Sunday, May 25, 2014

I can’t think of anything creative to say.‏

                                                                                                                         February 24, 2014

Sis. Jacques and Sis. Watt

Hey family!
So this morning I totally studied about meekness and was going to share it with you but I forgot my study journal so I don’t really remember what I put down, so that will just have to wait until next week!
Our week has been good. I got sick at the end of the week but we worked hard in the beginning of the week and saw a lot of success so despite having basically our whole Saturday shot, and half of Sunday we still beat our goal for lessons. Not like the number of lessons matter, but it did feel pretty good! I think all of our potentials that we had return appointments for, bailed on us, so that made for a lot of finding time. It has been nice to get back to finding. Often times I think back to when I was in Hamilton and how much finding I did there! It was a lot of finding that is for sure!

We visited Fay in the nursing home this week, as per usual, and her daughter on Sunday came and told us that Fay says we are just like family to her. Right now she is not interested in our church, and probably too old to be able to even get baptized. But I feel comfort that maybe with these visits; she will be more willing to accept the gospel, either in this life or the next! Wednesday we had a completely full day and almost everything we planned worked out! Which is a big deal, because that doesn’t happen very often. Our lessons with Paul this week went well. He is progressing, although very slowly! We committed him to tell his parents that he is learning from us, and he opened up to us by finally saying that he just doesn’t feel ready to come to church. Although that makes me sad to hear, I am just grateful that he is being honest, as opposed to saying he will come to church and then bailing on us over and over! To help him prepare to tell his parents we did a role play with him! It was fun, especially since we had Granny Green who used to be a catholic role play it with him! So hopefully he will have the courage to tell his parents soon. I think if he does that, he will progress faster and be more willing to come to church.

We finally were able to meet with Agnes, and she is now a new investigator, she fell a few weeks back and that’s why we were never able to call her an official investigator yet because she has had to consistently cancel appointments because of her leg. But she kept this one and she said she would come to church when her leg heals, and she said that since we started visiting her she has felt happier! So that was really exciting, also I have always wanted to convert an older person because they are more stuck in their ways, she is in her late 70's, so it would be awesome if she joined the church! We met this awesome guy this week! He was so nice and we got a return appointment, the only thing is that he is a recovering drug addict, and he has only been drug free for like 10 weeks, so trying to find a joint teach with a lady who would feel comfortable teaching him would be like impossible, so we gave him to the elders. It’s too bad because he is way excited about what we have to say! His narcotics anonymous class was run by Christians and so he really wants to know more about Christianity! Cool cool cool!

 I don’t remember if I already sent this: That is Elder Barney he is a descendant of the 2nd person who made it to the river in the foot race against George D Watt. It's kind of cool that we have descendants of both of them in the same mission! I asked him if he wanted to race, he said that he didn't want to because he knew he would lose! haha
We were able to meet with a family in the ward, whose daughter just got off her mission last week. It was really crazy talking to her about it. She gave her homecoming talk in sacrament meeting, and as I listened to her I got my first ever feeling of NOT wanting to go home. Not like I have wanted to go home, but you will meet missionaries who say, as they get closer to going home, they say that they don’t want to go. I have always thought that was bizarre, I mean I love being a missionary and all, but when it’s time to go home, it will be nice. Well I saw her talking and I just got this feeling like, Sister Watt, one day soon that will be you, and I am freaking out! I don’t want to go home! Haha but I know it will be the right time. Also while we were doing weekly planning I realized I will be hitting my 11 month mark soon, and that also freaked me out! TIME IS GOING WAY TO FAST!

Saturday I was sick! Virtually all day, I felt better after I had taken a morning nap, and we got on the bus to go do some work, and I wasn’t on the bus for even 10 minutes before I knew that I was in trouble. It was better if I just got to a members home as opposed to try to turn around and go to our home. So we ended up crashing at the Watsons for a couple of hours, until I was well enough to get back up and go home. They were so nice and while I was resting Sister Jacques helped them clean their home, and then we watched bible videos, and also Brother Watson confided in us with things about spirituality he had been thinking about (he is less active). I know that we definitely were meant to be there at that time, because Brother Watson is making such good progress!

Saturday night I got a blessing and then Sunday we went to church, after church I was just shattered (exhausted) so I took a long nap, and after that I felt fit as a fiddle! So we went out and we had a really cool experience. So Sister Jacques has been getting this prompting that we needed to visit a less active family (the Humphreys) over and over. But the Elders visit them, so we got permission to visit them. Well our Sunday night lesson cancelled so after Sister Procter we went to their home. Well the man who opened the door was not Brother Humphries (p.s. neither, I or Sister Jacques have ever met the Humphreys, we didn’t even know what they looked like). This young man and his wife had just moved in like a week ago, so it became quickly apparent that it wasn’t the Humphries that we needed to visit, just their old house! We had an awesome lesson with this guy on his doorstep. He used to be really religious, but has been questioning a lot lately. We gave him a Book of Mormon and we tried to set up another appointment. Unfortunately his wife is going through a bereavement, so she is not keen on having anyone over, so out of respect for his wife he declined. But he said he would read the chapter we gave him and we are desperately praying that he will phone us! He is looking for the truth, so maybe he will get a prompting when he reads the Book of Mormon. So we are keeping our fingers crossed! Anyway so that was my week! It’s been pretty good, thanks for all the prayers, and support. I hope everyone’s week is great! I love you all!

Sister Watt

I don’t know why I like this picture but I do!

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