Sunday, May 25, 2014

Miracles! ‏

                                                                                                                                            March 3, 2014

Hiya Family!

  and Friends....haha sorry that that is an afterthought.

So I don’t know why but I can’t focus right now so I have been putting off this large email, so it might be short. First off, we got moves call, Sister Jacques is going to Cork, and my new companion is going to be Sister Firth, I am way excited, her and I already know each other pretty well so that’s good!

This week was way good, the past two weeks I have seen so many miracles happen in our area. Here are some cool things that happened this week!
New Companion Sis. Firth
·         Tuesday we tried by a potential investigator and his wife was there, she let us in and we had a good bluther (chat) for a wee bit, then her husband, the one we had talked to at his door earlier came down. Then out of nowhere all their children came home, we didn’t even know they had kids. So basically we talked to the mum and dad, and their son. It was an interesting lesson because the dad is a paganist, the son is an atheist, and the mum has no idea, but has had a spiritual experience, where she was dead for a wee bit and saw light and stuff like that. It was good. I am pretty sure that was my first real impromptu lesson, where someone just let us in out of nowhere and we gave a full restoration lesson. So that was cool.
·         Sister Jacques and I made an awesome homemade chicken noodle soup that lasted us all week, it was great!
·         We met with Paul twice this week as per usual, he still hasn’t talked to his parents, but he has obviously made some good progress with his praying and he believes in most of the material.
Goodbye Sis. Jacques
·         From the time that I was sick and crashed at the Watsons house for a wee bit, Sister Jacques had a really good conversation with Brother Watson. So basically this week Brother Watson had done a lot of thinking about that talk, he thanked Sister Jacques and came to church! For the first time in forever, he came to church!
·         In one of our chapping excursions we had a really good conversation with this guy. He was really interested and we exchanged contact info and stuff. And then out of nowhere his friend appeared (he was just chilling in the living room) and we introduced ourselves and he said that he had been listening in and basically wanted to learn more also! It was soooo coool!
·         On Sunday we tried by Seda and she was home, and so was her boyfriend. So we met him for the first time and he asked a ton of questions and we have a return appointment. It seems that he was interested in learning more, this may be really good for Seda, I know the gospel means a lot to her but I also know she struggles being able to maintain it with a non-member boyfriend, she needs an eternal family. So who knows, maybe this will be really good!
·         Then after that we tried by a less active that Sister Jacques and I have never met and we met her and her daughter and son, and we have a return appointment, she still reads the Book of Mormon, and she says she is searching for the true church, she has been baptized, but it seems like she never gained a real testimony of the church and doctrine inside. Well this is the true church, so maybe this time around she will recognize that.

The yummy Chicken Soup
Miracles do happen! I just listed 7 big miracles that happened this week with us, and there are many more little miracles where I saw Gods hand guiding us! It’s amazing how he works. So many times I find myself frustrated that someone exercised their agency and chose to dodge our set up appointment, and then we are guided to someone else's home where we really needed to be! I look back and see so many times this week that I have not put enough trust in God. I shouldn’t get frustrated when things don’t go right, because most of the time, it’s because there is something better waiting for us! God is so cool! I know that that statement may seem a little irreverent, but that is all I can say right now! God is so cool!

We met with a good amount of less actives, and reached our weekly goal for lessons. I have been healthy and getting good sleep. Also almost every morning this week it was sunny, it ended up raining by the end of the day but at least we are getting some sunshine and warmth! Also the days are longer; it is actually getting dark around 6 now as opposed to 4:30, which is helping me to be in a better mood. I was getting a little down with all the clouds and rain and stuff! haha I am pretty sure it’s been warmer here this week than Colorado or Utah! AWESOME!

So I don’t know what else to share, that was my week! I hope everyone has had a great week, and I love you all!

God Bless! (People say that to us a lot because they think we are nuns)
Sister Watt

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