Sunday, November 10, 2013

I am awesome at darts! ‏

I made this cake for the Cunningham family because I lost their spring form pan,
so I bought a new one and made a cake in it for them!

Hey family! And Friends! 
So this week hasn't been that exciting. So breaking news, Sister Birch has gone home. She has a stomach condition, has had it her whole life. But the mission life has aggravated it so since the doctors can’t do anything for her, she got an honorable release and now it’s just Sister Cardon and I. It will be a good transfer though. Sister Cardon and I get along really well.

We visited a less active on Tuesday and that was good. She has been through cancer and stuff and she wants to come back to church, so that’s good. We had dinner at Doreen’s house. She is so nice; she feeds us every week so that is so nice of her!

Wednesday we got Sister Cardon. She came from Londonderry Ireland. So it’s been fun listening to some stories about Ireland. Since Sister Birch hasn't been well we have been dropping her off at the mission home and then going out to work! Thursday night was awesome! We had the Halloween party at the church. The rule was that all missionaries had to be in at 6 Halloween night, but we had a ward party so we could go as long as we got a ride home from someone. Well the missionaries were in charge of the haunted house! So we made a 3 room haunted house. We made a maze in one and then fog and black light room in another and then a room for the kids to get candy and stuff. And that was awesome! We got to scare people, oh man it was sooo much fun! There were a lot of non-members and less actives and investigators there too. So that was good. I was underneath a table and grabbed peoples feet as they passed by, and before they passed by on the other side I would come out with my hair in front of my face and creep them out by singing a twinkle, twinkle little star all creepy like! It was awesome!

On Friday Sister Cardon and I got some good street contacting done! We got quite a few potential investigators. It felt good to get back out on the streets talking to people! We also met with Helen and another less active that we hadn't met prior to this. So that is good, we are getting new/more people to work with!

Saturday consisted of Sister Birch packing; also the mission home is closed on Saturdays because that is all the senior missionaries’ day off. So we were in the flat for a bit. Then we had a girl’s activity with Nicola and her 2 daughters and their friend Afton. We got permission from President and Sister Brown to watch The Legend of Johnny Lingo! It was so cheesy but awesome, and then we talked to these girls about self-worth and we find that through God. Since none of these girls are members, they don’t get this taught in school or in society or even sometimes by their parents, so I think it was really good to watch that and talk about it with them! A really good girl bonding moment, and all of them came to church on Sunday. Nicola and one of her daughters come to church often but not her other daughter and the friend came as well. So I think that was really cool!
 After that we went to a dinner appointment with Ruth. When Sister Birch told Ruth that she was going home, she took it really hard. I feel bad for Ruth; she really likes her a lot. Sunday we went to church and Sister Birch said goodbye to everyone and then we went home and sister birch finished packing and then a Senior couple came and picked her up, so she stayed the night there and they took her to the airport early this morning. We had a dinner appointment with some members in the ward, and we also stopped by Rosa and Roberto and watched a movie with them.

My darts
Coolest thing happened ever! Roberto doesn't like saying prayers. So we said a closing prayer and then I made a deal with him, they had a dart board so I said, "Ok Roberto Sister Cardon and I will play against you and Sean, if we win, you have to say the prayer next week. And if you win, you have to make us dinner next week!" Haha! So he agreed. Well we did a practice shot and then we did the real thing. I have to tell you, I did horrible the first time. Then the second time I threw the 3 dots and the first two times I got a 20 which is awesome. And then my last one I got a bulls-eye! It was so cool! Needless to say we won, and because it was so awesome they agreed to feed us and Roberto will say the prayer! It was so legit! Anyway so the spirit helped me in my dart throwing! Haha it was awesome. So that was my week! 
I know the church is true! I love you all! I have got to go, running out of time! Love you!

Sister Watt

Here is Christine's response to her dads letter this week. I thought it was very good and informative so i am adding it here.

Hahahaha dad this email made me laugh. Yes Scottish English is very different from American English. Especially Ruth. She has an Aberdeenian accent, the Edinburgh accent is probably the easiest accent. Glaswegian and Aberdeenian are probably the hardest I have heard (Glaswegian is from Glasgow, so I was exposed to that accent in my first area, so most accents are easy for me now), but I also know that the Fyfe accent is really weird and I haven't heard the highland accent which I hear is super hard! So yes Scottish English is very different! Haha but you get used to it, and you start talking like them sometimes. They say Maths instead of Math, and I told someone my major the other day and I said that I was studying maths education without even thinking about it! It was weird. And sometimes Scottish comes out of my mouth, like aye, and donnae, and cannae, like "I cannae be bothered" instead of saying "I can't be bothered", meaning I don't have the energy or I just don't want to. Haha so things like that slip out of my mouth and then I shock myself! Also sometimes I can hear an accent come out of my mouth and I am like, whoa I said that weird! And when I first got here some people thought I was from England because of my mixed accent. So just some fun facts about your part Scottish daughter! haha. 

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