Sunday, November 17, 2013

Good week!

Sister Cardon and I....I was meaning to smile but it came out a grimace, don’t know why!
As you can probably tell it was a good week! Monday p-day was way too stressful for a p-day but afterwards we have an FHE with a family in our ward and with our investigators Nicola and her girls! So that was good. Kent is one of the Ward Mission Leaders and he did the lesson and he did a really good job! Tuesday we visited Denise (less active with non-member husband) she is doing good. She has a really good testimony of the church but her husband is in the early stages of dementia so that’s what keeps her from church. But she is so nice to us and always feeds us when we pop by. :)  We also had dinner at Doreen’s (member) she always feeds us, every week, she is so nice!

Wednesday we visited Lorraine (recent convert) and she was doing good. But then a couple of days later she got bad again. Lorraine does this, she does really well and then Satan works on her and then she dips again. But I believe that she is getting better with each time she rises, and she knows the church is true and she loves it (even if she doesn't

 remember that fact). And we also did a quick visit with Ruth (less-active) and had ward coordination’s. We did some chapping in the morning and set up an appointment with this guy John, and later in the week when we showed up for the appointment he wasn't there. But that’s ok because at least we planted a seed.

Sister Cardon and Chloe’s pictures she drew for us!
Sister Cardon and I have been putting a lot of effort in to finding, because we have investigators but they aren't progressing. :( So we are trying to get investigators who will progress. Also our Stake President gave us a challenge regarding members. So it’s been a good week meeting members. We have been meeting with members that we don’t really know and getting to know them and also setting up a date with them to pray and find someone to accept a lesson from us in the members home! We have challenged I think like 8 members. And they are all in 4-6 weeks. So in December and early January, we are going to have an explosion of investigators. I know that as long as we pray that these members have missionary experiences and act on them that they will find people for us to teach. Also to make it better we were challenged by the Stake President to do much more than just sit there and let the member do the work, we need to be like coaches and phone them every couple of days and stuff. So I think it will be really good to do this! Sister Cardon and I have really tried hard to embrace this challenge. It is making me really excited for the future, and I just hope I am there to experience the fruit of our labors for it! So we will see.

Anyway Thursday we tried by a former investigator, we had a really good talk with her and hopefully we will be the right missionaries to help her develop a testimony in Joseph Smith, because that’s her main problem. I have come to see how much my mission is preparing me for my future career as a math education teacher. And also my previous work with math and helping some peers in university (sorry that must sound weird calling it university, that’s how they say it here) with understanding what we are learning. Because I have come to find that the best way to help people is to learn the way that they learn and then teach that way. I feel like I have been doing that with every investigator, at least trying to, and you can really see the impact. It’s vital that a missionary is flexible in the way that they teach, because not everyone learns the same way. For this investigator we came to the realization that she has such a strong background with the bible (she used to be Jehovah’s witness but got excommunicated from it) that we need to make sure we back up everything we say with scriptures! So I think it will be really good for her.

We also met with some members that we hadn't met with before and that was good! Friday we visited Sally Hunter, a recent convert that I haven’t had the opportunity to meet before. She has gone through surgery and stuff and it was so nice to hear that she was so excited to finally have the strength and health to go back to church. Later at church I said hi and asked her how she was feeling and she just smiled and said, it’s nice to be back! It made me so happy to see such a new member so dedicated and in love with the gospel. We often see so many recent converts who struggle enormously through their first year, and it’s such a battle sometimes. It’s refreshing to see someone who is so confident with their decision to be baptized.

We had dinner with the Daley's, they usually feed us every week but since conference everything has been jumbled, so it’s been a while. They are a young family, and don’t have too much money, I am constantly touched by the members here who are so willing to feed us despite their situation. Like Mary Austin feeds us virtually every week also and she is old, and can’t move around very well, and yet she insists on feeding us. The spirit of the Lord is strong here and especially with these people!

We also visited Norma (a less active) on Friday, and she had a relapse that she wasn't happy about it. It’s been 20+ years since her last relapse. So Sister Cardon and I decided to take matters in our own hands and we made a 2 week schedule to help get her back to church. She was such a good sport and was completely good about it. We even made her sign the schedule so she had to promise to follow it strictly. And she said she would. Norma is a woman of her word and she wants to come back to church because she has only been gone for like 5 months and she knows that it’s because of her negligence to her spiritual welfare that has caused her to relapse. So she was pretty upset with herself and she knows she needs to get back as soon as possible. :) I am excited for her! I like her, she is the type of personality that I can be straight forward with and she will take it fine, there are way too many people here that are beat around the bush people, you can’t be straightforward or else they will get offended! hahaha, beating around the bush isn't exactly my forte!

Chloe with my glasses and tag!
Alright so Saturday we met with Helen (recent convert) and she is doing good as per usual! And then we went to visit Mary, who is an elderly lady who can’t come out to church because of her health. Her granddaughter was there and we drew pictures with her and stuff, it was fun. Chloe drew us a ton of photos and we put them up in our flat, Ill attach a photo! Then we visited Ruth again. Sunday we went to church and basically just street contacted and chapped all day long! Except for a dinner appointment we had with a family that we didn't know very well. During our finding we found a good potential, well we found a few good potentials, but one in particular that we found and set up a return appointment. So that’s good. Well that was my week; I am rapidly running out of time so I am going to close. I love you all and thanks for the support and prayers, I hope to see some success soon!

Sister Watt

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