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Happy Christmas!

Sister Jacques and I
Happy Christmas! ‏
                                                                                                                                     December 27, 2013

All the gifts we got from the members!!!!!
 Isn’t that so nice!
Hey family so this is going to have to be a snappy letter! Basically Christmas was great! I have felt so touched this week as the ward bombarded us with presents. They get a new sister missionary they don’t even know and yet they still were all so kind enough to get my companion and I individual presents; seriously I almost cried, I felt so loved!

We have had the opportunity to watch a movie (Tangled) on Christmas Day and then we got to watch 3 movies on Boxing Day! So that was way fun, we watched Epic, I hadn't seen that before, and we watched How to Train Your Dragon!, and we also watched A Knights Tale, which was weird that it was PG here, because I am pretty sure its PG13 in America, anyway we just skipped the inappropriate parts and just watched all the jousting, it was great, I love that movie! I think we get to watch a movie on New Year’s as well! Because of all the alcohol drinking and partying here they are really strict about us not being out late or proselyting on holidays.

 Let’s see on Monday of this week we had district meeting and then we got all the missionaries in both Paisley and Glasgow zones to practice carols for Tuesday. Monday night we went on exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders, I was with Sister Ricks who was my companion’s first trainer, so it was so cute because she was Sister Jacques Mum and I am her Dad and we went on a date! Haha, to a members home for dinner and then talking to people on the street, and then FHE, it was a really romantic date! Haha.

 Then Tuesday we all went into Glasgow and all the missionaries sang carols in the middle of a super posh (nice) shopping center, which was cool, we have some seriously talented missionaries; including Sister Ricks and an Elder who sang a duet for a guy while he purposed to his girlfriend. He had requested that they do that the day before so I got to sit with Sister Ricks a wee bit earlier on Tuesday and listen to them sing "just the way you are" by Bruno Mars! They did really good, and I am sure the girl loved it, but I didn't ask her, or see her ring, even though I really wanted to! haha So that was an amazing Christmas Eve experience.

Christmas morning! And gifts from a few members.
Then Sister Jacques got sick so we were in after that for the rest of Christmas Eve! Oh man. But Christmas morning we met the Elders at the church and made cupcakes and delivered them to lonely members on Christmas, and then we went to a family’s house to watch Tangled, then we had an early Christmas dinner with another family, it was pretty good (not like yours though mum!) and then we went to Sister Betty's where I got to talk to the whole fam! That was the best part of the day.

Basically for Boxing Day, since it is the day with all the sales we went to get Sister Jacques some boots because "Santa" gave Sister Jacques a surprise gift with loads of money in it so she could afford to get new boots and chuck the non-waterproof cheap ones she has now. I know who gave her the money but I won’t be telling her! ;) She still has no idea! Then we went to another family’s home where we had a brunch fry-up (basically a fry up just means a really big breakfast BBQ) and then watched movies...all day long! It was awesome! And now it’s Friday and I am here! So that was my Christmas! I am running late on time so that is all I can share just now, but I will hopefully put more detail in the next time I email which will be Friday, because of New Years and stuff, it is messing with the schedule! I love you all and I hope you all had a great Christmas!

Cheers, Sister Watt
Gift from Sis Jacques

All the Chocolate

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