Monday, December 16, 2013

Moving and Cop Cars! ‏

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Like the subject of this email? I am going to start off with a crazy story. So a couple of days ago Sister Cardon and I were finding on the street. It was 8:30 so we were near our flat so we could get in at 9 and we stopped this old lady. Well we asked her how she was doing and she said that she was having a terribly bad day and that she could find her way home. So we pulled out our trusty map and find the street she was looking for. She was a pretty good distance from home and it was late and dark and not in the best of areas so we walked her home. Mind you this becomes like a 45 minute walk. So now we are late for getting home but that’s ok, we are helping someone out. 

She had groceries and flowers and she kept on saying that she just thought she would go out to get her messages (groceries) and try to be back before it got dark. So let’s think about this, its winter in Scotland. It gets dark at around 4:30-5, its now 8:30! How long has this woman been walking around!!!!!! Anyway, poor old lady must have dementia or something because she didn’t even know what her house looked like. So finally after this long walk we get to her street and we are looking for number 82. Well we are getting close to it and a cop car is parked at the curb. Well he got out and asked what we were looking for and we told him house number 82. And he asked the old lady what her name is and she said May Gibson, and he puts his mouth to his walky talky and asks what is the name of the lady they are searching for and there is a little pause then "May Gibson". So the officer starts asking us questions and we waves at the window in the flat and turns out there is an officer in her flat. Well he takes May and us up to her flat where there are 2 more officers and a very worried daughter. 

Basically this woman went out to get groceries at 2 and had been walking around since then. She is a great walker, I must say, she was walking fast and still had stylish shoes on. Anyway, so the cops take Sister Cardon and me to get statements. We are both taken to two separate rooms and we got questioned. Like where we found her and what state of mind she was in, and what’s our address, what are we doing here in Scotland, what’s our number, and then where we found her again and again asked what we said to her yada yada! I think they considered for a second that we kidnapped this old grandma. :) haha Well then afterwards the cops and the daughter thanked us and also gave us her flowers that she bought. I tried to insist that she kept them but they wouldn’t have it.  And then the Sargent was like alright you two , you are free to go home.......We are a 45 minute walk from home and its now 9:45!!!!! So I asked the guy if there was a bus that connected the two areas, and he tried to explain to me for a few seconds and then the other cop was just like, eh we will take you home! So to top it off we got to ride home in the backseat of a cop car. It was AWESOME! Can you just imagine two missionaries getting out of a cop car! :) Yeah so that was good, we talked to the cops a little bit about the gospel but they were too busy dealing with other things. So yes that is my story, basically the most exciting thing that has happened all week! 

Sis. Cardon's Birthday!
Also we moved, which was terrible! It took all day on Tuesday to move, and we still have to go back to the other flat to deep cleanse it! WE had a really rough week. We got lots of potentials and some set up appointments and even an accepted invitation to church.....and they all fell through! So that’s fun. I feel like we just spent the whole week just on buses going to one canceled appointment to another! Not to be bitter about it or anything but it was quite frustrating, and mentally draining.

On the plus side we got fed a lot this week, and a couple in the ward took us to meet their friend. She has investigated before but her husband is a big deterrent for her actively investigating, but she is interested. And she has had all the lessons and everything, she is even the head to the ward activities committee, basically she is pretty well off and sponsors every activity our ward has, and is in charge of all of it! So that’s really cool, but she doesn’t believe the Book of Mormon is true. So that’s also a problem. But she is super nice and is having us over for Thanksgiving (she is American!) and so we will have the opportunity to meet her husband. So hopefully that goes well. We were invited to enrichment where they made Christmas wreaths and cute heart things, and we had 2 investigators there, and a few less actives. So that was really good. Norma came to church again this week and was able to take the sacrament and she is just doing awesome. She finished her 2 week spiritual recovery program ;) and now we have her on a 1 week spiritual retention program! haha she loves these programs. We met with a lot of the usual’s and also did a lot of finding. 

There is this guy Jose that is bound to get baptized, because we have run into him on the street 3 times! The first time we got his number and said we would get a Portuguese Book of Mormon for him. Then the 2nd time he got on the bus when we were heading home so we set up to see him Sunday morning to bring the Book of Mormon and he agreed to go to church. Sunday morning came and he wasn't home, well Sunday night we were street contacting and guess who walks up with his wife. José! So we stopped him and met his wife, Rita, and we gave him the Book of Mormon that we still had in our bag from the morning. We are pretty sure that we just had to meet his wife and that’s why this has all happened. Because she was so cute, she opened the Book of Mormon and was flipping through it and we asked him if we could set up a time with him, he said he was really busy so we asked about Sunday, and he said he had something going on. And Rita looked at him and was like "not on Sunday!" and hit him on the head with the Book of Mormon and was like "stop lying!" and then she gave us her number and told us to call her on Wednesday. Haha so that was really good and exciting! Fingers crossed. 

Well there is probably more, but that is all I have time for. I just gave the highlights, it really was a hard week, but hopefully it will get better. :) I hope all is well at home. Keep going, enduring to the end is the hardest part but we have the tools to accomplish it, so use those tools and endure!

Love you all!

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