Monday, May 26, 2014

Possibly my most successful week on my mission!

People here love Scotland, no that is not my hands!

                                                                                                                                      March 17, 2014

This week has been full of blessings! Seriously I don’t even feel like I deserve the blessings; yet God has blessed us so much! For sake of time, and also I have time to upload photos and send them, I will just do bullet points of the awesome things we have seen happen here in East Kilbride.
Thinking about getting this hat...what do you think?
·         We had an appointment with a guy named Craig last Monday. He kept his appointment and it was really good. He has definitely been prepared. The spirit was there and we were able to teach him the Restoration. We then saw him on Wednesday where we taught the first half of the plan of salvation. He read the bit that we asked him to read in the Book of Mormon and he is always asking really good questions. He just wants to have peace in his life, which is perfect because that is what we offer! We invited him to be baptized on Wednesday, just a soft baptism, saying that if he knew it was true, would he get baptized and he said yes! Well we also got to see him on Friday. This lesson was sooooo good. The spirit was so strong, and he told us that he could feel peace with us. After we explained to him that he was feeling the spirit, I promise you could hear a pen drop is was so silent and just peaceful. Craig had like tears in his eyes as we helped him see that he was feeling the spirit. We told him that the reason why he was feeling the spirit was because he knew that what we were saying about the after-life was true, and he said that he did know! We invited him to set a date, and he said he wanted to think about it and also come to church. So that was great. And on Sunday we met him at his house (he just lives down the street from us which is awesome!) and we took him to church. Everyone was really welcoming and he seemed to enjoy it. He is a slow learner though, so he kept on saying that it was all a lot to take in. Poor guy is on medication that makes him drowsy, and he was dozing off in sacrament meeting, haha I think he felt the peace a little too much! ;) So there are great things looking for Craig and he really has been a blessing for us.
·         With Paul we set a baptism date, however he still hasn’t talked to his parents, which means he still hasn’t made it to church. He received a priesthood blessing to help him stop drinking coffee and to have the strength to talk to his parents. With each visit he gets more and more resolved to do it, but he gets scared. The best thing about Paul though, is that he is so knowledgeable. He reads virtually every day and has been studying a lot! After the Elders gave him the blessing he said, "the Melchezidek priesthood, that’s the higher priesthood right?" Which was awesome because investigators have a really hard time understanding the priesthood! So he is still progressing! And we have been praying hard that he would be able to tell his parents and come to church so he can make his baptism date. This upcoming week is the week it needs to happen!
·         We met with the Gray family on Tuesday and when we got there they told us how they weren’t religious and not really interested. Basically Sister Firth and I spent a whole hour testifying and showing them how this would be beneficial for them. And they invited us back for this upcoming Tuesday. I am a little nervous that they won’t be willing to put in the effort to know if it’s true. But we will see. Miracles and Surprises happen.
We are pigs!
·         The Watsons are doing good. Brother Watson still didn’t come to church this week, but I know he still wants to work on coming back. When we met with them, right away Brother Watson got out his x-box and showed me a Mormon message that a previous Sister Missionary showed him. We have finally learned that the best way to get to Brother Watson and their kids is through videos. Sister Watson says that she has caught him watching the bible videos and Mormon messages! So that’s cool. Basically our church is awesome because it’s up to date with technology!
·         We met with Sister Betty and she has taken the challenge that we gave her at the beginning of the year seriously. She has started her family history work, and she is trying to be a full time tithe payer, and she is working on this anxiety she has developed with going outside so she can come to church again! I am so proud of her because I think she is starting to realize how important church and stuff is, and her old reasons why she couldn’t go to church are starting to disintegrate!
·         Our focus with Sister Procter is to try to get her to go to general conference. On Wednesday we ditched our lesson plan and just read her a general conference talk from last general conference, and we invited her to go. She said no. Then on Saturday we just read another general conference talk discussed it and invited her to come to general conference and she said no, but that she might watch it at home on her computer.....we are chipping away the ice! ;) It would be so good for her to actually go to the church building and watch the general conference, so hopefully we can get her to agree.
We were able to see other less actives and talk to some great people at their doors and on the street, so that is good! We have some potentials and have given out a good amount of Book of Mormons this week. I am so grateful for the people that God has prepared. I am grateful also for a great companion! Sister Firth has been awesome and we get along so well. Every day is so fun! I love it! I am loving life right now, which worries me because this means the hills are going to come! Thanks for all the prayers and support, they are working!

I love you all!

Sister Watt

Ha, Ha
Sister Jacques with her "dad" on the left and "mum" on the right.
The day of moves, and us and our companions accidentally matched...
didn't do this on purpose! crazy!

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