Sunday, March 30, 2014

Good Week!


Sis Watt and Mary Cunningham, Edinburgh

I remember I used to say Hiya in every letter, mainly because I used to say Hiya all the time. I have come to realize that that is a Glaswegian thing. That’s why I stopped saying it, in Edinburgh they say Hello, I think. Anyway, just something I noticed when I was typing Hiya.

So I hope everyone's week has been good, I have had a good week. I really feel like we worked hard this week, which was good, and while we didn't make all of our goals we exceeded our goals in one area, and made some other goals! So I felt really good about this week;  I’ll just touch on some of the highlights for the week.
So Tuesday we had district meeting and we usually have a district lunch right after. So I was assigned to make it this time. So I made homemade chicken noodle soup, and it was soooooo good. It reminded me of when I was little and Mum and I would make chicken noodle soup for the family because it was my favorite thing to make with mum! So good! Seriously like it was the best thing that I have ever made!

With Norma from Edinburgh
We were able to see 8 less actives this week, and that was all before Friday! So that was pretty crazy and a big blessing. We are really starting to see some progression among the less actives, which makes me really happy to see. We had two less actives at church, hurray! We met with Caitlin again and we had a good lesson with her. She is not our only progressing investigator. She is quite busy with college, so I hope she will be able to continue to fit us in her schedule, she seemed pretty stressed about it, so we have been praying that God will help her in college so she can meet with us and not be too stressed out! We also met with Agnes, and we gave her a Book of Mormon. That’s a big deal because the Sisters have been trying by her a ton and she has only let us in 2 times and it has really just been a casual getting to know her thing. So she took the Book of Mormon and she was so cute, she was like "Can I keep this with me so I can read a bit of it before you two come back?" Haha we were like....uh yes please, it’s yours to keep actually! Haha. We met with a recent convert, Brother Graham. He told me that when he first met me he thought I looked like I could be a good singer/song writer! I was totally flattered!

Friday night we had another appointment with Paul. Again we invited him to church, and again we set up a time and place to meet, and again he didn’t show. It can be really frustrating, but he is just such a nice guy it’s impossible to be mad at him. We actually just saw him on our way to email this morning, and he apologized for not meeting us, he said he slept in again. It’s just really hard because he seems so excited about church and everything and yet he keeps on not coming. So we are trying to figure out what it might be that is holding him back. We invited him to the FHE that we have every Monday with Sister Green,  tonight. And we set up a time and place to meet him; we will see if he shows and if he does maybe this will help him to be more excited and comfortable to come to church.

Saturday we had a STL (Sister Training Leader) join us. We did a lot of finding since we had basically visited everyone we had planned to visit by Friday. It was really good, I learned a lot from Sister Cline (the STL), I learned that I need to be more persistent, which was good because I thought I was already pretty good at that, but I was able to see how/where I need to improve. Every day this week was good and satisfying, the only thing was that Sunday all our plans fell through. Well you can’t expect everything to go right! Haha

I gave a talk on Sunday; I guess there was someone who bailed because bishop asked me Saturday night, it was on tithing which is funny because the one other time I had to give a talk on my mission was on tithing as well. Is God trying to tell me something? Haha But I think it went well, I got a lot of compliments and Bishop said I was a good speaker; and I didn't cry....I call that success! One of our goals this past week was to find some good potentials, and we did! So I am excited to see what this next week brings and this next transfer!

Well I am out of time and my computer needs to be taken by someone else, there is a queue!
I love you all and I hope you all have a great week!

Sister Watt

My shoes, my zipper busted this week, and I fixed it again, time for new shoes!

 The tip of my shoes were really bad but I used super glue!
Yes my shoes are very dirty, thank you muddy Scotland!

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