Saturday, September 14, 2013

Probably the shortest letter, not much time and not much to say

Everyone know it is bad luck when you drop a Book of Mormon, as missionaries, however when you drop one, your future husband gets uglier. Poor sister Watt has dropped one multiple times. ~Sis. Hulet
Dear Family and Friends (yes I am going official letter style here),
Unfortunately this email will probably be short because this was a really bad week! I am pretty sure everything we had planned except for maybe 2 lessons got that wasn't fun.
We had FHE with Marie and Victoria at the Duncanson’s home, so that actually went really well!

There was this lady that Sister Parks (Previous companion) and I tried by within the first couple of weeks we were in Hamilton, she is a less-active and her surname is Watt (that’s like half the reason we tried by). Well When we tried by, her sister had just died and so she didn't want to talk, and so we went and got flowers for her and we thought she was avoiding us. Well, all these months later, sister Hulet and I tried by her house again and she was home and she set up a time that we could come over and she said she got the flowers and she was grateful for them. So it was kind of cool seeing something that Sister Parks and I did months ago, and see the benefit now. Our lesson with her was on Tuesday.

A cookie always makes the day better...or not.
Wednesday we met with Marie and Victoria. Thursday we saw Lynn Marie for the first time in a while! It was so good seeing her, I missed our weekly visits we had with her. So that was really good.

Friday we had Nacho Night. It was a thing that we missionaries put together for a ward activity. We delegated bringing nacho supplies to the activity, and we made nachos and watched Mormon Messages and then we played a game. Last time I tried to set up an activity for the ward no one showed really. And the whole point of this activity was so that people could invite their friends, it’s easier to invite someone to a ward activity than to church. But this activity went really well! A lot of people a lot more than I was expecting so it was really good, and everyone enjoyed it so we will definitely be doing that again!

Saturday we went down to Douglas, which is always a nice journey, because its long it gives you time to think and stuff, and enjoy the scenery. And Sunday we had stake conference, and that was good too. They just sustained a new Stake Patriarch. We also had a dinner appointment with this new young couple. They are way cool! So that was fun. Yup and now it’s Monday! So that was my week.
It’s starting to get cold here now. I’m starting to have to wear my coat all the time, and tights as well.....I’m starting to get nervous for the winter. Haha oh no!
Well sorry this is a lame email! But I love you, and next Sunday is moves call so hopefully I will have some exciting news on where I am going next....and I really hope I am moving I need something new! Hopefully Ireland that would be sweet!
We also chapped Professor Lockhart’s door, no big deal! (Harry Potter)

Thanks for all the support! Stay Golden!

Sister Watt
People have an obsession with lawn gnomes here, and this was a super creepy one we found yesterday! Sister Hulet decided to take a photo by it.

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