Sunday, November 24, 2013

Kind of a rough week but its ok!‏

This picture is an older photo from a couple of weeks past. It’s called a hot pot and the most authentic Chinese food you can get here! It was amazing!

Hey everyone! 

This will probably be a less than exciting email. We are moving flats tomorrow and so this week has been pretty full of preparing for that move. We currently live in a way too big flat and even though it’s only been used by missionaries for less than a year the bad thing about a big flat is; you have a lot of places to store rubbish. So Sister Cardon and I have had the delightful task of going through everyone else's junk and packing up the ginormous flat! So that has been kind of frustrating and I look forward to getting this all behind us so that we can put 100% focus on our missionary work. I feel like I finally got to a transfer where I can just feel that something great is coming and of course all this stuff comes that is taking away our days to go find that great thing! But I know that if Sister Cardon and I just focus on the work it will work out. I am trying to remind myself to expect miracles from God. If we are working hard, we can expect things to happen. So that’s my internal battle I am having right now.
A few highlights of the week! Norma came to church. "The Two Week Recover Program to get Norma to Church" worked! She came and she said it felt good be back and everyone was really happy to see her. It was funny because she came up to me and says "When everyone says something about me being back, I keep on blaming you!" Haha I told her that I would love to be blamed for that any day. Although I know it wasn’t me or Sister Cardon, it was her dedication and the spirit that got her there! Anyway I am happy for her!

Also Sister Cardon and I were discussing a "who what when where" during our planning two nights ago. So a "who what when where" is when we try to be led by the spirit on the type of person we will find (who), what we will teach them (what), what time of the day and what will we be doing when we find this person (when), and obviously where we will find them. So we decided in order to reach our transfer goal for how many baptisms we want by the end of the transfer we needed to find someone who was ready; simply that. And we did! We talked to this guy who was looking at a church sign and we asked him if he needed any help with anything and he said he was trying to find the St. Andrews church because of an AA meeting. He couldn’t find it so we ended up giving him our version of the AA meeting in gospel terms. He has decided to quit drinking and he has only been doing it for a week. So there are some hoops we need to jump through with him, but that is ok! The important thing is that he was ready! We gave him a Book of Mormon and you could just see how the spirit was working on him. Sometimes that happens when we talk to people; they start off rigid about it all but then as we talk to them and the spirit comes; you can see the spirit working on them. They start thinking more, and realizing the importance of God and they start asking questions and their whole countenance changes. Then we said a prayer with him after we had taught him how much prayer would help him when he had the urges to drink and after the prayer he was so peaceful and you could tell that he felt the spirit really well! So that was really exciting for us!

We are teaching Deryl now, (who is a former investigator). She has learned a lot but has a problem with Joseph Smith. If we can resolve that problem then she will be golden. She just struggles because of the Bible saying no man has ever seen God. We tried showing examples in the bible where it states clearly that man has seen god, but she is torn from her upbringing. So fingers crossed that we can resolve the issue soon! She would be a really good member and really strong as well!
We saw Lorraine and Ruth as per usual. We also met with this family that the Sister Missionaries’ have been friends with for a while. I have only been once and when I did go the father wasn’t home we just met with the daughter. Anyway this man is a Baptist preacher and he came when we were there and just started asking loads of questions. Basically he didn’t treat us very well, he acted like we were 5 year olds, and then it turned from us answering his questions to him preaching to us. So we were running late to this dinner appointment and we had already told him that we needed to go, but he just kept on going so I had to interrupt him and put my two cents in and then suggest that we leave. It was kind of a sour ending to the conversation but the thing is, as missionaries we are here to preach and have discussions with people, not to be preached too. I am totally fine with comparing religions and both sides sharing what we believe but when it gets to someone preaching to me I start to have a problem. So yeah it made me pretty angry. Haha. I don’t think we will be going back there.

We had planned appointments from people we had met last week and earlier this week but they all bailed :( But that’s ok we have found some good potentials.
In between all these visits we have been cleaning and packing our flat. So not as productive of a week that I would have hoped for, but it had to get done!
So anyway that is my week! I hope everything is going well back home! Thanks for all the prayers and love!

Cheers! Love you!
Sister Watt 
Sister Cardon and My fortnight together. That is the biggest fort I have ever made, it covers our bunk beds and it’s awesome!!!!

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