Sunday, January 19, 2014

I’m a celebrity

George D. Watt, Sis Watt's 2nd Great Grandfather. Her dads Great Grandfather. 
January 13, 2014

Hello family and friends!
I have been in a very contemplative mood and thus have written a lot of long emails to family members, so I left a shorter amount of time to write this letter. So I will probably just write about my experience in Kirkcaldy, since number wise we didn’t have a very successful week!

Well Friday night Sis. Jacques and I traveled to Edinburgh, it was super tight switching train stations and trains to get to from Glasgow to Edinburgh. You arrive in Glasgow central from East Kilbride, and you have to go to Glasgow Queens Street to get the train to Edinburgh, we only had about 10 minutes to make it, so we speed walked to the other station and made it just on time before the train departed. Then we got into Edinburgh and it was sooooo great to be back! I LOVE EDINBURGH! The city is just gorgeous and warm....well warmer.

We got to meet up with Sister Cardon and her new companion Sister Adams at McDonalds so that we could catch up and grab a bite to eat. So it was really good seeing Sister Cardon again. Then, we hopped on a bus and went to the mission home. Not going to lie it was really nice knowing where I was going again. I still don’t have East Kilbride down. You wouldn’t think it would be hard because it’s such a small city, but I had an easier time learning Edinburgh because of the way the streets are and the bus system. So that felt nice. Then we slept at the mission home in luxury! Seriously the toilet (bathroom) that we used is bigger than the bedroom Sister Jacques and I share in our flat! Haha. Then in the morning we headed out.

It was super strange because everyone kept on coming up and saying "Are you Sister Watt?!" or "oh the woman of the hour". I am not used to that type of attention; I didn’t know how to handle myself. Well we just had a wee intro meeting where everyone introduced themselves and the Bishop and two members who are in charge of it talked about the building and history of the area. There were a lot of non-members there for the
George D. Watt
I can see Christine's dad in this one. 
tour. Bishop took everyone on a tour of the building, and talked about how it was made as well as our church and the things we are involved in. In the cultural hall they had a bunch of activities like service projects, a time capsule opened so that people could put things in, and tons and tons of pictures and history; including the history of George D Watt. They even had a picture of him up and had me say a little bit about him.

After the tour we had biscuits and hot cocoa, and I got the chance to talk to the non-members about our missionary work and our church. One of the members was being pretty bold about some things and I found myself in a few situations where I had to smooth over the conversation! Haha
I guess not everyone gets to practice being bold but respectful as much as missionaries do. I don’t blame him, it is very hard to be bold and respectful, but it did cause some awkward moments. haha

Anyway, then a lot of the people stayed around and looked at the individual presentations. They had DVD’s and slideshows and stuff going, and family history people, and the ward historian talking to people. It was a very impressive event and I was amazed with all the records and pictures they had of the members. Kirkcaldy is President and Sister Brown’s home ward, so we got to see photos of their wedding and times in the ward. It was really weird seeing President in normal trousers (pants) and a beard! Apparently he had that beard for a long time! So strange. Anyway then we just spent the next couple of hours looking at photos reading the history, and for me a lot of talking to people.

The stake president came and was gutted (upset) because he didn’t know I was serving here ( In the Scotland Mission) like 6 months ago, when he went on the radio and actually talked a lot about George D Watt. So when he found out that I still have 9 months left he was like, ok! Hopefully I can get you to come with me next time! I am not that excited to be on the radio, man this fame thing is really weird, it’s tough being famous ;) haha I’m kidding, but it is kind of weird.

I put a card in the time capsule and wrote who I was, where I had served and my relation to George. And then they buried it at the end of the event, and it will stay buried for 50 years! So that was quite fun! I thought about jumping in the capsule, but then I realized 50 years is a long time and I might miss some things.

Anyway after that we headed back with President and they got Chinese take away (take out) and we ate it at the mission home and then traveled back home. We got home about 30 minutes before 9, so we just kind of street contacted until it was time to check in for the night. So that was my week! We had 6 less active lessons, and we are starting to see some good progress with a few of them so that is good. Right now we are struggling with investigators, but hopefully it will pick up soon. Well I have got to head! I love you all and I hope you had a great week!

Sister Watt

From the mom, she didn't send pictures this week and I think pictures are so fun in a post. So, I added these. 
George D Watt

Upcoming Holiday!

Just a internet photo of Kirkcaldy, Scotland
                                                                                                                                  January 6, 2014

So fun news! I am going into Edinburgh Friday night and staying at the mission home, and then on Saturday morning President and Sister Brown are taking Sister Jacques and I to Kirkcaldy (which is in Fyfe area and next to the sea).The Kirkcaldy ward is having this 50th anniversary of the church building being built and so the Bishop asked President Brown if I could come over because George D Watt was the first missionary there. So yeah, he is also inviting like diplomats and stuff, so it’s cool that I am being ranked right up there with the big dawgs! I am pretty excited, it sounds like it’s going to be fun!
The Kirkcaldy LDS Chapel
So that was my big news! Now with the few days since I last emailed! Saturday, we have zone interview training, so I was able to meet with President and in the meeting there was a lot of talk about being more persistent, which I thought was really good, and a good reminder for me as well! Then Sunday we went to church, Paul bailed on us we will see what happens with him in the future, it’s really too bad because I feel like he has been really prepared.

But good news! We got a new investigator on Sunday. Her name is Caitlin and she is a YSA in university. We chapped her door a couple of weeks ago and she said to come back after she was done with her exams. So we have tried by like 3 times and yesterday was the 3rd time and she was home, and she let us in! We didn’t have much time but we just had a short chat about how she will know truth through the Holy Ghost, and we gave her a Book of Mormon and we have a return appointment! So that is exciting, I love working with younger people because they are usually attracted to the forward thinking of the church and they aren’t as set in their ways, so they are willing to change! So we are definitely excited for her.

We also met with Seda and the Smiths, both less actives and I feel like we had a really good talk with them, there are a lot of less actives to work with here in East Kilbride, so it’s been good getting to know all the different members and how they joined the church and what struggles they have and just to hear their testimony. It’s amazing and inspiring, yet sometimes sad at the same time that they aren’t strengthening themselves spiritually by going to church or reading their scriptures and so forth.

And now it’s Monday, so that’s all I really have to say! Haha today I get to see Maria and Victoria from Hamilton, they are coming to East Kilbride and taking Sister Jacques and I out to lunch! So I am excited for that. Well I hope everyone has a great week, and I love you all! Thanks for all the prayers!

Sister Watt

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Happy New Year!


Beautiful Sis. Watt with new slippers, necklace and tights. 

January 3, 2014


I have been doing a lot of thinking, as is normal for a missionary to do when they suddenly find themselves half way done with their mission and in the same year that they will be going home. I usually try not to think about going home but this has been good contemplation. I have been thinking a lot about the different things I have accomplished, I have even looked at some of the things that I had written when I was about 4 1/2 months out. And I was shocked to see how much I have changed, just in these last 5 1/2 months. I can tell that the missionary that I was then and the missionary that I am now are two completely different missionaries. I feel like I have become so much more obedient, my love for the work has increased by at least 3 times, as well as my love for the people, and my understanding of the gospel. It’s funny how I finally feel like I am ready to be a missionary, and yet I only have 9 months left! They say that that happens a lot, that right when you feel like you have it all down; you are on a plane home. Haha but I am so happy with the person I have become and look forward to the person I will be when I get home.

I don’t know about you, but I have made some New Year’s resolutions. I have decided that I am going to make these last 9 months the hardest working months of my life. I know that I will have days that I will struggle and it’s going to be hard, but I want to make sure that I have no regrets and that I’m finishing off my mission strong. You wouldn’t believe how many missionaries get close to going home and it brings down their missionary work, so I am determined not to let that happen! So I hope everyone holds me accountable for that!

Anyway enough with the sneak peek of Sister Watt's inner thoughts! Here is what we did this week!
From last Friday, when I emailed, we basically did weekly planning and then we had a dinner appointment with the McNally's which was super nice that they had us over for dinner considering we stayed at their house for Boxing Day as well. It was really good, we talked about their missionary efforts and we were able to help them pin point some reasons why sharing the gospel can be a struggle and we concluded that they needed to make sure they were preparing themselves every day in their scripture study, to talk to people about the gospel. I know that that is so important. Your daily scripture study will affect how confident and comfortable you will be when talking to people about the gospel; I know that is a fact! I have seen it in my missionary work as well in member missionaries here.

After that we were able to contact a less active that the Sisters were struggling to contact in the past, she is super nice and I feel like she is being prepared to come back to church, so that is good! Saturday we met with Brother McCafferty, and then we did a lot of finding, and also visited the Watsons. I felt bad because we kind of just randomly dropped in and they were having a mini family crisis going on, but then Sister Watson said she was glad we were here to help keep her calm a little. We practiced with Sister Watson on how she would bring up an invitation to learn about our church, in her home, to a friend. In companionship studies we often do role plays, because practice makes perfect, and so we did one with her, and I think it helped her to do that. We also met with Sister Proctor, a less active. I think the ward has decided to focus on Sister Proctor and how they can help her and help her come back to church, so we decided that we will be focusing her as well, so we decided to start seeing her 2 times a week and really pray and ponder about our lessons with her. So that will be interesting to see how it goes with that.

Sunday we had church and then we did some more finding and we visited Fay, a lady in a nursing home, and then we visited a less active family that I, personally, haven’t met before because we were never able to get in contact with them with all the holidays. It’s a mother and daughter and we only met the mother but she has a strong testimony, just some illnesses getting in the way. Monday was a really busy day, it started off with grocery shopping and getting a trim. This lady in our ward cut ours and the Elders hair, I know she didn’t take that much off but I feel like she did! Then we visited a former investigator and she agreed to meet with us again, and we stopped by Scott (nonmember who wants to get baptized but can’t just now) and Caroline (less active member) But Caroline had a really rough holiday so we talked to her a little about it, however she didn’t seem too keen on us being there so we didn't stay long. Oh the awkwardness of missionary work and bombarding people’s lives!

Me and my gifts!
After that we had FHE with Sister Green. Tuesday because it was New Year’s Eve we had to be in at six. So before that, we did some finding and then met with Sister Proctor again, and then we met as a district in Hamilton and did some district finding there. That was weird to be in my Mission Home Town again. Sister Jacques and I found this awesome potential investigator for the Hamilton sisters, she was the sweetest lady and we talked to her for like 20 minutes. So hopefully something comes out of that. Oh, also I got my Christmas package that morning as well! It was sooo exciting; the Zone Leaders went out of their way to drop it off for me! So that was exciting, and I loved having two Christmas’s!

Wednesday we just walked to Sister Greens and she made us brunch, and we watched 3 movies at her house, we watched The Incredible’s (but it was scratched so we had to skip some parts) and then we watched The Princess and the Frog, and then we watched the Croods, which was a new one I hadn’t seen. It was pretty good I liked it. Man I wanted to watch Despicable Me 2 sooooo bad, but no one else wanted to watch it, I was gutted (upset)! But then Sister Green also made us a nice dinner and then we walked home, so it was a very nice relaxing New Year’s Day. I am happy to be getting back into missionary work though!

Thursday we did a ton of street contacting! We were on our feet for like 2 hours, just walking. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but when you’re used to getting buses all the time, it’s a lot. After that we stopped by this new investigator we had. I don’t think I told you this story but we stopped Paul on the street a couple weeks back and talked to him, and he said that he had been stopped by some sisters like 3 years ago and he still reads the Book of Mormon here and there, and so we set up an appointment with him. Well we had the restoration lesson with him and it was alright, to be honest Sister Jacques and I couldn’t sit by each other because of the way the room was arranged, and so it was really hard to teach in unity, which is really important! So it could have been better. Well we invited him to the ward Christmas party the next day, but he bailed and he bailed on our next appointment with him. So we finally found an opportunity to meet with him and he was home and he apologized for bailing on us, it was just the holiday craziness! So we talked to him for a while and we set up another appointment with him and he said we wants to come to church this week, so hopefully it goes through this time.

Then after that we went home for dinner. So we decided since our whole night schedule had fallen through that we were going to try by Linda and Alison (investigators) but we didn’t know who to try by first. So we prayed and we both got different feelings on whom to try by first! So we decided to follow the examples of the 11 apostles in Acts when they chose the 12th apostle by taking lots, after Judas died, so we pulled straws and so we visited Linda first. Turns out we caught her right before she was going to bed so we set up another appointment with her (which she just texted and cancelled) and then we headed to Alison and she said that we could not have caught her at a better time! HOORAY for straws! haha so that was my week, and I am desperately out of time!

So I love you all and I hope 2014 treats you well!

Photo of Skyping with Christine

Christine's reaction when Jordan told her he had an engagement ring for Jentre and was going to propose very soon.

Happy Christmas!

Sister Jacques and I
Happy Christmas! ‏
                                                                                                                                     December 27, 2013

All the gifts we got from the members!!!!!
 Isn’t that so nice!
Hey family so this is going to have to be a snappy letter! Basically Christmas was great! I have felt so touched this week as the ward bombarded us with presents. They get a new sister missionary they don’t even know and yet they still were all so kind enough to get my companion and I individual presents; seriously I almost cried, I felt so loved!

We have had the opportunity to watch a movie (Tangled) on Christmas Day and then we got to watch 3 movies on Boxing Day! So that was way fun, we watched Epic, I hadn't seen that before, and we watched How to Train Your Dragon!, and we also watched A Knights Tale, which was weird that it was PG here, because I am pretty sure its PG13 in America, anyway we just skipped the inappropriate parts and just watched all the jousting, it was great, I love that movie! I think we get to watch a movie on New Year’s as well! Because of all the alcohol drinking and partying here they are really strict about us not being out late or proselyting on holidays.

 Let’s see on Monday of this week we had district meeting and then we got all the missionaries in both Paisley and Glasgow zones to practice carols for Tuesday. Monday night we went on exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders, I was with Sister Ricks who was my companion’s first trainer, so it was so cute because she was Sister Jacques Mum and I am her Dad and we went on a date! Haha, to a members home for dinner and then talking to people on the street, and then FHE, it was a really romantic date! Haha.

 Then Tuesday we all went into Glasgow and all the missionaries sang carols in the middle of a super posh (nice) shopping center, which was cool, we have some seriously talented missionaries; including Sister Ricks and an Elder who sang a duet for a guy while he purposed to his girlfriend. He had requested that they do that the day before so I got to sit with Sister Ricks a wee bit earlier on Tuesday and listen to them sing "just the way you are" by Bruno Mars! They did really good, and I am sure the girl loved it, but I didn't ask her, or see her ring, even though I really wanted to! haha So that was an amazing Christmas Eve experience.

Christmas morning! And gifts from a few members.
Then Sister Jacques got sick so we were in after that for the rest of Christmas Eve! Oh man. But Christmas morning we met the Elders at the church and made cupcakes and delivered them to lonely members on Christmas, and then we went to a family’s house to watch Tangled, then we had an early Christmas dinner with another family, it was pretty good (not like yours though mum!) and then we went to Sister Betty's where I got to talk to the whole fam! That was the best part of the day.

Basically for Boxing Day, since it is the day with all the sales we went to get Sister Jacques some boots because "Santa" gave Sister Jacques a surprise gift with loads of money in it so she could afford to get new boots and chuck the non-waterproof cheap ones she has now. I know who gave her the money but I won’t be telling her! ;) She still has no idea! Then we went to another family’s home where we had a brunch fry-up (basically a fry up just means a really big breakfast BBQ) and then watched movies...all day long! It was awesome! And now it’s Friday and I am here! So that was my Christmas! I am running late on time so that is all I can share just now, but I will hopefully put more detail in the next time I email which will be Friday, because of New Years and stuff, it is messing with the schedule! I love you all and I hope you all had a great Christmas!

Cheers, Sister Watt
Gift from Sis Jacques

All the Chocolate