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I’m a celebrity

George D. Watt, Sis Watt's 2nd Great Grandfather. Her dads Great Grandfather. 
January 13, 2014

Hello family and friends!
I have been in a very contemplative mood and thus have written a lot of long emails to family members, so I left a shorter amount of time to write this letter. So I will probably just write about my experience in Kirkcaldy, since number wise we didn’t have a very successful week!

Well Friday night Sis. Jacques and I traveled to Edinburgh, it was super tight switching train stations and trains to get to from Glasgow to Edinburgh. You arrive in Glasgow central from East Kilbride, and you have to go to Glasgow Queens Street to get the train to Edinburgh, we only had about 10 minutes to make it, so we speed walked to the other station and made it just on time before the train departed. Then we got into Edinburgh and it was sooooo great to be back! I LOVE EDINBURGH! The city is just gorgeous and warm....well warmer.

We got to meet up with Sister Cardon and her new companion Sister Adams at McDonalds so that we could catch up and grab a bite to eat. So it was really good seeing Sister Cardon again. Then, we hopped on a bus and went to the mission home. Not going to lie it was really nice knowing where I was going again. I still don’t have East Kilbride down. You wouldn’t think it would be hard because it’s such a small city, but I had an easier time learning Edinburgh because of the way the streets are and the bus system. So that felt nice. Then we slept at the mission home in luxury! Seriously the toilet (bathroom) that we used is bigger than the bedroom Sister Jacques and I share in our flat! Haha. Then in the morning we headed out.

It was super strange because everyone kept on coming up and saying "Are you Sister Watt?!" or "oh the woman of the hour". I am not used to that type of attention; I didn’t know how to handle myself. Well we just had a wee intro meeting where everyone introduced themselves and the Bishop and two members who are in charge of it talked about the building and history of the area. There were a lot of non-members there for the
George D. Watt
I can see Christine's dad in this one. 
tour. Bishop took everyone on a tour of the building, and talked about how it was made as well as our church and the things we are involved in. In the cultural hall they had a bunch of activities like service projects, a time capsule opened so that people could put things in, and tons and tons of pictures and history; including the history of George D Watt. They even had a picture of him up and had me say a little bit about him.

After the tour we had biscuits and hot cocoa, and I got the chance to talk to the non-members about our missionary work and our church. One of the members was being pretty bold about some things and I found myself in a few situations where I had to smooth over the conversation! Haha
I guess not everyone gets to practice being bold but respectful as much as missionaries do. I don’t blame him, it is very hard to be bold and respectful, but it did cause some awkward moments. haha

Anyway, then a lot of the people stayed around and looked at the individual presentations. They had DVD’s and slideshows and stuff going, and family history people, and the ward historian talking to people. It was a very impressive event and I was amazed with all the records and pictures they had of the members. Kirkcaldy is President and Sister Brown’s home ward, so we got to see photos of their wedding and times in the ward. It was really weird seeing President in normal trousers (pants) and a beard! Apparently he had that beard for a long time! So strange. Anyway then we just spent the next couple of hours looking at photos reading the history, and for me a lot of talking to people.

The stake president came and was gutted (upset) because he didn’t know I was serving here ( In the Scotland Mission) like 6 months ago, when he went on the radio and actually talked a lot about George D Watt. So when he found out that I still have 9 months left he was like, ok! Hopefully I can get you to come with me next time! I am not that excited to be on the radio, man this fame thing is really weird, it’s tough being famous ;) haha I’m kidding, but it is kind of weird.

I put a card in the time capsule and wrote who I was, where I had served and my relation to George. And then they buried it at the end of the event, and it will stay buried for 50 years! So that was quite fun! I thought about jumping in the capsule, but then I realized 50 years is a long time and I might miss some things.

Anyway after that we headed back with President and they got Chinese take away (take out) and we ate it at the mission home and then traveled back home. We got home about 30 minutes before 9, so we just kind of street contacted until it was time to check in for the night. So that was my week! We had 6 less active lessons, and we are starting to see some good progress with a few of them so that is good. Right now we are struggling with investigators, but hopefully it will pick up soon. Well I have got to head! I love you all and I hope you had a great week!

Sister Watt

From the mom, she didn't send pictures this week and I think pictures are so fun in a post. So, I added these. 
George D Watt

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