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Sorry this will have to be a really quick email. Our p-day has been all messed up. There was a que for the computers so when I got here I could only email for an hour and we had to come back later to finish off. So now I only have like 35 minutes to write about my week. So I best get started!
Monday we just did some street contacting. One of the people we are teaching was gone for the holiday (most of the students got off school this week) so they went to Dubai and we went to feed their cat every day this week. It worked out really well actually because then we had a destination to walk to when we did our street contacting! so that was nice; although because I am allergic to cats that didn’t do so well on me. It wasn’t terrible but I woke up every morning with swollen and itchy eyes. Haha oh well what can you do! At least the cat was taken care of.
Its kind of a bad photo of me! but oh well!

Tuesday we chapped a street and something really cool happened. We chapped this specific street because we got a referral from headquarters; this lady requested a DVD and BOM but only gave us her street address, no house number. So we go to this street and it was a huge street, over 200 houses! So we just chapped and it turned out that we only got about 70-ish houses and we happened to chap the right house, she wasn’t home, actually it was her parents’ house and she lives in Glasgow but she texted us because we left a card with our number through the door. So that was cool that we happened to chap the street. Well not actually happened, we were lead there.  Gary kind of dropped us, or so we thought, but he texted us and asked if we could meet with him again. So we did on Wednesday, but during our chapping we talked to a good amount of people and we have return appointments for this week, so that is nice. Then this lady from our ward fed us; which was super nice, she made tacos! YUMMY!

Wednesday we met with Gary and he has been sick for the past two weeks. He is still trying to stop smoking but had some setbacks. We had a good conversation with him, I guess we will see how committed he is. We are just taking it one day at a time with him. Then we visited Loraine, who is going through a hard time right now. :( We have just been trying to help and support her. Also on Wednesday our Bishop and his Wife had us over for dinner so that was really nice of them.

Thursday we went back to Drumbrae drive and chapped. But it was pouring rain…so that was fun. Also we didn’t have much luck with that. But that’s ok, I feel like every time we do missionary work through pouring rain that we are showing God that we are willing to work and I know he will bless us for that! Oh I forgot. Sister Birch was feeling really sick on Wednesday so we went to a senior couple’s home that night for her to get a blessing. And he gave me a blessing as well and it was a really good blessing. It was something that I needed for sure. He promised that I will see success from my labors. I know that success will come in all shapes and sizes but I know that however it comes, it will be because we are working hard. So I know that we just need to press forward constantly!

Anyway back to my week, Friday we had a lesson with Helen and that went good. She is such a sweet lady! She is a recent convert and just wants to do good, just a few stumbling blocks in the way, but that’s life right! I am just grateful that we get to be there to support these devoted members, sometimes in missionary work that is the hardest and most rewarding part! Friday we also had the opportunity to meet with some people I hadn’t met yet. So that was really good. We met with the Scotts, a less active family, but really nice and knowledgeable in the gospel. Also we stopped by at a lady named Geraldine. She was super nice and I think it was really good that we met her and got to know her, and I hope that we can again in the future!

Saturday was fun because we helped our Bella with moving into her new home. We painted and she had a friend there that we met, her name was Claire and funny enough she is very similar to Claire Secrist! Happy Birthday by the way sweetie (to Claire Secrist)! (One of Christine’s High School friends) So I enjoyed talking to her. She actually knows a lot about Korea and she knows where all the good Korean restaurants are, so for my birthday sometime this week, Bella, Claire and us are going out for Korean! I am so excited! We also met with Ruth and attended a baptism which was awesome. It was a guy that Chinatown (must be a mission companionship area name) had been teaching. And then we went to Rosa and Roberto's for dinner. They made muscles and fish casserole. Everyone should be proud of me, for someone who doesn’t really like muscles I ate them all up and they were delicious. Rosa is an awesome cook, and I think it helps that we live in a place where the ocean is really close, so the fish and muscles are fresh! Seriously though it was really good!

Roberto and Sean (who are non-members) and Rosa (a less active) came to church this week! That’s two weeks in a row. It made me happy, and I really hope they enjoyed it. Also Bella came to church, her first real Sunday since she went to general conference first. And she said she enjoyed it. So that is good! She is such a sweet heart!  I really like her. So after church on Sunday we met with Denise and George who just lost a precious dog, so we were there to comfort them. They were so sad, so it was good to stop by. George in particular was really close to the dog. Then after that we tried by this recent convert/less active that I have never met, she has a son. In order to let Sister Birch have some good conversation with her, I entertained her son, otherwise he was pretty distracting. He is a really cute boy though and it reminded me of my nephews! Particularly Jett because I read him some books and I remember how much Jett loved reading books! So that was our week. I have got to go now, so I hope everyone has a great week! Thanks for all the support.

Keep moving forward!

Sister Watt

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