Sunday, October 13, 2013

Good Week!!

Sister Birch and I celebrating our Fortnight together as a
companionship by making a fort! It’s a bad photo of me but oh well!
 Hiya Family and Friends-

What a great week. To resolve all the questions about general conference. Yes I watched conference this week. Saturday I watched it from 5-7pm then on Sunday we had a rebroadcast of the Saturday afternoon session show at 1-3pm then live Sunday from 5-7pm and they also showed the Sunday afternoon session live from 9-11pm, however since I turn into a missionary pumpkin before that, I didn't get to see that last session. Which was really sad because conference was sooooooooooo good. All these sessions were at the church which was nice. The speakers were really loud and it was on a big projector. As I already said I really enjoyed conference. So inspiring and such great topics. Possibly my favorite to listen to in all my life. I don't know if that is because I am on my mission (and not suffering from influenza like last time), or just because it was an especially good conference this year. Whatever it is I am grateful for it! 

So one of the things I have been trying to implement into my missionary work is trying to "find" as much as possible. We have a few investigators, but I know it is important to have a good pool of potential investigators and new investigators. So, while finding isn't my companions favorite thing, it has become mine and I have been striving to get us out on the street as much as possible (including walking the hour walk to church as opposed to riding the bus, which my companion didn't really appreciate). A few blessings I have seen from this goal I made a couple of weeks ago. 1) That while at first my companion didn't like it, and still "finding" isn't her favorite, she has come to appreciate it just as much as me, and now she is almost as anxious about finding as I am! 2) We taught 21 lessons this week! The most I have ever taught, and 12 of those lessons were good lessons on the street, we have also placed a good amount of Book of Mormons. 3) My feelings were confirmed in general conference when an apostle (I think, unfortunately I don't have my notes with me, and can’t remember who said it) instructed the missionaries, with firmness, to talk to as many people as possible! I was so happy when I heard that. It made me feel like I had made the right decision in making that a goal and that I was doing good. 4) I have finally learned (better late than never) how to pray always! With this goal I have had to push myself to be excited and enthusiastic despite the disappointing times and the degrading conversations I have had with people who call me wrong, crazy and many four letter words!  I have learned to pray right there as we walk to find the strength to talk to the next person approaching us. The only way I can get through that is saying a prayer in my heart and mind; that God will fill my mouth as I open it, that He will keep me going and that we will reach our goal!  Last night I had the feeling we should switch sides of the street. And we did, and this side that we switched to was deserted. I kept on looking over at the previous side we were on and seeing 4,5,6 people that we would have passed to talk to. So of course I started to doubt my feeling. But from what I had just learned from General Conference "doubt your doubt, before you doubt your faith." So then I said a silent prayer that there would be someone on this street that needs our help. At the very end of the street after a long walk of passing no one! This guy turned the corner. We stopped him. He then told us over and over that we were wrong and that Joseph Smith simply made everything up for his own gain, and that the Book of Mormon was all made up, he even said "I don't want to tell you that you will be going to Hell....but.....I don't think Mormon's will be saved" (and in my head I'm thinking, so in other words, you think we are going to hell). Anyway so while he is saying this stuff I am thinking "God, this wasn't exactly what I had in mind" but we talked to him, and Sister Birch and I were able to keep up our spirits and testify to him that Joseph Smith was a prophet. I brought out the Book of Mormon and we testified of it as well. I hope I didn't offend him, we told him that he couldn't judge the Book of Mormon or Joseph Smith if he hadn't read the Book of Mormon. We offered him a Book of Mormon and he surprised me by taking it, and promising that he would. We also gave him a pamphlet with our number on it. So, I don't know if he will read it, I don't know if he will have an open enough heart for it to affect him. But I am grateful that I had that experience because I had the opportunity to defend my religion.
Anyway so that was the cherry on top of a good week! Now I will tell you about my week.

Monday was cool because our p-day ends at 6, so normally it’s hard to get many lessons in that time, even 1 lesson really. But last night our dinner appointment fell so we went finding instead, and it was great! We had 3 good lessons with people on the street. Including one young man who we have attempted to stop 3 times on that same street and he said "I figured if you tried to stop me 3 times I better stop and listen"!!!! So that was good, he wasn't that interested but we gave him a Book of Mormon and a Pamphlet! So that was good.

Tuesday we had district meeting. Both Sister Birch and I had a wee bug this week. So Tuesday we rested a bit, and went finding a bit and then had exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders (STL's). I went to Dunfirmline. The STL's had a car, which was a weird experience for me. We taught this nice lady and did some finding as well. It’s funny to see how different everyone approaches and talks to people. I exchanged with Sister Shead. She was so nice! She served me a lot which was way nice and made me realize I need to serve my companion more.

Wednesday we taught two lessons in the morning in Dunfermline and then we street contacted and then Sister Birch and I were reunited. Haha. So we live in a really expensive flat, and the mission has been searching for a new flat for us that is less expensive. Well there is a senior couple that is called for Family Search, and they are being relocated to Wales, so we are going to move into their flat once they get everything sorted in Wales. So we had dinner with them Wednesday night to see their flat and such. It’s a good flat and much cheaper, which I feel better about, I don't like living in an expensive flat, it makes me feel really bad! After that we had ward coordination.

Thursday we met with Jackie who is a recent convert, she is such a nice lady and has a really strong spirit so I enjoy visiting her. Then we had a lunch appointment at a part member family’s house; which was really nice of them. We weekly planned later and then had a dinner appointment at the Daly's. The Daly's are a young couple with two boys. This is the second time they have fed us; it was super nice of them. Then we went street contacting for the rest of the night.

Friday was pretty good. We met with the son of a recent convert. We taught him the first lesson, he didn’t want to meet with us again, but we gave him a Book of Mormon and he said after he looks over the Book of Mormon a bit he will let us know if he wants to learn more. I believe we will see him again. He almost came to general conference which would have been really cool. But he loved that painting of the Second Coming of Christ, and so we got a smaller version for him, because he wanted to take the big church version home with him. haha he is a really nice guy. Then we met with Bella. Bella, if I haven't already told you, is the Nanny of our bishop’s children. She is in her early 20's and is a super sweet girl. She is just trying to find truth and has searched out a lot of things about the Church from and Last week we met with her for the first time and she really liked it and she has been reading the Book of Mormon and she came to general conference. After our lesson on Friday we told her to bring a question to General Conference. After the session was over she told us that her question was answered! So that was really cool. I am excited about her, I think the Gospel could really bless her life, and she has been prepared by God to receive it! We also met with Loraine, she is a recent convert. When I first got here she was having some struggles with her testimony and things, and over the past 2 weeks she has sky rocketed, and is doing fantastic! She loves the scriptures and yesterday I sat by her in church and she loved it so much! Lorraine is a wonderful lady! She is from California, and her daughter lives in Denver so that is pretty cool. We had tea (dinner, a lot of the older generations call dinner tea) at a ladies home. Her name is Mary; her health isn't the best bur she still insists on cooking us dinner, which is super sweet of her! Something funny here, it is common to have a baked potato with tuna salad on it. That is what we had at Mary's, and my first time having it. It’s not bad, but I think I like the America way of doing baked potatoes better. But Mary is a good cook, and I still liked it. After that I was feeling really, really sick. I am pretty sure that was the breaking point though, because I started Saturday and I felt fine, and still do, so it must have just reached its worse before it went away.

Saturday we street contacted all morning and then watched General Conference and then street contacted after that!
Sunday, we street contacted, had lunch and then went to general conference. In between sessions we taught Helen who is a recent convert and the mother of Andrew, the guy we taught on Friday. Then some more general conference and then street contacted home. And now I am here!

So that was my week...pretty boring! But really good at the same time! We are really nervous with our investigator Gary. He was doing so well, but he got sick and now won’t answer our phone calls or text messages, and has cancelled on us. :( I really hope he doesn't drop us. I think he is just super nervous about getting baptized. He kind of has a commitment issue. So we have been praying for that. Hope it gets better!

Thanks for all the support and love! 
Love you!
Sister Watt

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