Sunday, March 30, 2014

Today is my 10 Month Mark.

                                                                                                                                        January 27, 2014
Hiya Family!

This was an interesting week, we had some really good things happen and some disappointments, but you know what, I much rather have that than just a week full of disappointments.
To start off I want to share with you the awesome study I had this morning! So I started with a question that arose from doing Sister Jacque’s final 12 week program, we read about how we have been given authority because of our calling and what that authority does and mean. There is this part that says this:
"In addition to authority, you are also to exercise power in your work. The authority that you have received can lead to power. Indeed, spiritual power is one evidence that your authority is real. Spiritual power is a gift that makes it possible for you to do your work more effectively."
Anyway so that part made me wonder, "how do we develop this spiritual power and be worthy of the gift?" I know a part of it is given to us with our setting apart as missionaries, but "how do I use it to its fullest potential?"
My conclusion was great; it came from other parts in Preach My Gospel. I won’t quote them because that will take too much time but here are few things that I found.
·         We need to focus! Too often we can find ourselves distracted by the world around us, in our lessons there are loud, misbehaving children, cars and buses passing on the streets, and even thoughts such as "what should I say to this person next" or "I sure wish the kids would stop being so loud so the spirit can be here". The point is, all these things are opportunities for you to become distracted on what matters, and in my case that is listening to 1) the spirit, because it will not be screaming in my head, it will be a quiet voice or thought or feeling, 2) my companion because she is being guided by the spirit as well, and 3) the investigator because they are why we are trying to teach by the power of the spirit!
·         First you have to have a spiritual confirmation of the things you teach. Moroni 10:5 it is the spirit that will reveal all things to us. Our purpose is to help these people to experience this revealing of truth, but we can’t do that unless we have it revealed to us first!
·         "You develop Christ like attributes, study the missionary lessons, improve your ability to speak in your mission language, and rely on the Spirit in order to teach with convincing power. " PMG We need to do these things in order to teach with spiritual power.
·         Study chapter 10 of PMG. ”By studying, developing, and using the teaching skills in this chapter, you will become a more capable instrument in the hands of the Lord. The Spirit will draw upon the knowledge and skills you have developed to help you teach more powerfully." When we study we are giving ourselves more tools for the spirit to use.

So that is just a few things I studied this morning, I know that this email is probably not going to missionaries but I know that these things can be likened to everyone's life and how you can feel the power of the spirit stronger in your everyday life!
So that was my spiritual bit. I know I don’t share spiritual things often enough, I will try to be better at that! Maybe I will make sure I have a question every Monday morning (well I have a question every day already, but a specific one on Monday that isn't about my investigators) and I will study it out and share what I found!

Now for a quick wrap of this week:

                The highlight of our week was that Paul now has a baptism date for February 22nd. We took him to the church building and gave him a tour and watched the Restoration DVD; he committed to coming to church yesterday, but he didn't. So Sister Jacques and I enjoyed walking to his house in a torrential downpour and not have him be home. :( It was pretty disappointing. Sister Jacques and I have done so many things to try to get him to come to church, we have addressed concerns he has, offered to help him find the church, gave him a tour, so I feel like we are running out of ideas, and running out of time. So tonight we have an appointment with him and we will resort to bold and spirit filled testifying! Hence my study this morning. Remember last week how I said that we met him on our way to email and invited him to FHE, he went and it was really good! So that was exciting.

We have some really good new potentials and investigators. Two of which we had return appointments for, but they fell through. So that was a disappointing end to our week.

But hey I am so sorry, I have actually ran out of time, and there are people who have reservations for our computers now. It’s been a busy Monday! So hopefully I can share more details on things next week, honestly though the baptism date was the biggest part.

Love you all and have a great week!
Sister Watt

P.S. I am in the UK section of the Ensign for the month of December! Yup famous me! :)

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