Sunday, September 29, 2013

In Edinburgh!‏

The Motherwell District
So here I am. I am now in a new place. It is weird! Seriously it’s actually a huge culture shock! Edinburgh is a beautiful city. And we are in the heart of it! It’s completely opposite of Hamilton. Hamilton was all Catholic Protestant and a pretty good range of ages. It was quieter and everyone had been living in Hamilton for years! Edinburgh is an old fashioned city stuck in a modern world. Everyone is going going going. People are all on the streets and I don’t think I have seen a wider range of culture in my life. There are a ton of Asians, Indians, and Europeans. I am pretty sure I hear other languages as I pass by people more than I hear English. There are a ton of younger people. Either they are really young or really old. My theory is that a lot of the families have moved out to places like Hamilton (which is like a suburb so to speak, although not really) just for safety and better environment for kids. There are a couple Universities here so there are a lot of students and that is where a lot of the culture comes from. Like I said in Hamilton there were a lot of strong members of the Catholic and Protestant churches. Here basically everyone we have talked to is Atheist. So that has forced me to turn my tactics of talking to people. But it has been good. A change is always good. It has been quite the culture shock though. Anyway so that’s a little bit about Edinburgh. I’ll tell you about my week now.
Victoria, Sis Watt, Marie

The Goodbyes
So Tuesday Marie and Victoria took us out to lunch to say goodbye. It was good to see them! I'm going to miss them, and I hope everything goes well with them with the new companion. I also spent a lot of time packing. Man after being there for 6 months I really had spread all my stuff around. We tried by some people to say goodbye to but they weren't home. Like Jean McGilligan. It made me really sad that I didn’t get to say goodbye to her. Then Tuesday night Sister Hulet and I went out for dinner, our last date with each other! Haha it was good.

more Goodbyes.
Wednesday we woke up bright and early! Oh quick interruption. So there is this saying here that says Red Sky at Night is a Shepherds Delight (meaning the next day will be nice) and Red Sky in Morning is a Shepherds Warning (it’s going to be rainy that day) and ever since I heard that, it has never failed me! It totally has worked every time, it blows my mind! Anyway we woke up at 5 so that we could pack and catch our train. In which we met a bunch of missionaries in Glasgow Queens Street Station, and then Sister Hulet and I said goodbye :'(((( and then my and other missionaries got on the train to Edinburgh. That’s where my companion Sister Birch and I met up and we had the rest of the day to get settled and go shopping and have a good p-day. So that’s what we did. We walked down what’s called Princess which is like a huge shopping street! There is this store Primark (which is a wonderful sheep clothing store that I am going to miss when I come home) that is 3 stories tall! It was awesome! Then Wednesday night we had ward coordination.

Thursday we weekly planned which was weird since I don’t know anyone. Also its really frustrating me not knowing how to get anywhere because I knew Hamilton like the back of my hand! We had a lesson cancel so we did a lot of street contacting and got some good lessons, including one return appointment, with this guy who thinks he might be that will be interesting. We were invited to have dinner at the mission home, so we had dinner with President and his wife, which was good. She took a video of me flipping whip cream up in the air and catching it in my mouth. She said that she was going to put it on Facebook, so you will have to look for it! I love Sister Brown she is hilarious and loves silly stuff like that. She was watching the video over and over and was cracking up. Then we went to Enrichment where I met some of the Sisters in the Ward.

Goodbye, Lynnmarie Findlay
Friday we had a lesson with our only investigator, his name is Gary and he has an appointment on the 19th of October. He has a cool story I will tell you later, I am running out of time quickly here. But Gary is solid! He is so good. We also met with a lady named Ruth and Lorain. They are really nice ladies. And then we had dinner with the Nielsons. They are a great family!

Goodbye to the Ross Family
Saturday Sister Birch was sick (she gets sick a lot poor girl :( ) so we didn’t get much done. But we met with this lady June and her daughter Shelby. Some fiasco happened with them, June is a less active and Shelby a non-member. She was going to take the lessons but something happened and she doesn’t want to anymore, which was really sad, because they already live a Mormon lifestyle. I don’t know it just made me really sad because I think the gospel would be really good for her.

Sunday I met the ward. It’s definitely different than Hamilton but it will be great, just takes a little getting used too. I met Elder Brown Cunningham’s family, (for those who don’t remember we served in the same ward in Motherwell for 3 months) so that was kind of cool. And cool that I am in his home ward. After that Sister Birch was still feeling sick so we stayed in so she could rest.

And that was my week. Here are photos. Sorry it’s so quick but I love you all! Kisses and thanks for the prayers!

Sister Watt

This was a sad Goodbye to more than just companions. 

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