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Bring it on East Kilbride


March 10, 2014

Hey family and friends,

A couple of weeks ago I studied about being meek. I meant to send off my study, but for the past couple of weeks I haven't really had time. So I will share it now, I started out reading Elder Ulisses Soares talk "Be Meek and Lowly of Heart". Meekness consists of being God-fearing, Righteous, Humble, Teachable, and Patient. What I found is that when we work on these things, or when we work on being meek we eventually receive other gifts such as being willing to follow Jesus Christ, being Calm, Docile, Tolerant and Submissive.
Because I have come to love and appreciate the dictionary I looked up the definitions for each of the attributes that make up meekness, this is what I got:
God-fearing: Earnestly Religious
Righteous: Morally right or Justifiable
Humble: having or showing a modest or low opinion of your own importance
Teachable: able to learn by being taught
Patient: Able to accept delay, trouble, or suffering without becoming angry or upset

So I really liked those definitions, it gives you a better idea on what you can do to be more meek. Like with being patient, even if something is not going your way, the definition doesn’t say becoming angry or upset. So a way to improve our patience is not just holding it in, but getting rid of the anger all together.

 In the talk it also said to become meek we need to live in the Spirit.
Another quote from the talk "Meekness is vital for us to become more Christ like. Without it we won’t be able to develop other important virtues."
He also said that we all have a seed of meekness. That caused me to think about how we are all born with the Light of God in us, it’s just whether or not we expand it or suppress it. So, based off of the last quote, I wonder if the Light of God consists of seeds of attributes. We all have wee gifts, and so all we have to do is nourish it. It makes me realize that we should never say the phrase "well that’s just how I am, I can’t change it" because we can, the seed is there.

The last thing, in the talk gives us 3 steps to be more meek.
1) Improve each day, I feel like we can do this by recognizing our weaknesses and asking for forgiveness every day. Alma 34:33
2) Control Temper
Elder Herbertson told us something at our last missionary conference, he told us that when people slam doors in our face and we get rejected, a great way to not get down, or angry, and to be more Christ-like is to give them the benefit of the doubt.
3) Be humble
"I believe brothers and sisters that only those that are humble are able to acknowledge and understand the Lords answers to their prayers."

So if we follow those steps and just work harder in being meek we will be blessed! So that was my study in a nutshell a while back. Now for my week!

 We had a really good week. We reached our goal for lessons despite moves, so that is pretty good! On Monday we went out to eat with a member, and she took us to an Italian restaurant. Well she lives two bus rides away so we were on the first bus back and we weren’t paying attention very well and we missed our bus stop and ended up in that was fun. 40 minutes to get home and we got caught in Glasgow. I texted our District Leader and was like "Hey so umm.....we are in Glasgow, we might be home late... talk to you later!" And we responded "WHY are you in Glasgow" hahahahaha I just told him to phone when he got the chance, and I would explain. It was an interesting night.

Hugs from Sis. Watt
 We were able to see a good amount of Less Actives before Sister Jacques left, including the Watsons having us over for dinner. Their stove blew up so they made this huge pot of mac and cheese on a portable camping stove! haha, it was pretty good. Paul is doing well, he is progressing, and in one of his prayers he asked for strength to tell his parents that "he is Mormon now"! :) So he believes it, he just has to come to church. Sister Firth is pretty sure he has some Asperger’s. So that’s why he is so slow progressing. Wednesday we were up bright and early (well earlier than usual) and got Sister Jacques to the Glasgow Central and then to a bus stop so she could catch a coach to the ferry to Ireland. Then I was this awkward 3rd wheel companionless missionary who kept on getting passed on to different sets of missionaries running around Glasgow. Then we finally made it to the Stake Center where we played football! So that was fun. Then we picked up Sister Firth, who was in Stornoway which is in the northern islands, specifically the Isle of Lewis, and then we had a dinner appointment and visited Sister Procter, needless to say, I was shattered by the end of the day.

Thursday Friday and Saturday we just did the usual, but we had some really good blessings. We have met some awesome potential investigators, and we have return appointments this week. Sister Firth was in shock with how interested people were in our message, because Stornoway is so deeply religious that no one will listen to them there. Apparently they all hate Mormons, and it’s so religious that Sister Firth and Her companion weren’t even allowed to proselytize on Sundays because the whole island shuts down on Sundays, and people got angry at them for "working" on the Sabbath! Haha, which is way weird. Anyway so Sister Firth was loving it. It definitely made me more appreciative of my area. I don’t know, we had the usual for the week. There was a baptism on Sunday, the Elders taught a member’s son who is 9 and his father isn’t a member, so his dad wanted him to be taught first, because he didn’t believe that his son would completely be making the decision by his self. So they have been teaching him the lessons and treating him like an investigator! So yeah he got baptized.

At the beginning of the week it was really nice weather, but then Sister Firth came and it started raining! haha she brought the bad weather ;) I guess it doesn’t rain as much where she came from. So we got was fun!

Well that was basically our week, I am running out of time so I have got to go, but hope everyone has a great week! I love you all!

Sister Watt

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