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Sorry this will have to be a really quick email. Our p-day has been all messed up. There was a que for the computers so when I got here I could only email for an hour and we had to come back later to finish off. So now I only have like 35 minutes to write about my week. So I best get started!
Monday we just did some street contacting. One of the people we are teaching was gone for the holiday (most of the students got off school this week) so they went to Dubai and we went to feed their cat every day this week. It worked out really well actually because then we had a destination to walk to when we did our street contacting! so that was nice; although because I am allergic to cats that didn’t do so well on me. It wasn’t terrible but I woke up every morning with swollen and itchy eyes. Haha oh well what can you do! At least the cat was taken care of.
Its kind of a bad photo of me! but oh well!

Tuesday we chapped a street and something really cool happened. We chapped this specific street because we got a referral from headquarters; this lady requested a DVD and BOM but only gave us her street address, no house number. So we go to this street and it was a huge street, over 200 houses! So we just chapped and it turned out that we only got about 70-ish houses and we happened to chap the right house, she wasn’t home, actually it was her parents’ house and she lives in Glasgow but she texted us because we left a card with our number through the door. So that was cool that we happened to chap the street. Well not actually happened, we were lead there.  Gary kind of dropped us, or so we thought, but he texted us and asked if we could meet with him again. So we did on Wednesday, but during our chapping we talked to a good amount of people and we have return appointments for this week, so that is nice. Then this lady from our ward fed us; which was super nice, she made tacos! YUMMY!

Wednesday we met with Gary and he has been sick for the past two weeks. He is still trying to stop smoking but had some setbacks. We had a good conversation with him, I guess we will see how committed he is. We are just taking it one day at a time with him. Then we visited Loraine, who is going through a hard time right now. :( We have just been trying to help and support her. Also on Wednesday our Bishop and his Wife had us over for dinner so that was really nice of them.

Thursday we went back to Drumbrae drive and chapped. But it was pouring rain…so that was fun. Also we didn’t have much luck with that. But that’s ok, I feel like every time we do missionary work through pouring rain that we are showing God that we are willing to work and I know he will bless us for that! Oh I forgot. Sister Birch was feeling really sick on Wednesday so we went to a senior couple’s home that night for her to get a blessing. And he gave me a blessing as well and it was a really good blessing. It was something that I needed for sure. He promised that I will see success from my labors. I know that success will come in all shapes and sizes but I know that however it comes, it will be because we are working hard. So I know that we just need to press forward constantly!

Anyway back to my week, Friday we had a lesson with Helen and that went good. She is such a sweet lady! She is a recent convert and just wants to do good, just a few stumbling blocks in the way, but that’s life right! I am just grateful that we get to be there to support these devoted members, sometimes in missionary work that is the hardest and most rewarding part! Friday we also had the opportunity to meet with some people I hadn’t met yet. So that was really good. We met with the Scotts, a less active family, but really nice and knowledgeable in the gospel. Also we stopped by at a lady named Geraldine. She was super nice and I think it was really good that we met her and got to know her, and I hope that we can again in the future!

Saturday was fun because we helped our Bella with moving into her new home. We painted and she had a friend there that we met, her name was Claire and funny enough she is very similar to Claire Secrist! Happy Birthday by the way sweetie (to Claire Secrist)! (One of Christine’s High School friends) So I enjoyed talking to her. She actually knows a lot about Korea and she knows where all the good Korean restaurants are, so for my birthday sometime this week, Bella, Claire and us are going out for Korean! I am so excited! We also met with Ruth and attended a baptism which was awesome. It was a guy that Chinatown (must be a mission companionship area name) had been teaching. And then we went to Rosa and Roberto's for dinner. They made muscles and fish casserole. Everyone should be proud of me, for someone who doesn’t really like muscles I ate them all up and they were delicious. Rosa is an awesome cook, and I think it helps that we live in a place where the ocean is really close, so the fish and muscles are fresh! Seriously though it was really good!

Roberto and Sean (who are non-members) and Rosa (a less active) came to church this week! That’s two weeks in a row. It made me happy, and I really hope they enjoyed it. Also Bella came to church, her first real Sunday since she went to general conference first. And she said she enjoyed it. So that is good! She is such a sweet heart!  I really like her. So after church on Sunday we met with Denise and George who just lost a precious dog, so we were there to comfort them. They were so sad, so it was good to stop by. George in particular was really close to the dog. Then after that we tried by this recent convert/less active that I have never met, she has a son. In order to let Sister Birch have some good conversation with her, I entertained her son, otherwise he was pretty distracting. He is a really cute boy though and it reminded me of my nephews! Particularly Jett because I read him some books and I remember how much Jett loved reading books! So that was our week. I have got to go now, so I hope everyone has a great week! Thanks for all the support.

Keep moving forward!

Sister Watt

This week I hit 200 days on my mission- Crazy!

Of course Edinburgh
I hope everyone had a good week, mine wasn't the best but it wasn't the worst either so that is good. The week has been very up and down. Sickness keeps on plaguing us...well actually mostly just Sister Birch, I have been able to stay relatively healthy. I figured that’s because I have already done my turn, getting the flu in the MTC right before I was supposed to come here (I’m not still bitter about it though) ;) So some days have been full and some have been taken easy to give Sister Birch time to feel better. Tuesday was one of those days, but we did see Ruth (a recently reactivated less active!) and that was good. She was so sweet she got me a birthday gift; I have a photo so I will attach that. We also had a dinner appointment with a really sweet lady from the ward. She is super fun to visit because she served a mission so we exchange stories, she served in Ireland.

Ruth and I and my birthday present
Wednesday we visited Loraine she pulled a muscle and has been bed/house bound; which she wasn’t too happy about but she has been able to listen to all the general conference talks. And she loved it. Towards the end of the week she was having a harder time, so I had some good phone calls with her. Although sometimes it is hard, it is good being able to support people here. People here aren’t afraid to phone if they are going through a hard time. Well most of them, either they will not show anyone that they are having a hard time or they are really open about it. So even though sometimes it stresses me out, I am happy that I get to help these people. That night we had ward coordination, and there was this huge spider on the wall above my head for the whole meeting. And so I was super paranoid the whole time. But some of the Elders wouldn’t let us squash it. And to be honest that spider was so big I wouldn’t have had the guts to squash it anyway (haha see what I did there, see the pun...sort of)

 Thursday we had zone interview training. So we had interviews with our mission president which is always good. He is a wonderful mission president! And we talked a lot about Family History and also stress management. A lot of missionaries are having a hard time adjusting to missionary life with coming out so young; they end up stressing themselves out to the point of mental or physical illness and go home. So the leadership is really pushing on trying to stop that. Each missionary got a booklet about stress management. It’s a really good booklet! Also like I said they are really focusing on Family History work. Between general conference and all the talk about missionary work and member missionary work (which I would encourage you all to embrace because it truly does make a difference) and now in the mission field we talk about Family History. You really start to get an idea about how ready the field is to harvest and how much hastening we are doing. I feel like it’s really getting into the final laps, we are picking up speed! Now that doesn’t mean the end is really near, but I feel like I am finally getting a fraction of understanding of what the general authorities are saying when they say the end is near! And I am so happy to be a part of it full time!

We also met with Lorain again on Friday, and I met some new people. There is this family that we occasionally meet with. The father is a pastor, so they aren’t interested in the gospel, that’s why we only meet with them every once in a while, but they are a great family and so nice. They feed us and we just talk of Christianity and life and stuff; Just a really nice family. Although I didn't really meet the whole family, I only met the daughter and son who are around my age. The daughters name is Elspeth and she is my age, and she made us dinner; which was super nice of her! We also met with Sister Brett. It was nice to see her and her husband George.

On Saturday we went and visited Mary Cunningham. She is pretty old and can’t get out very much so Louise (our relief society president, and an amazing one at that! Probably the best I have seen, she is on top of everything! She never stops it amazes me!), asked us to stop by. Mary is super sweet, she is Elder Brown-Cunningham’s granny, and so it’s weird because she and he had a really close relationship and she talks about him a lot and she always calls him by his first name…that is really weird to get used to! Haha. But she is a great lady and we really enjoyed visiting her! You should see the basket of biscuits (candy bars) she has in her kitchen! Haha it’s so big!

Sunday we had church and we also had a dinner appointment with this lady that is less active because of health reasons. It was the first time I met her. She is a really nice lady, and made us awesome homemade lasagna! She is part Italian or something and the recipe was an original Italian recipe! So it was awesome.  You know I really should start a recipe book so that I can bring these recipes home; there are some amazing soup recipes here! And I love soup! So it’s perfect.

So that was my week in between those appointments we just did a lot of finding. We have a few potentials but nothing that has developed so far. Bella our investigator is doing really good, she was out of town this week so that’s why we didn’t get to see her but she is doing swell. Oh! We had a dinner appointment with Nicola and her daughters last Monday night and it was a really good talk with her. Also she made this pork dish that was so good! It was like something you would have made mom! Oh my goodness it made me miss home, it was so good! And now they are in Dubai and we are feeding their cat while they are out! This is good, because it gives us a direction to walk to when we are street contacting and a wee break from all the finding we are doing.
Also I got kissed on the hand by a drunk guy.....awkward, but I got the better part because he kept on getting really close to sister Birch, I thought he was going to plant one right on her cheek! There were a lot of drunk people out this weekend, more than usual. You know I finally figured out what beer smells like, because of Edinburgh. There are a lot of brewery’s and so often times especially when it’s cold, which it has been getting a lot colder now :(, the smell of beer is all throughout the city. It’s not bad in the air...what’s gross is the concentrated smell in someone’s breath when they talk to us! It makes me gag, it’s so gross!

Street performers!
Anyway I just want to say that I am so happy to be here! I have come to love missionary work and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but here! Honestly missionary work brings so much happiness and it has this way of making it 10x easier to follow the commandment to love thy neighbor! I thought that was so hard before, but its amazing how your feelings change when you serve people and the Lord. I have come to love so many people that I never thought I would be able to. Even people I have only talked to for a minute. I should love everyone, even the people I don’t talk to, but I am still working on that one. Progress though! Anyway so I just want to say thanks for all the support and love!

Sister Watt

Hey your daughter is famous!‏


First British member's descendant
serving in Scotland

Watt Hulet 800x600
When 20 year old Christine Watt, from Castle Rock, Colorado, learned that she had been called to serve a full-time mission to Scotland, she couldn’t believe her luck.  Not just because she didn’t want to go to a hot country, but because she had a famous ancestor who had come from Scotland. Sister Watt, a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) is descended from the first person in the British Isles to be baptised a member of the faith in 1837.  George D Watt’s story was recently re-enacted in a stunning Pageant spectacular which took place at the Church’s temple ground in Chorley, near Preston, which was attended by 10,000 people over two weeks in August.

George D Watt emigrated to America to join other converts, but returned to Scotland to serve a mission to help spread his new faith. Sister Watt is serving in Edinburgh, in the very same place where her ancestor climbed Arthur’s Seat with his companion, Parley P Pratt, and began their missionary labours. Previously, Sister Watt has served in the Hamilton area where she served with a companion, Sister Lindsey Hulet, whose ancestor, Peter Muir Fife, was baptised shortly after George Watt arrived in Scotland. When the young sister missionaries discovered their connection, they were struck by the remarkable coincidence of them both serving together in the land of their forefathers.

Sister Watt has been on her mission for six months and will serve in total for eighteen months. She said she felt inspired to serve a mission, and her opportunity came sooner than she anticipated when the Church lowered the age of women entering the mission field. She feels sure that her ancestor, George D Watt, a man who became a prominent leader of the Church in Utah, would certainly approve of her decision to serve a mission, and no doubt applaud the fact the she has come to the Edinburgh that he loved so much.
Pictured from L to R -  Sister Lindsey Hulet and Sister Christine Watt

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Scotland/Ireland Mission Home Address

I was informed that I failed to post the mission home address. This would be the address you could always get mail or packages to Sister Christine Watt no matter where she is currently serving.

Sister Christine Watt
Scotland/Ireland Mission
51 Spylaw Road
Edinburgh, Scotland EH10 5BP
United Kingdom

Also here is her email address:

Her 21st birthday is one week from today!! I am sure she would love to hear from each of you.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Good Week!!

Sister Birch and I celebrating our Fortnight together as a
companionship by making a fort! It’s a bad photo of me but oh well!
 Hiya Family and Friends-

What a great week. To resolve all the questions about general conference. Yes I watched conference this week. Saturday I watched it from 5-7pm then on Sunday we had a rebroadcast of the Saturday afternoon session show at 1-3pm then live Sunday from 5-7pm and they also showed the Sunday afternoon session live from 9-11pm, however since I turn into a missionary pumpkin before that, I didn't get to see that last session. Which was really sad because conference was sooooooooooo good. All these sessions were at the church which was nice. The speakers were really loud and it was on a big projector. As I already said I really enjoyed conference. So inspiring and such great topics. Possibly my favorite to listen to in all my life. I don't know if that is because I am on my mission (and not suffering from influenza like last time), or just because it was an especially good conference this year. Whatever it is I am grateful for it! 

So one of the things I have been trying to implement into my missionary work is trying to "find" as much as possible. We have a few investigators, but I know it is important to have a good pool of potential investigators and new investigators. So, while finding isn't my companions favorite thing, it has become mine and I have been striving to get us out on the street as much as possible (including walking the hour walk to church as opposed to riding the bus, which my companion didn't really appreciate). A few blessings I have seen from this goal I made a couple of weeks ago. 1) That while at first my companion didn't like it, and still "finding" isn't her favorite, she has come to appreciate it just as much as me, and now she is almost as anxious about finding as I am! 2) We taught 21 lessons this week! The most I have ever taught, and 12 of those lessons were good lessons on the street, we have also placed a good amount of Book of Mormons. 3) My feelings were confirmed in general conference when an apostle (I think, unfortunately I don't have my notes with me, and can’t remember who said it) instructed the missionaries, with firmness, to talk to as many people as possible! I was so happy when I heard that. It made me feel like I had made the right decision in making that a goal and that I was doing good. 4) I have finally learned (better late than never) how to pray always! With this goal I have had to push myself to be excited and enthusiastic despite the disappointing times and the degrading conversations I have had with people who call me wrong, crazy and many four letter words!  I have learned to pray right there as we walk to find the strength to talk to the next person approaching us. The only way I can get through that is saying a prayer in my heart and mind; that God will fill my mouth as I open it, that He will keep me going and that we will reach our goal!  Last night I had the feeling we should switch sides of the street. And we did, and this side that we switched to was deserted. I kept on looking over at the previous side we were on and seeing 4,5,6 people that we would have passed to talk to. So of course I started to doubt my feeling. But from what I had just learned from General Conference "doubt your doubt, before you doubt your faith." So then I said a silent prayer that there would be someone on this street that needs our help. At the very end of the street after a long walk of passing no one! This guy turned the corner. We stopped him. He then told us over and over that we were wrong and that Joseph Smith simply made everything up for his own gain, and that the Book of Mormon was all made up, he even said "I don't want to tell you that you will be going to Hell....but.....I don't think Mormon's will be saved" (and in my head I'm thinking, so in other words, you think we are going to hell). Anyway so while he is saying this stuff I am thinking "God, this wasn't exactly what I had in mind" but we talked to him, and Sister Birch and I were able to keep up our spirits and testify to him that Joseph Smith was a prophet. I brought out the Book of Mormon and we testified of it as well. I hope I didn't offend him, we told him that he couldn't judge the Book of Mormon or Joseph Smith if he hadn't read the Book of Mormon. We offered him a Book of Mormon and he surprised me by taking it, and promising that he would. We also gave him a pamphlet with our number on it. So, I don't know if he will read it, I don't know if he will have an open enough heart for it to affect him. But I am grateful that I had that experience because I had the opportunity to defend my religion.
Anyway so that was the cherry on top of a good week! Now I will tell you about my week.

Monday was cool because our p-day ends at 6, so normally it’s hard to get many lessons in that time, even 1 lesson really. But last night our dinner appointment fell so we went finding instead, and it was great! We had 3 good lessons with people on the street. Including one young man who we have attempted to stop 3 times on that same street and he said "I figured if you tried to stop me 3 times I better stop and listen"!!!! So that was good, he wasn't that interested but we gave him a Book of Mormon and a Pamphlet! So that was good.

Tuesday we had district meeting. Both Sister Birch and I had a wee bug this week. So Tuesday we rested a bit, and went finding a bit and then had exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders (STL's). I went to Dunfirmline. The STL's had a car, which was a weird experience for me. We taught this nice lady and did some finding as well. It’s funny to see how different everyone approaches and talks to people. I exchanged with Sister Shead. She was so nice! She served me a lot which was way nice and made me realize I need to serve my companion more.

Wednesday we taught two lessons in the morning in Dunfermline and then we street contacted and then Sister Birch and I were reunited. Haha. So we live in a really expensive flat, and the mission has been searching for a new flat for us that is less expensive. Well there is a senior couple that is called for Family Search, and they are being relocated to Wales, so we are going to move into their flat once they get everything sorted in Wales. So we had dinner with them Wednesday night to see their flat and such. It’s a good flat and much cheaper, which I feel better about, I don't like living in an expensive flat, it makes me feel really bad! After that we had ward coordination.

Thursday we met with Jackie who is a recent convert, she is such a nice lady and has a really strong spirit so I enjoy visiting her. Then we had a lunch appointment at a part member family’s house; which was really nice of them. We weekly planned later and then had a dinner appointment at the Daly's. The Daly's are a young couple with two boys. This is the second time they have fed us; it was super nice of them. Then we went street contacting for the rest of the night.

Friday was pretty good. We met with the son of a recent convert. We taught him the first lesson, he didn’t want to meet with us again, but we gave him a Book of Mormon and he said after he looks over the Book of Mormon a bit he will let us know if he wants to learn more. I believe we will see him again. He almost came to general conference which would have been really cool. But he loved that painting of the Second Coming of Christ, and so we got a smaller version for him, because he wanted to take the big church version home with him. haha he is a really nice guy. Then we met with Bella. Bella, if I haven't already told you, is the Nanny of our bishop’s children. She is in her early 20's and is a super sweet girl. She is just trying to find truth and has searched out a lot of things about the Church from and Last week we met with her for the first time and she really liked it and she has been reading the Book of Mormon and she came to general conference. After our lesson on Friday we told her to bring a question to General Conference. After the session was over she told us that her question was answered! So that was really cool. I am excited about her, I think the Gospel could really bless her life, and she has been prepared by God to receive it! We also met with Loraine, she is a recent convert. When I first got here she was having some struggles with her testimony and things, and over the past 2 weeks she has sky rocketed, and is doing fantastic! She loves the scriptures and yesterday I sat by her in church and she loved it so much! Lorraine is a wonderful lady! She is from California, and her daughter lives in Denver so that is pretty cool. We had tea (dinner, a lot of the older generations call dinner tea) at a ladies home. Her name is Mary; her health isn't the best bur she still insists on cooking us dinner, which is super sweet of her! Something funny here, it is common to have a baked potato with tuna salad on it. That is what we had at Mary's, and my first time having it. It’s not bad, but I think I like the America way of doing baked potatoes better. But Mary is a good cook, and I still liked it. After that I was feeling really, really sick. I am pretty sure that was the breaking point though, because I started Saturday and I felt fine, and still do, so it must have just reached its worse before it went away.

Saturday we street contacted all morning and then watched General Conference and then street contacted after that!
Sunday, we street contacted, had lunch and then went to general conference. In between sessions we taught Helen who is a recent convert and the mother of Andrew, the guy we taught on Friday. Then some more general conference and then street contacted home. And now I am here!

So that was my week...pretty boring! But really good at the same time! We are really nervous with our investigator Gary. He was doing so well, but he got sick and now won’t answer our phone calls or text messages, and has cancelled on us. :( I really hope he doesn't drop us. I think he is just super nervous about getting baptized. He kind of has a commitment issue. So we have been praying for that. Hope it gets better!

Thanks for all the support and love! 
Love you!
Sister Watt

Saturday, October 5, 2013

So sorry I don’t have much time! ‏

Alright so I really have a limited amount of time so this is going to be a really short letter! Sorry guys!

This week was good, some bumps here and there but good. Let’s see highlights....Gary our investigator is working on not smoking so that is really good. I have just been meeting a lot of members in the ward and people. It’s been good getting to know people, stressful and scary but good. We had some really good finding this week. I have come to realize that I love finding! Haha Sister Birch didn't like it but she said that she has warmed up to it, so that is good! Hopefully we will find people who have been prepared. In fact we did get a new investigator this week. Her name is Bella and it was set up through the Bishops Wife. She is great! Bella had a lot of really good questions and things that I hope we can help her with and answer her questions. She is really sweet and nice, and I am excited to get to know her more and teach her. Member missionary work is always the best! 

We met with Gary multiple times this week and so that has been good and we have met with the usual’s Lorraine (who was struggling last week but has had a great turnaround!) and Ruth and Helen and stuff. I will tell you more about them next week. We also had a lot of dinner and lunch appointments this week. So I am getting fatter than I already was! Haha but the ward has been super nice. There is this cute family the Daly's who have an adorable son who has taken to me! haha at church he kept on grabbing my hand and dragging me around the church with him! hahah he is pretty cute! Saturday night we had a movie night with our investigators and anyone else who wanted to come. We watched Joseph Smith the Prophet of the Restoration. It was good. Gary didn't go though :(

Sunday was good; Elder Brown-Cunningham's family had us over for dinner. It was really fun meeting them and it really made Elder Brown-Cunningham’s personality make a lot of sense! hahaha But it was really good. Sunday night we met with Rosa and Roberto. That was my first time meeting them and they are a great wee family. I really liked them; they had a great spirit about them. 

Those "Funny Nose" cups
So that video that I told you about last week, the one of me popping the whip cream up and catching it in my mouth has gotten quite a bit of publicity. I can’t tell you how many people here (members) have said hey are you the one who did the whip cream trick! Also there was this lady who wanted to write an article in some church thing about me being the great-great-granddaughter of George D Watt. Also we did a service project for the community with the other missionaries, and we had a photo taken for that as well. Seriously! I am going to find myself in all these different newspapers and stuff. It’s pretty annoying actually. I am afraid to see what I look like! I do have photos but I will be sending them next week! Anyway well I am so sorry but I have to go! I love you all and thanks for the prayers and love.

Sister Watt