady got sick. But that’s ok, at least we got to meet these people and hopefully that one time we talked with them at the door will help influence them later on. Seriously if all I do is leave that person’s doorstep and they are even thinking about Jesus Christ or God in a way that they hadn't before, then I feel successful! Then Wednesday night Sister Allen had us over for dinner; which was delicious as usual and so nice of her. After that we had a good lesson, so Wednesday was a good day.

Thursday was interesting. John Ryan-Park got us signed up to be in the Hamilton Newspaper. So we got a picture taken of us and the Elders and got interviewed. It was kind of weird, and we will see what the outcome is. I am not completely sure the interviewer really understood what we were about but I guess we will see. Then we weekly planned. We did some chapping and then met with Marie and Victoria for an official visit (the one on Tuesday wasn't really official). We talked with them about Eternal Marriage, I was afraid that it was going to be a hard subject because Marie is divorced but it actually went really well! It’s great seeing Victoria make the same decision as I did at that age to get married in the temple, and Marie made that decision as well, if the opportunity ever presents itself.

Friday we met with Irene. But that was funny because we didn't know she was expecting us. The Elders just phoned us and said "hey are you guys meeting with Irene today at 1" and I was like "no" and they were like "well she thinks you are, so you better go." Haha its ok though, we had a good chat and I know she really likes Sister Hulet because she is good listener. I mean I am not a bad listener, but I guess Sister Hulet shows it better than me. Then we just chapped, and randomly ran into a less active, which was weird. 

Saturday we had an appointment with one of the people we met earlier in the week but she bailed. So we ended up with a lot of finding. We ended up talking to a lot of people, although no one was really that interested; but, there was this super nice Catholic lady who let us in and to have us a drink. She wasn't interested but she was really nice to let us in. 

Sunday was good. So we got to church and just was greeting people and waiting for it to start and this member was approached by one of the bishopric members seeing if he was ready for his talk and the member had completely forgotten. So before I knew it I was walking over to the bishopric member and offered to give the talk!!!!! This whole time I am thinking to myself "Sister Watt, what are you doing! Go back, don’t be an idiot!" But apparently the spirit really wanted me to and I feel obligated to do that as a missionary. But it was good talk. I was the final speaker and I had to fill up 20 minutes about blessings from paying an honest tithe. It was based off of President Marion G Romney's talk in like 1982. But it was good and a good experience for me. Also it was nice speaking since I am leaving now. Then we headed over to Bothwell to have an appointment with another lady we met in the week but she texted us while we were on the bus that she was sick. And so tried by some people in Bothwell and took photos with some scarecrows, because Bothwell was having this scarecrow festival. Then we went to Fran's for dinner and that’s where we received the phone call that I was leaving, so I said goodbye to Fran and then afterwards we stopped by Sister McMillan, so I could say goodbye to her.

Today I am saying goodbye to Lynn Marie and the Ross' so it’s going to be a good day visiting good people. It’s weird leaving though. So yup that was my week. That was a long email! Sorry. But I hope everyone has a great week! And thanks for all the prayers and emails. The church is true!

Love ya!
Sister Watt

Gru Scarecrow!

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