Monday, December 16, 2013

Half way there, "Do you Believe in Miracles", and a dreaded move.‏

"I am going to miss you Edinburgh!"
 Well I guess to start off I want to say that this is the end of my first half of my mission. I know the dates are off because actually my halfway point would be the 27th of December, but in transfer time table this is half of my mission done! CRAZY! I will be home in 9 months, that blows my mind. 
Also we got our moves call and I am moving to East Killbride. Now if you’re wondering why I didn't put an exclamation mark on the end of that statement is because I am not too happy about it. If you remember East Killbride is in the same district as Hamilton. I am literally a 30 minute bus ride from Hamilton. So much for a change of scenery eh! God has a sense of humor because he heard all the times I told Sister Hulet (while in Hamilton) how happy I was that we weren't serving in East Killbride.....and now I am going. I am also follow-up training; which basically means, my soon-to-be companion was being trained (which goes on for 12 weeks) by another Sister. Well that Sister just got moved to be a Sister Training Leader, and so they needed to bring in another Sister to finish off the training, so that’s what I will be doing. We will see how it goes. I am also pretty gutted (Scottish for upset) about leaving because as you can see by the subject we had a miracle happen.

This whole transfer Sister Cardon and I have been praying to find people who have been prepared to accept the gospel. We have been searching a lot for these people by doing a lot of finding this whole transfer. I guess we finally proved to God that we were willing to put the work in because instead of leading us to these people, God lead them to us. To start off we got a phone call from the mission home about a referral they received. It was a girl named Hannah, who watches a YouTube blog (I think it’s called the Shaytards) that a Mormon family does. One of the brothers or sons or something, just left for his mission. So Hannah wanted to know more about it all and sent a message to church headquarters. Well we went to her house and she let us in right away and we have met with her twice already. She is 21 and in university, and she just has loads of questions! It was so great, she is going home for Christmas on Wednesday so we won’t be able to teach her again until January, but I think it will go really good for her. Whether or not she gets baptized, it’s great to see someone who is genuinely interested in it all. She also came to church on Sunday, so that was really cool. So that was Thursday night we stopped by her.
This is the coffee shop that J.K.Rowling wrote a lot of her books in, including when she wrote it on napkins, it overlooks the castle in the back and she would look at the castle for inspiration. J.K.Rowling lives just outside of Edinburgh!
On Saturday morning we met Helen (recent convert) at the church to have a lesson and she says I have some good news. While we were walking into the room that has the seats and she says "Andrew, my son, has been reading the Book of Mormon and says he wants to get baptized."  I almost didn't make it to my seat. Seriously I think my knees just about buckled when she told us that! Ah it was crazy. So we talked to her a little bit more about it. Sister Birch and I taught Andrew once a LONG time ago. Helen says that Andrew has been reading it a lot and asking questions and just came in the other morning and told her he wanted to get baptized! So we told Helen to tell him that if he wants to get baptized he has to come to church and learn from us. I wasn’t completely sure if he would come, but he did! He was at church and we talked to him, gave him a baptism calendar, and showed him everything that he needs to learn, and explained how before we baptized him, we want to make sure he knows everything and believes it. And he was like "yeah I appreciate that" and we made an appointment with him for today! In fact, right after I finish emailing! So that was way cool, and such a great blessing! MIRACLE!

Alright I will quick to a wrap up of my week:
Monday we had an appointment with the Italian guy I mentioned. We taught his girlfriend and him, and after that lesson they weren’t that interested. So we didn’t set up a return appointment, but they were super kind! Tuesday was Sister Cardon’s birthday and we had zone meeting and we went and saw Deryll, we actually saw Deryll Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday night. But she still doesn't believe that man can see God, so therefore she doesn’t believe in Joseph Smiths vision, and she refuses to believe, and says she never will. So if she doesn’t get a spiritual conformation soon, we might have to drop her. :( I was sick this week and so I spent a good amount of the time in sleeping. I have conquered my cough though, which is amazing because I usually get bronchitis and have a cough for like a month! So that’s good!

Wednesday we went to Bella's house for dinner. It was nice meeting with her again, and I really hope that God softens her boyfriend’s heart so she can start actively learning about the gospel again, because she wants to learn, her partner is just in the way! We don’t want to destroy any relationships so we are letting her take it at the pace she thinks her boyfriend can handle. Thursday we had dinner at the Boden’s (a senior missionary couple, they are great!) and like I already mentioned Thursday night we met Hannah.

Friday we saw Norm, I LOVE NORM! I love that she is active in the church now, and so does she. God really directed us on that one, because if she hadn’t come back to church when she did, she told us that she would have made it ten times harder for her to do that, because we met with her right in a critical time in her life. So I am grateful for God sending us there. We also saw Pam Hoyle (a less active) and had dinner at the Cunninghams. Saturday we met with Helen and Hannah again, and dinner at Ruths. Sunday we had 2 investigators at church!!!!!!!!!! And also visited Sappho and Maggie Scott (less actives), that’s where we got the moves call. So that was my week, sorry I made the ending of this email really boring; I started with all the exciting stuff. I should have spaced it out more so that my email was much more exciting! Anyway, I will be emailing you from East Killbride next week! I hope everyone is having a great Christmas season. Sister Cardon and I got a wee Christmas tree up....and now I am leaving it! :'( Its ok though, I am just being overly dramatic. I love you all and have a great week!

Sister Watt
I saw this girl get off the bus with a mustache tattoo on her finger like this, so I copied her!
 "I mustache you a question!"

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