Sunday, October 27, 2013

This week I hit 200 days on my mission- Crazy!

Of course Edinburgh
I hope everyone had a good week, mine wasn't the best but it wasn't the worst either so that is good. The week has been very up and down. Sickness keeps on plaguing us...well actually mostly just Sister Birch, I have been able to stay relatively healthy. I figured that’s because I have already done my turn, getting the flu in the MTC right before I was supposed to come here (I’m not still bitter about it though) ;) So some days have been full and some have been taken easy to give Sister Birch time to feel better. Tuesday was one of those days, but we did see Ruth (a recently reactivated less active!) and that was good. She was so sweet she got me a birthday gift; I have a photo so I will attach that. We also had a dinner appointment with a really sweet lady from the ward. She is super fun to visit because she served a mission so we exchange stories, she served in Ireland.

Ruth and I and my birthday present
Wednesday we visited Loraine she pulled a muscle and has been bed/house bound; which she wasn’t too happy about but she has been able to listen to all the general conference talks. And she loved it. Towards the end of the week she was having a harder time, so I had some good phone calls with her. Although sometimes it is hard, it is good being able to support people here. People here aren’t afraid to phone if they are going through a hard time. Well most of them, either they will not show anyone that they are having a hard time or they are really open about it. So even though sometimes it stresses me out, I am happy that I get to help these people. That night we had ward coordination, and there was this huge spider on the wall above my head for the whole meeting. And so I was super paranoid the whole time. But some of the Elders wouldn’t let us squash it. And to be honest that spider was so big I wouldn’t have had the guts to squash it anyway (haha see what I did there, see the pun...sort of)

 Thursday we had zone interview training. So we had interviews with our mission president which is always good. He is a wonderful mission president! And we talked a lot about Family History and also stress management. A lot of missionaries are having a hard time adjusting to missionary life with coming out so young; they end up stressing themselves out to the point of mental or physical illness and go home. So the leadership is really pushing on trying to stop that. Each missionary got a booklet about stress management. It’s a really good booklet! Also like I said they are really focusing on Family History work. Between general conference and all the talk about missionary work and member missionary work (which I would encourage you all to embrace because it truly does make a difference) and now in the mission field we talk about Family History. You really start to get an idea about how ready the field is to harvest and how much hastening we are doing. I feel like it’s really getting into the final laps, we are picking up speed! Now that doesn’t mean the end is really near, but I feel like I am finally getting a fraction of understanding of what the general authorities are saying when they say the end is near! And I am so happy to be a part of it full time!

We also met with Lorain again on Friday, and I met some new people. There is this family that we occasionally meet with. The father is a pastor, so they aren’t interested in the gospel, that’s why we only meet with them every once in a while, but they are a great family and so nice. They feed us and we just talk of Christianity and life and stuff; Just a really nice family. Although I didn't really meet the whole family, I only met the daughter and son who are around my age. The daughters name is Elspeth and she is my age, and she made us dinner; which was super nice of her! We also met with Sister Brett. It was nice to see her and her husband George.

On Saturday we went and visited Mary Cunningham. She is pretty old and can’t get out very much so Louise (our relief society president, and an amazing one at that! Probably the best I have seen, she is on top of everything! She never stops it amazes me!), asked us to stop by. Mary is super sweet, she is Elder Brown-Cunningham’s granny, and so it’s weird because she and he had a really close relationship and she talks about him a lot and she always calls him by his first name…that is really weird to get used to! Haha. But she is a great lady and we really enjoyed visiting her! You should see the basket of biscuits (candy bars) she has in her kitchen! Haha it’s so big!

Sunday we had church and we also had a dinner appointment with this lady that is less active because of health reasons. It was the first time I met her. She is a really nice lady, and made us awesome homemade lasagna! She is part Italian or something and the recipe was an original Italian recipe! So it was awesome.  You know I really should start a recipe book so that I can bring these recipes home; there are some amazing soup recipes here! And I love soup! So it’s perfect.

So that was my week in between those appointments we just did a lot of finding. We have a few potentials but nothing that has developed so far. Bella our investigator is doing really good, she was out of town this week so that’s why we didn’t get to see her but she is doing swell. Oh! We had a dinner appointment with Nicola and her daughters last Monday night and it was a really good talk with her. Also she made this pork dish that was so good! It was like something you would have made mom! Oh my goodness it made me miss home, it was so good! And now they are in Dubai and we are feeding their cat while they are out! This is good, because it gives us a direction to walk to when we are street contacting and a wee break from all the finding we are doing.
Also I got kissed on the hand by a drunk guy.....awkward, but I got the better part because he kept on getting really close to sister Birch, I thought he was going to plant one right on her cheek! There were a lot of drunk people out this weekend, more than usual. You know I finally figured out what beer smells like, because of Edinburgh. There are a lot of brewery’s and so often times especially when it’s cold, which it has been getting a lot colder now :(, the smell of beer is all throughout the city. It’s not bad in the air...what’s gross is the concentrated smell in someone’s breath when they talk to us! It makes me gag, it’s so gross!

Street performers!
Anyway I just want to say that I am so happy to be here! I have come to love missionary work and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but here! Honestly missionary work brings so much happiness and it has this way of making it 10x easier to follow the commandment to love thy neighbor! I thought that was so hard before, but its amazing how your feelings change when you serve people and the Lord. I have come to love so many people that I never thought I would be able to. Even people I have only talked to for a minute. I should love everyone, even the people I don’t talk to, but I am still working on that one. Progress though! Anyway so I just want to say thanks for all the support and love!

Sister Watt

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