Monday, December 16, 2013

I’m a father!‏

Sis Watt's flat is above the Bridal shop, the dormer is where they sleep. It is a two level flat.


Weird huh? So with the mission if you train someone you’re their parent. So an Elder would be the Father of a new missionary and a Sister would be the mother of a new missionary. But when a trainee has 2 parents either at the same time, or follow-up trainer like me!, they have both parents. Sister Ricks trained my companion, Sister Jacques, for the first 6 weeks, and so she is her mum, and since I am follow-up training for the last 6 weeks I am Sister Jacques father! :) I never thought I would be a father one day. But alas, what can you do, Sister Ricks is definitely the more motherly type, so it works out! I have been working on my beard but I think it might take a while.
So here is a chart to let you know a little about my situation just now.

Benefits of East Kilbride:
Not in the city= less crazy bus traffic, less possibility of getting hit by cars, less noise, and quicker transportation (when you are actually on the bus)
Less foreign people, don’t get me wrong I love the foreigners but it does make communicating easier and also I actually feel like I am in Scotland again, as opposed to being in some strange melting pot!
Nicer People- Edinburgh is more posh (wealthy) so people can be kind of stuck up, not all of them, but a little.
Glaswegian accent back, that's my first Scottish language, I missed it so much! I love Glaswegian accent, it’s so thick.
Nicer flat- it’s a super cute flat that has two floors and is above a wedding dress shop so in the wee hours of the morning I can do jumping jacks without being worried about waking up anyone
Less Drunk People, I don’t know what it is about the city but people are just  drunk more often there

Downfalls of East Kilbride:
Well I left right before Christmas, so that’s not that fun.
Glasgow is colder than Edinburgh, and East Kilbride is colder than Glasgow- I have been having to re-adjust to this cold weather
Weekend raves- We live on main street so on Friday and Saturday night we can hear the club and pub and karaoke music just down the street, oh and all the drunk people
Less Scenic, Edinburgh is a beautiful city! East Kilbride is still pretty, but less historic and more modern
And I repeat, it’s colder and wetter! :(

So there you have it! Both places have their perks and their quarks. :) But I am happy to be here. I know I was pretty upset to leave Edinburgh, and I still have moments of missing Edinburgh but in the words of the Scotland/Ireland mission motto, "Where 'ere thou art, act well thy part". So I am trying my best to bloom where I am planted.

Sis. Watt said this reminded her of a scripture....
Sister Jacques is a great missionary. She is pretty bubbly, and so that is pretty good to lift my spirits a bit. It's weird follow-up training especially since Sister Ricks and I are so different. Sister Ricks was Sister Jacques first companion and we do missionary work differently. It’s the same work but we teach different, we go finding differently, and our personalities are way different, so I kind of feel bad for Sister Jacques because she has to learn from two different styles. But she is already so good, I don’t know if I will even teach her anything new. It’s also weird being a trainer and following your trainee around because you don’t know the area. Poor Sister Jacques has had to try to get us around everywhere. She is going to be a great missionary after having to deal with me! haha
I will quickly tell you about our week.

Monday and Tuesday consisted of packing and visiting people. It was pretty sad saying goodbye to some of the people. We taught Andrew and he is set his Baptism date for the 25th of December! Way exciting. Wednesday I went to a trainer meeting but had to leave early to catch my train. And then I went back to Glasgow, it was weird because I already knew where everything was and stuff. I didn’t have to get a new library card when I got here because I already have a South Lanarkshire library card, also I didn’t even have to get a new bus pass, all I had to do was top it up! So that makes for an easy transition.
Edinburgh Souvenir.
We played some football on Wednesday, which was awesome because I got my Edinburgh Souvenir on Tuesday, which was a Hibernian (hibs) football strip (jersey). So that is my special thing I got for Edinburgh. Then we had a dinner appointment with a family with the surname of the Rodgers that was really nice of them to have us. And we met with an investigator named Linda.

Thursday we weekly planned and had a Dinner appointment with another family, the Thompsons. And we found some really good potentials, including one who we have a return appointment with on Tuesday.

Friday we did some AUF's and then visited another investigator, a 10 year old named Scott. He would totally get baptized right now but because of custody issues with his father having to consent its currently being pushed back until the court is all done with. :( Then we had a dinner appointment with another family, the McNally's. As I am sure you can tell I am getting well fed. Saturday we met with a less active and the weather was atrocious! So wet and windy, we were drenched all day long. Because we didn’t have any appointments so we went finding in that weather! Oh man is was terrible!

Sunday was good meeting the ward and everything! And we met with a less active, Sister Betty, and a lady in a nursing home named Fay, she is a non-member and not interested in our church but her daughter is a member and she appreciates the visits. And now today; so that was my week!

I hope all is well! Sorry this wasn’t a very spiritual letter. I won’t be emailing next Monday on behalf of Christmas. So I think its appropriate to say...
Love you all!
Sister Watt
P.S. I never shared her Hamilton Souvenir, so here it is.

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