Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hey so this will probably be a short email‏

Eating my cheesecake on my birthday
Thanks for all the birthday invites! (That must be a Scottish term for well wishes)  That was really kind and made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

So Sister Birch has been sick all week so my week isn't really that exciting. Haha. Our two appointments that we made for this week from chapping last week both fell through. But on the plus side, we had joint teaches lined up with them, which is something we are trying to work on, getting the member more involved, and so that was good that we made that goal, despite the fact that the two lessons fell through. Everything has been really focused on working with members more and I am really excited because I was talking to Sister Birch about that earlier as well, so it made me feel good that God was guiding me as well as my leaders so that I felt like I was still on track with Gods will. Well not still, because I am nowhere perfect at submitting my will to Gods, but I try my best!
My cheesecake, Thanks to the Brown-Cunningham family!

We got a referral from Lorraine, so that was cool and she was really excited about it. Her name is Julia and Lorraine invited her to church, she is a student and a really nice girl. So hopefully that goes well. We were able to meet with Nicola this week as well. She and her daughters got back from visiting Dubai and told us all about it and then we had a good talk about a friend of theirs that hopefully we can start teaching with Nicola and her daughters as well. Nicola hasn't joined the church yet, but I am praying that she will come to know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and I think, based off of Preach my Gospel and the scriptures themselves, that that will help her make a decision. She struggles with tithing and that is what she says holds her back. Well I was studying specifically for her and I found in my studies that when someone has a problem with tithing or word of wisdom, you need to check their testimony of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith, and more likely than not, that will be the actual problem. So this has seemed true thus far with Nicola, so I am hoping she can come to understand the importance of the Book of Mormon and gaining a testimony of it. We will see!

We met with Ruth as usual. She is so sweet, I forgot to tell you last week, Ruth also got me another birthday gift! She is too sweet. She got me a pretty bracelet with leaves on it. It was really nice of her! She is activated now and she is learning so much! It’s great because she will call or text us and tell us about this wonderful spiritual experience she had while reading the scriptures and it really is rewarding! Lorraine said she found her testimony this week. So that was really good to hear as well. Often Lorraine has moments of spiritual high and then moments where Satan really works hard on her, so while we try hard to support her and answer questions when she is going through a hard time, it is all worth it when she phones and says, "Sister Watt, are you sitting down, because you better!" haha and then tells me about this wonderful spiritual experience she had. I feel like with every spiritual experience she has she grows stronger. I think that is how it works for all of us, we are spiritually enlightened, then we struggle but once we get through that struggle we are spiritually enlightened again and we are stronger from the struggle.

Saturday there was a baptism for Martin. He has been taught by some elders in our ward. I was so happy that he was getting baptized. I remember the first time I met him…this was our conversation... (This is at church by the way)
"Hello, I’m sister watt."
"Hi,  (I’m) Martin."
"Nice to meet you Martin, how are you doing?"
"Well I’m hung over, but I’m here!"
HAHAHAHAHAHA and that was a big thing for Martin to be at church that morning. Well I talked to him when he arrived for his baptism and reminded him of that conversation and he laughed and then said, well I am really sober now! Haha. Martin asked me to give a talk at his baptism, so I talk about baptism and it was great. You could just tell that he was so happy. He was struggling to keep the emotions down. Even though I didn't teach him, I was sooooo happy for him. That’s good for me; it means I am growing to really understand missionary work. :)

Well that’s all I have to say really. Oh! Moves call was this Sunday, Sister Birch and I are staying but we are getting a third companion. Her name is Sister Cardon. So that will be interesting. Thanks for all the support guys! I love you!

Sister Watt

Sister Birch and I before church on Sunday

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