Sunday, July 20, 2014

....and its Monday again...not sure how that happened.

                                                                                          June 16, 2014

Well my weeks are just moving faster and faster. So I will give you a watered down replay of my week. Monday evening we got fed by a member, our ward missionary leader actually. We get fed sooooo much here, a least once a week we’re fed both lunch and dinner! I think it’s safe to say that this will be the area that I gain weight! Although I have been trying really hard not too. Sister Jones and I run every other day and work on abs and strength the other days. So hopefully that is keeping off the pounds!

Tuesday we had district meeting and then we exchanged with East Kilbride sisters. Sister Caswell came with me in Irvine and Sister Jones went down to EK with Sister Firth. I was intimidated at first by Sister Caswell but things went well and I realized we actually have a lot in common. So I wonder if I intimidate people also....I hope not. After exchanges we did some finding and participated in the ward choir and I taught a last minute planned lesson in the Book of Mormon class. Sister Caswell helped me a lot though. And then we taught a recent convert named Thomas and I really felt like that went well. I have to say, I have been improving a lot on my ability to find and sing the alto parts on songs, thanks to my mission.

Wednesday we did family history in the morning and then visited a less active that we haven’t visited before. She made us lunch and she made us bracelets, because she makes jewelry; which was really nice of her. It was good getting to know her and hopefully we will be able to go back soon. Then we exchanged back and we were supposed to have an appointment with Alexander our investigator, but he had a seizure that morning so he couldn’t. I think he is epileptic. So hopefully we will meet with him soon. Then we had dinner at the Polland’s. Andrew and Declan are making good progress and we really feel like they are opening up to us and we are becoming good buds with them, which is important when you’re teaching 12 and 14 year olds. We talked to them last Sunday about baptism but when we asked them about it on Wednesday they were being shy and just said "I don’t know", later on Sister Polland told me that they told her that they wanted to, so obviously there still is a little bit more trust to gain there. We saw them again last night and that was really good as well, each time they open up more to us! We always try to make our lessons fun and interactive and that makes it good for them! And last night both Andrew and Declan AND Sister Pollands nonmember husband said a closing prayer! We just went through them all, Andy, then Declan, then Andrew! It was awesome! :D I love seeing people change and progress!

Anyway after the Polland’s on Wednesday we saw Davy, and he is struggling just now. It doesn’t make me feel good that the moment Sister Ricks left and I took her spot, suddenly all these recent converts are struggling and not coming to church :(, really though it makes me feel really bad and sad, but I guess all I can do is do my best and love them and serve them.

Thursday we painted our neighbors fence and then had lunch with a member at a Chinese restaurant....I miss American Chinese food! But it was still alright. Then we weekly planned and had another dinner appointment at the Watson's, and they made DELICIOUS food, but I was absolutely stuffed by the end of it all. I felt kind of sick! Then to top off our day we gave the stop smoking program to Amanda Donnelly, and I phoned her today and she still hasn’t smoked! So that is really exciting!

Friday we had ward coordination and then went on exchanges with Hamilton. God just doesn’t want me to get away from my home mission area does he! Haha I went with Sister Mills in Hamilton and we visited a girl in the ward who is a convert of 3 years and just turned 18 and is thinking about going on a mission. So we came over to explain the whole process to her mum, who isn’t a member and answer any questions the two of them had. So that was really good, and she is going to practice teaching with the missionaries on her mum, so maybe a baptism will come out of it! Then we just did some try bys and then we went to Marie and Victoria’s. I wasn’t going to ask to visit Marie and Victoria while we were on exchanges, but 2 weeks ago, President and Sister Brown said that they felt that it would be best if I could pay them a visit with Sister Mills. So I called Sister Mills and had her set it up. Marie couldn’t be there because of an appointment, which at first I was sad about. But the way the lesson went I felt that maybe God just wanted me to visit Victoria, so she could have a moment to open up and vent without her mum there. So it was good, Victoria’s still struggling but I feel like there was some progress made.

While I was on exchanges Sister Jones and Sister Morrison had a great lesson with our investigator Jason, and he is seriously thinking about getting baptized in July, we told him to pray about it and we will be following up on that on Wednesday this week! So that is exciting.

Saturday morning we did some finding and then exchanged back, and then Sister Jones and I had a lunch appointment with a lady in our ward and then she went over some things we are helping her with. She will be organizing a computer class for the sisters in the ward, just basic knowledge. And she has asked us to teach it, because she is not confident in her teaching skills, so we went over everything we will be teaching and stuff. So yup and then we did a lot of try bys and finding, and then we had a dinner appointment with Lorna Reid and a lesson with her friend Randy and then we did some more try bys.

The weather here has been fantastic, but since the weather is very unpredictable, I had to plan as if it might rain while I was in Hamilton. So coming back on Saturday and we didn’t have time for me to change at the flat, it was scorching hot and I was wearing black tights! So I finally just gave up and took off my tights and just went barefoot in my shoes! hahahaha I didn’t ever think I would choose sticky smelly feet over heat but apparently when the times get rough....! hahaha Anyway so that felt better! And now I have a tan line from the sun.

Sunday we had church, and we were supposed to meet with Jason afterwards but because of Father’s Day he bailed on church and us! REDICULOUS, his father should not come before us! ;) Kidding. Anyway so we had lunch, did some finding, skyped with the Sisters in Stornoway and then had dinner and then visited with Andrew and Declan, which I have already talked about. And now I am here. So there is the play by play of my week, I guess it wasn’t very watered down! Oh well. Life is good.

I am tired all the time and still feel like there is not enough time for anything ever! But we just have one more exchange and then a few weeks of normal stuff (plus a few meetings) and then it’s a new transfer, and back to doing it again. :) Sometimes I feel like a zombie, just following around another zombie with a name tag on. Sunday was hard, but we made it through and this is another week! So that’s missionary life seems it will never end! And I am grateful for that. I love you all have a great week!

Sister Watt

P.S. I am still missing updated photos from Barbs family, Ambers family, Jordan and Jen, and Mum and Dad! So chop to it!

P.S.S. I don’t know if any of you knew this but it is ok to email me like once a few weeks or something! So if you were afraid that getting to much email is against the rules so that’s why you don’t send’s not, just so you know you CAN email me sometimes.....just saying. I LOVE YOU!

Exhaustion is good...right? ‏

                                                                                                           June 9, 2014

 This has by far been the busiest week of my mission, and possibly life...well maybe not, but mission for sure! 

Well, I am going to wiz through this week because I have a lot to talk about and as always never enough time. After emailing on Tuesday us and the Sisters from Stornoway went out and blitzed the area. I was with Sister Valadez and we were able to get an appointment set up with someone we met on the street, and he was really interested. So we set that up with him for Friday. His name is Alexander, to be continued with him. We also were able to meet with MIchael, his friend didn’t show up though, but that is ok, we needed to teach Michael anyway because he is recent convert who hasn’t been to church in a while. We then had choir practice and met with Davy another Recent convert (RC). That lesson was not bad, but probably could have gone better. Sister Jones and I finished planning and practiced our instruction Tuesday night so we could be 100% for Wednesday.

So we got a train into Glasgow on Wednesday and sat in on all of Glasgow Zones Interview Training. They split up the zone in 2 groups and had an earlier session and then a general session (with all the zone, that’s where Sister Jones and I taught) and then the second group had their individual session. Basically what I am trying to say is that we heard the zone leaders present their instruction twice and the assistants as well. Our instruction went really good, we talked about strengthening our recent converts and less active members by working through our ward mission leader. We based it all off of a quote by president Hinkley in PMG that basically says all recent converts need 3 things, friendship, an assignment, and nourishment from the word. We called it the FAN process and invited all of them to use that process and make specific plans with their ward mission leader. So that was our instruction.

I got to see Sister Firth on Wednesday as well so that was good! Then after that we taught Jason and that was really good, he really is coming along great, and hopefully we can get him with a baptism date soon. Then we met with Andrew and Declan who are also coming along really well. Thursday we did the exact same thing except with the Paisley zone. So we saw different zone leaders give a similar instruction as the Glasgow zone leaders, and we saw both times. And also saw the assistant give their instruction, by the end of it all I could practically quote the assistants instruction! Haha Then we had a ward activity that we attended and met with Amanda Donnelly, we are going to get her on the stop smoking program this week, so that will be good. Friday Sister Jones and I put our instruction into practice and used the FAN process with our ward mission leader and it went really well! Then we had lunch with a member and then went on exchanges with the Sisters in Ayr. I stayed here with Sister Oliphant. I guess with this new assignment I am expected to learn this area super-fast! It wasn’t bad though, I didn’t get us too lost. But it was a good exchange. We taught the potential we found, Alexander. He has a lot of knowledge of random stuff and talks a lot, so it was a really frustrating lesson, but he set up another one. We will just really need him to read the Book of Mormon to get a testimony, or else he won’t be convinced, he has way too many solidified views based off of science! Anyway, it was alright though.

Saturday we did a lot of AUF chapping, and the weather was terrible and we were soaked! I haven’t been that wet since the beginning of my mission. Seriously drenched from head to toe, dripping water from my coat pockets and off my nose! But we found a potential from it, so it is worth it! Then we had dinner at a members, Lorna, and then taught her friend Randy.

Then Sunday we had church, weekly planned, because we couldn’t do it any other day, skyped the Stornoway Sisters for a wee bit and had dinner at Lorna's again, and then we had a really really good lesson with Andrew and Declan, they are currently praying if they should get baptized! So that will be good! Anyway, so that was really watered down. Basically I have been exhausted all week but I feel like this is the hardest I have worked ever! And God has blessed us for our hard work. We did so well with numbers, and I don’t know how because we didn’t have nearly as much time in the week than we usually do! Somehow, despite Zone Development Day, 2 Zone Interview Trainings, 2 Exchanges, and only a half day on Tuesday, Sister Jones and I managed to exceed our Standard of Excellence with Joint Teaches, we were shooting for 6 but got 8, had 2 investigators at church and got one new investigator!

I don’t know how we did it......false I do. God has blessed us so much this week and I just can’t thank him enough. I may have been physically exhausted and spiritually and mentally exhausted, but at the same time I feel like I didn’t do anything because He provided all the opportunities! I truly am amazed at the power of faith and hard work! Anyway so that was my big week, it should be calming down a bit this next week so that will be good. I hope everyone else had a great week. I love you all and thanks for all the prayers and love! Have a great week and get involved in some missionary work this week! It is so exciting and really lifts you up!

Sister Watt

Time travels fast when you are having fun!‏

                                                                                                                                         June 3, 2014
 Hello familia!

Wow all I can say is that this week has flown by! And it’s been very busy! So Tuesday we just did a lot of finding and chapping. Last transfer our area didn’t get one single new investigator, so Sister Jones and I are planning on changing that! We also had dinner at a member’s home and they made this awesome pasta stuff! It was soooo good. We get fed really well here, and I am afraid I am going to get Sister Jones and I run every other day and make sure we have hard core work outs. At the end of our Tuesday we had ward choir practice and a Book of Mormon class. And then ended it with STL Planning where we planned some exchanges and stuff.

Wednesday we had to do weekly planning, with our hectic schedule I don’t know if we will ever actually get a chance to weekly plan on the assigned day (Thursday) we will see, but it was weird planning when we just weekly planned last Friday or Saturday or something. It just felt so soon! Then we had dinner at the Bishops; and had a recent convert lesson. It is so weird teaching so many recent converts. In East Kilbride, there wasn’t a single recent convert and now we have about 6 to work with! It’s kind of an adjustment.

Thursday we went to Edinburgh for Mission Leadership Council. It’s basically a meeting with all the zone leaders, STL's assistants and President and Sister Brown. We talked all about the mission and its goals and then we were instructed on what we were going to instruct at Zone Interview Trainings. So this week Sister Jones and I will do instruction for Glasgow and Paisley Zone's; an hour lesson with a planned role play and stuff. I must say it’s been really interesting seeing the inner workings of the mission; how information is passed down and revelation as well. I didn’t know that the STL's and Zone Leaders were instructed on the things they instruct us about! haha.

Well we traveled home and then ended our day at our investigator Amanda's house! Friday was my first exchange. But before we exchanged we had District Leadership Council, the Zone leaders instructed and passed down information from Mission Leadership Council and Sister Jones and I gave a 30 minute instruction on how to make plans that will reach our goals! So that was good. Then we came back from that and exchanged and I went to Kilmarnock, with another Sister Jones! We went and visited a less active and did some finding, it was good, we were able to get some potentials and return appointments for the area! Sister Jones was great and she came out in my group so it was fun talking about our experiences and how we have grown. I was kind of nervous, mostly just because I am afraid that I wouldn’t be able to help the Sister at all. But we found some things she could work on and things I could work on. So I will be following up with her to see how it’s going.

The next morning of our exchange we taught Kilmarnocks golden investigator, she has a baptism date and is awesome! And then we saw a cute old lady! Then we exchanged back.

Cool story! When we were waiting for my companion and Sister Larson to meet to exchange back we saw a recent convert of ours who we couldn’t get a hold of and hasn’t been coming to church. So we were talking to him and his friend came up and we were talking and his friend just kind of invited himself to our appointment we were making with him! So that will be today that we have that lesson. Then we also had a guy talk to us on the bus, tried to argue with us actually. And we have a return appointment with him today as well. So hopefully we could have 2 new investigators today! We finished our Friday by finishing with visiting a less active and taught another investigator. Kind of a weird situation actually, we teach this investigator over skype, because he lives in America and wanted to investigate there but for some reason there was a problem with the missionaries there and they weren’t contacting him, so now we just teach him...Anyway strange.

And then we had Sunday, and guess what our investigator who has been investigating for 6 months came to church for the first time! He flipped a coin while he was on exchanges with Sister Jones and Sister Larsen and he got heads which meant he had to go! And he did! He only stayed for sacrament meeting but he actually kind of enjoyed it. So hopefully we are making progress with him. His name is Jason by the way. And then we did some STL planning for our instruction this week at Zone Interview Training. We are almost done planning the lesson so hopefully we will finish that up and deliver a good training!

Then we met with a less active who is like a mother to us, Lorna, and we also skyped the Stornoway sisters. They are on an island and are completely isolated from missionaries. So we usually will skype them once a week to see how they are getting along. But actually right now they are here with us in Irvine. I’ll explain in a second. At the end of our Sunday we went and met with our investigators Andrew and Declan, a member’s sons. Afterwards when she was driving home she said that she is seeing an increase of progression with her sons and that her husband (who isn’t a member) is getting more involved than usual as well! So we are really excited!

Ok so yesterday we had ZONE DEVELOPMENT DAY! I was so excited I could hardly focus during study. This is the second one we have had and will continue having them every 2nd Monday of a new transfer. It was in Paisley this week, and its super fun because since I am an STL we got to help plan it. But basically we just went to the Paisley church building and played games, then went to a field nearby and played some sports and stuff. Then I and other missionaries went back to the church building and I started a BBQ for dinner. Yup I cooked all the hamburger patties and hotdogs myself! It was awesome! And then after dinner we played werewolf. That was Sister Jones idea, so she and I were the narrators and it was sooooooo fun! We played 2 rounds and all the missionaries got into it really fast! And yup that was our day. And we got home at 9.

The Stornoway sisters are in the Glasgow zone and got flown down to attend the Glasgow zone development day, and then they came to our flat last night and today we are going on a blitz of our area. I will be with Sister Valadez and Sister Jones will be with Sister Lowry, then tomorrow we will all go up to Glasgow for Glasgow’s Zone Interview Training and then the Stornoway Sisters will spend the night in Glasgow with the Knightswood Sisters and then fly back in the morning. And on Thursday we will be having our Paisley Zone Interview Training, and then Friday we are going on exchanges with Ayr Sisters, so it’s going to be a crazy week! But good. So yes, that is my crazy life, I feel like I don’t even have time to breath, but that is ok. It’s making time go by way fast! Seriously I feel like September is going to be here before I know it! Well that is my week. Sorry for the long email! I love you all and I hope you have a great week! I am excited to tell you about my week next week. :) Hugs and kisses!

Sister Watt

Longest Week of my Life!

                                                                                                                                        May 26, 2014
Olo?! (Name that movie)
 How is everyone in the west? Everything here is fine. This week has been the longest in my life! After I got the moves call I feel like life just dragged! I had to pack and we were so busy. Basically I didn’t do anything last Monday because I knew we were doing everything Tuesday and I wouldn’t have time to pack. So basically I was all packed by Monday night. Oh and also we had FHE on Monday, and it was like a party for Elder Crosby. Seriously it was way sad saying goodbye to him and Elder Jensen, but I ended up seeing Elder Jensen on Wednesday anyway.

Tuesday we met with Mharhi, and invited her to be baptized and she said yes! And I just talked to Sister Firth last night and she said that they committed her to a baptism date last Friday, so that is really exciting. I got to see the Watson's and Sister Procter and Caroline on Tuesday as well. We also had dinner at the Rodgers and so I got to say goodbye to them and then we met with Merrin and Telula. I don’t know if anyone remembers these girls. Pamela was a former investigator and her son has brain cancer and is terminal now. So she wanted us to teach her girls so that they could have a religious foundation. We only got to teach them once though because of the hecticness of her life with her son. But her son just moved back into his own flat with his brother because of the stairs in Pamela’s house he can’t get around very well because his physical ability has been going down, so it’s easier and nicer for him to be in his own flat. She said it makes her sad that he is not at her house all the time but it makes him happy to be there so she is ok with it. Anyway so she said now that he is there we can teach her daughters again. So we had a good lesson with them and Merrin even prayed! So that was good. Pamela also talked about how she is thinking in the future she wants them to go to church, but not until they learn a bit more. So that is good. We were supposed to also see Johnathon and the Craig’s, but they cancelled. 

So Wednesday I woke up bright and early and we hopped on the train to Glasgow, where I waited around for a while and then hopped on a train to Irvine and unpacked and chilled for the rest of my p-day. Then we did some finding and went to the Poland’s. The Poland’s are a family, the Mum is in the church, dad isn’t, and we are teaching their grandsons, Andrew and Declan who live there. So that was good. Hopefully we can convince them to be baptized soon. I think they are struggling understanding it though. Andrew is 11 and Declan is 14. 

So Irvine is really small and so we get around a lot quicker than in everywhere else I have been. So our days are packed, I have been soooo tired all week!

By the way my companion is Sister Jones. There is a picture on my blog and probably Facebook of me with Sister Firth and another girl at my Utah farewell party. That is Sister Jones and my companion now. So it’s pretty cool that I have served with the 2 sisters that I met before I started my mission. Also Sister Jones and I stayed in Sparks at the same time while we were in college, so we have a lot of mutual friends which leads to good conversations. Sister Jones is sweet, soft spoken, loving, humble, quiet, and just a peaceful person all together. So as you can tell, we are complete opposites! hahaha But that’s ok, it still works out, we are pretty different on every level but we get along and that is what matters.

Anyway back to my week, Thursday I woke up bright and early again and got a train out to Edinburgh for New Leadership Training. Along with me there were 4 Elders who were called to be district leaders and another Sister who is the new STL in Dunfermline. 

Ok so I only have like 6 minutes left to write this. So this is going to be watered down. Anyway so that training lasted a long time but was good. I learned all about my responsibilities and stuff! We also saw Amanda Donnelly an investigator after we got back from Edinburgh. Friday we weekly planned, had missionary coordination with the ward and saw a recent convert, Davy, and an investigator Jason. He is very cynical but we had a good conversation, Every question he raised we countered and he was like...ok that makes since. Haha Saturday we got taken out to a really yummy lunch place on the harbor and we visited 2 recent converts. And Sunday we had church. The ward is quite big for such a small area. Bigger than East Kilbride. We visited a former investigator who still wasn’t interested and Davy and the Poland’s again. And now I am here! So that is a wrap. I love you all and I will save more time for my big email next time!

Love love love you!

Sister Watt!

How did this happen?‏

                                                                                                                                     May 19, 2014
Well helloooooo family!
So I am sure this has been a great great week for everyone. My thoughts were definitely with you on Friday, but I tried my hardest to keep busy so I couldn’t dwell. Thanks for the pictures sent! I look forward to seeing more!
Well I guess I should no longer keep everyone waiting to hear about moves call. I am being moved. I got called to be a Sister Training Leader in Irvine, which is in the Paisley Stake. I am following in my trainers footsteps and only serve in 3 zones, and they are all in the industrial belt, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Paisley. So for those who don’t know, a Sister Training Leader is the leader over all the Sisters in an area. My area that I cover will be Paisley zones and Glasgow Zones. STL's go on 2 exchanges a week with the Sisters and help them find things they can work on, so I will be doing a lot of traveling and exchanging. I don’t know if you remember me saying this, but I really struggle with exchanges. I guess this will be my opportunity to learn to love them! Also STL's give a lesson to all the missionaries at zone conferences. Basically it’s a lot more responsibility than I had planned for and I feel extremely inadequate to do it. When that call came in I was not expecting it, then President told me and I immediately got silent and started crying. Haha, Then President was like, "Sister Watt, you have gotten all silent on me...." And I asked him if he was sure about it, and he said that he and God were sure. And then I asked if he thought I could do it, and he said "I think you can, and more importantly God thinks you can". I know he is right and I know that God will provide me with the means to accomplish all I need to. I am just shocked and feeling really not ready for it. But I guess the next few moves are going to be one of learning and learning to love. Anyway so that is my news...extra prayers would be appreciated.
Ok so now that is over I will talk about my week!
Kind of a frustrating week, cause you know when we get investigators it’s not like we WANT to meet with them! haha, so it was another week where it was difficult to get our investigators to meet with us. :(  We did get to meet with Mharhi and she kept her commitment and she read some of the Book of Mormon and she prayed about it. She said she got that it was true, but that it might not be true anymore....I think she just realized it was true and it scared her and she over thought it a bit. Haha but that is alright, because she is still meeting with us, and she will come to know the truth and accept it soon! I can feel it!

OK so on Monday we had FHE that was good, we taught the lesson and talked about faith and hope. I have come to realize that hope has a lot more power than we think it does! We had Elder Crosby's last district meeting on Tuesday. He is going home in like 2 days! I am way excited for him. He is going to BYU so we are totally going to hang out when I get home and go to BYU. In fact Sister Firth and I and Elder Jensen and Elder Crosby have become such close friends, so we have planned parties once we are all off our missions and in Utah! Anyway we also helped Sister Green with gardening and then we had a dinner appointment with the Rodgers. We had a lot of food that day, I had breakfast, then our district went out to lunch for the last celebration with each other, then Sister Green insisted that she feed us food for helping even though we told her that we had a dinner appointment in like an hour. And the Rodgers always feed us a lot....I didn’t finish my food. Its only like the second time I haven’t finished a plate, but I felt sooooo sick! Hahah anyway and then we saw Sister Procter!

On Wednesday we visited Fay in the nursing home and then we did a lot of finding and had dinner with the Cooks. Thursday we did a lot of try bys with potential investigators, and we did some finding and then we met with Seda at the end of the day. We taught about the restoration and watched the restoration movie with her. The good thing is that she still believes our church is the best; she is just not acting on it. :(

Friday we met with Mharhi, and then we watched 17 miracles with Christine and talked about sacrifice and choosing God over everything else, and then we dropped off a lot of cards, because some of our investigators are having struggles so we bought them cards and dropped them off. It was good. Then we had dinner at the McNally’s. I spent a lot of the day looking at my watch trying to imagine what my family might be doing at this or that moment. :) SO that was kind of fun to imagine, then we met with Sister Watson.

Saturday was a hard day full of chapping! It was a cloudy day and we were exhausted for some reason, so it was a real struggle to keep pushing there! Then we had dinner and met with Brother Graham and Sister Procter. I don’t know if I have told you about Walter, Sister Procter’s cat, but he died Saturday morning! It was so sad; you could tell Sister Procter was really upset. She was like "who am I going to talk to during the day now!" Well the Watsons have a bunch of kittens and so we showed Sister Procter a picture and video of them and she is thinking of taking one of them. So Sister FIrth and I will be taking the kittens to Sister Procter to have a look at them! It’s exciting because I felt so bad when she told us Walter died, because seriously she needed Walter to keep her company, and I could tell she was completely depressed, so it feels nice to be able to do something to help her, I feel like Santa! I am excited to do that!

Yesterday we had church and then we stopped by Sister Greens to help plan the surprise party tonight for Elder Crosby, well surprise FHE party. :) Basically it’s just going to be like the usual FHE, except with cake and a shorter lesson to make time for cake! :) Yay! And then we stopped by Sister Procter again, because she was so sad. That’s when we showed her the kitten pictures. And then we had dinner and then we did some chapping...late at night. Which usually isn’t really a good idea, but we actually got some potentials that we will be going by today, including an appointment set up!

So that was my week, and we got moves call this morning. All of the sudden the next few days is going to be really busy trying to juggle packing and visiting members and less actives and we already have like 4 investigator appointments set up...yeah so I don’t know when I am going to will be interesting.
So that was my week, I hope everyone has a great week and I love you all! Talk to you next week and you can hear about my first few days of being and STL...probably won’t be very exciting.

Oh p.s. I will be serving in the Irvine Ward and guess who is in my ward!?!?! Elder Phippen! He will be serving there also, if you remember Elder Phippen, we became good friends when we both served in Hamilton/Motherwell together!

I love you all and have a great week!!!!!!
Sister Watt

I am still flying high from Skyping yesterday!‏

                                                                                                                                      May 12, 2014
 Hey lovely family! 

I absolutely loved skyping yesterday! I am still so excited about it, and its already passed! I couldn’t fall asleep last night because I couldn’t stop thinking about my family. It’s good I have this p-day to refocus my mind before I get back into missionary mode. I just can't believe how much the kids have grown and how good everything seems to be going. I am sure there are struggles in everyone’s lives but to me you all looked well and happy! So thanks for faking it if you weren't. :) I pray every day for my family and I hope that my prayers are helping a little! I love you all so much and while I am trying my hardest to stay focused I can’t help but to look forward to the day that I get to not only see everyone but be with everyone either all together or families individually!

This week was alright. Fortunately we got all these new investigators last week, but unfortunately they all seemed to be busy this week. It is always nerve racking when you can’t see investigators for a week because you always get nervous about what kind of mischief Satan could be getting up to that spirit/missionary lesson free week he has. We did get two new investigators this week. A man named Alistair and a girl named Mharhi. So that is exciting. We were able to have FHE at Granny Greens for the first time in a few weeks because we weren’t having anyone attend we had to stop doing them. But a former investigator that was almost baptized a while back decided to take a break from investigating for a while but is now back to wanting to learn so he called Granny Green asking if FHE is still going, so now that we have an attendee we were able to get it going again. Hopefully we will be able to get some of our investigators to go in the future.

The lesson with Alistair was on Tuesday and it was pretty good. We talked to him about the restoration and he had a lot of questions and likes to look up things on the internet, which could pose a problem, but we made sure that he understood that there was a lot of anti-Mormon doctrine and if he ever had any questions that he asks us. He had a point where he was like "yeah I read the intro and it said something about the Lamanites and Nephites, so I am interested to see what I can find on the internet about them." So in the politest way I could manage I just said, "Well if you want to learn about the Nephites and Lamanites, just read the Book of Mormon, because like the introduction says, it’s all about them!" Haha.

On Wednesday we had a Scotland West Conference, so all the people in the Glasgow zones and Paisley zones came together. It was really good and I learned a lot about things to improve. They are pushing for doing family history finding again and have now designated for us to take an hour out on Wednesday mornings to work on our family history, so mum if you want to give me an assignment or something each week to do so that I can learn more about it I would love that, because whenever I go on the family history website I just stare at it like an eegit (Scottish for idiot). Anyway, after that we saw the Watson’s and it was good. We have been reading out of the kids Book of Mormon reader with them so that the kids can learn and get more out of it. It has been good!

You know what; quick detour of my week, one thing I have learned on my mission is that I love teaching; which is really good that I have found that out, considering I wanted to be a teacher! So that is a big bonus for my mission!

OK back on track. Thursday we went on exchanges with Hamilton. And I went to Hamilton! And as per usual on Thursday's the sisters go to have dinner at Marie and Victoria Devine’s (if you can’t remember they are the ones that Sister Hulet and I were able to baptize), so I surprised them. It was really good. I was actually really nervous about seeing them because I am no longer in Hamilton, and sometimes on exchanges, because it’s not your area you struggle finding inspiration to say things in lessons because it’s just not your assigned area, and not your assigned people. But it went good. Marie has been struggling lately and is now considered Less Active, but she wants to get back to church and she said that she also got a letter from Sister Hulet this week so between Sister Hulet’s Letter and my visit she felt like God had answered her prayers and she felt the spirit. So that was nice to hear. She wants to work towards going to the temple for baptisms. Victoria has been less active for a while now, much longer than her mum, and it makes me sad, but she is just completely closed off. All I can hope is that Marie will set an example for her and she will soften her heart. I also got to see Jean McGilligan in Hamilton, she is a less active that we visited often and I loved in Hamilton. It was good seeing her; she is just as cheeky as ever! Friday we were able to visit Christine and watch a movie, Legacy, with her. And she made us her awesome pear crumble! Christine is an amazing cook! Then we had dinner at the McNally's.

So Saturday there was a helping hands service project, but the rule was that we couldn’t go unless we got a ride. But the only person going from our ward was Steven McNally, who was taking the Elders to the usual Saturday morning football with less actives and investigators and such and then they were going to the service. Well girls aren’t aloud at this football game so we were desperately trying to find someone who was going to the service thing, but then Steven felt bad and asked permission to bring us. So we went to play football, and we didn’t do half bad. I just played defense, it was like a real football game. Haha. Anyway I was about to head butt a ball and I miscalculated the arch of the ball and I kind of face butt the ball! Haha it hit my nose pretty good and my nose is still tender, but I had some really good moments, and we were told we could come back anytime. But we probably won’t, because there is still this "no girls aloud" feeling about it all; which is dumb. Anyway the weather was great for football and the service project and it rained in the in between times, which is convenient. Then we saw Brother Graham afterwards and Sister Procter. By the end of that day Sister Firth and I were just completely exhausted and I slept like a rock!

And then we had Sunday which was awesome because I got to talk to you! So it that was my week.  Hopefully I will have more exciting things to tell you about investigators next week, but until then I hope you all have a great week! Next week we get moves call, so I may be telling you that I am off to a new destination or staying. We will see, but I love you all and talk to you later. 

Sister Watt

P.S. Don’t forget you all have an assignment, I need updated pictures of all my family members and their spouses and nieces and nephews. Catherine already sent some, she is on the ball! There’s a ball, and she is on it. Hahahah :) 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

"There can be miracles, when you believe"‏

                                                                                                                                          May 6, 2014
Hey family!
Well today was a good week. Right now I have just been in awe at the blessings that God is granting us and East Kilbride. We now have 5 investigators and it’s crazy to think to that just two weeks ago we didn’t have any investigators and now we have 5! Well we have a few more than 5 but those people have been investigating for a long time and they aren't progressing. I just don’t feel worthy to receive all these blessings and now it’s overwhelming me! This is possibly the most investigators I have had on my mission at one time. Also in the past two weeks we have been randomly let in on the spot more than I have ever in my whole mission put together! So it’s been really cool. Here I will tell you about our new investigators:

We have the Craig’s who I mentioned last week, who have 4 kids. This week we received another family, they are the Winter’s, although just engaged but to be married in like a year. And they have an adorable wee boy who is only 5 months old. They are really cool, but have busy schedules so it will be slow going with them. They are both pro-footballers! So that is cool. Then we have a potential that we have been trying to teach ever since Sister Jacques and I were together. I usually don’t hang on to potentials for that long but we keep on asking him if he was interested and he says yes, just super busy. So we finally got a set appointment. I wasn't there for the lesson because I was on exchanges. But his name is Johnathon, and he is I don’t know mid-late 20's. So that’s exciting. We also have the likely potential of getting 2 new investigators this week. One right after I am done emailing, although we can’t find a joint teach so I am not sure how well that will go. :-/ But the sister went and had one of those spur of the moment "oh yeah come on in" lessons with this guy. He was someone we had chapped on his door earlier and made an appointment, but he bailed. (Actually I think that was last Tuesday), so on exchanges Sister Firth and Sister Ricks got a joint teach come to teach Johnathon and since they had more time afterward they tried by this guy, Alistair, and he let them in. So hopefully his partner or daughter are in his home or else we won’t be able to teach him, :( Which is really frustrating. Anyway we have texted him to make sure he will be there and he said yes, so it’s a pretty good chance he will be a new investigator today, and then last Friday we tried by a potential named Mharhi (pernounced Varie) and she let us in the spot and we have another appointment with her this Friday, so she will be another new investigator. So hopefully by the end of this week we will have at least 7 new investigators from last week! And then of course wee Scott and Alison who have been investigating for a long time, so that will be 9! BLESSINGS! I am not joking I feel so blessed and just can’t thank God enough! 

Ok so I will tell a little about my week. We have seen Sister Procter twice and also yesterday we went with her and the Elders to a Carvery. I love Carveries. Basically you get the choice of 3 different meats, or you could have a bit of each and then unlimited roast and mashed tatties (potatoes), veg, chips (fries), and all of that swimming in gravy! Basically the greatest thing ever! I stuffed myself sooo much, I felt so sick....and then somehow I fit in dessert as well. Can someone say FATTY!  Haha 

We met the Winter’s on the street and tried by on Tuesday night she said for us to come back on Wednesday at 4, so we came back and she let us in and we taught them. We also saw Caroline, who has been having a rough time. We were texting her to see if we could come teach Scott, she said that she wasn’t doing well so we asked if we could help. She said no as typical Scottish people do, and we texted back saying there had to be SOMETHING we could do, and then she said, alright you could come by for a friendly, girl talk visit. So we did and it was really good. We got to share a comforting scripture with her and she was nice enough to make us lunch! So that was really good. Especially at the end and out of the blue she said she wanted to come to church this weekend! So we got it all set up, but they had had the stomach bug and it didn’t go away before Sunday so she couldn’t come. But still it felt like there was real good progress!

We have these potentials that aren’t really interested in our church because they are Catholic but we have been able to slowly make progress. Well the Elders met them last week as well, because they saw the father working outside and they started talking to him and offered to help with his yard. It was a funny "coincidence" that the Elders met our potential. So that opened a lot of doors to them and we have helped them take out huge bushes a couple of times these past 2 weeks. And I think it was like 2 days ago we tried by to see if they were going to need any more help and they said no, but we could still come by for a chat, and we placed a Book of Mormon with the mum! So that is progress! 

We also met with Christine and the Watson’s. Then like I said on Friday morning we had 2 lessons we met with Mharhi and then Seda. Then we went to Glasgow for exchanges and I went to Irvine with Sister Jones. So that was alright. Usually I really struggle and get really quiet in exchanges because I feel awkward and I don’t like not being in my area. But this time it felt a lot more natural and I was able to jump in more, so we had some really good lessons with people there. Saturday we exchanged back and met with Brother Graham and Sister Procter.

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Just got a call from someone in our ward and they are joining us for our lesson so that is awesome! MORE MIRACLES!

Ok then on Sunday we went to church, because that is what we do and we visited Fay in the nursing home and the Smith’s and taught the Plan of Salvation. Like I said on Monday we went to a Carvery, Sister Firth got her hair did ;) and because it was a holiday the bus times were rubbish and they were all running like 20 minutes late so we just went shopping and went home and took a nap. It was nice though, once I was done with being annoyed at the buses and listening to the Elder’s complaining about the buses. of those days I guess.

And now I am here emailing! So that is what’s happening in my life, the usual. Although I keep on getting minor freak-outs because people keep on reminding that my mission is on the quick down slide and its flipping me out! Seriously I haven’t been able to sleep very well between investigators, excitement of Jordan’s wedding and Skyping, and that I keep on thinking that there isn’t enough time to get everything I want to get done on my mission.

This has been a great week and I just can’t thank God enough in my prayers, I feel really inadequate and feel like my thank you's aren’t enough. 

I know that the gospel is true, and I know the Spirit is the true converter. I have come to know that yes, there are people out there who have been prepared by God and are ready to accept the gospel. We just have to find them. I have also learned in these past few weeks that numerical goals are great, however more often than not (at least in missionary life) the numbers are based off of someone else's agency, and well that can be disappointing when you don’t reach a goal because of someone else. But if we make goals that are based off of our agency, based off of how we can conduct ourselves, and how hard we can work, and how we can become better, that is when other things follow, in missionary life, that is when the numbers go up, is when you improve yourself! 
I love my mission!

Sister Watt

Pictures:  At the carvery with Sister Procter

I never know what to say in this subject! But this was a great week! ‏

                                                                                                                                         April 29, 2014
So this last week has been really good! Like I said last week we played football on Monday and then we got invited to join the McNally's for a bbq. It was soooo awesomely great! Tuesday was so good. After I emailed we went and had dinner and did some finding and then at the end of the day we tried by a potential. So we chapped into this potential and her name is Fiona. We hardly even talked to her when we chapped her door, and she was like, "I am really busy right now can you come back next week?" Well then on Tuesday we went to go try by and you know we thought it was just going to be another one of those "I’ll just tell them to come back so I don’t have to deal with them" sort of situations. So yeah we chapped her door and her fiancé opened the door and we asked if Fiona was in and he called her over and she was like "oh hi girls come on in!"

Whenever things like this happen I always have a bunch of things run through my head. First off shock and a millisecond fear for my life because I am thinking, "a Scottish person just let us in right on the they want to kill me", then my mind goes over the white handbook rules to make sure its ok that I am going inside this persons house so suddenly, and then I think are they tricking me, and then I step through their door and they invite us in and then I think.....YES! THIS IS HAPPENING!

HAHAHAHA so that was way cool. It was a really disjointed lesson because there were a lot of distractions but it was good. She had attended one of our services when she was a wee girl with a friend. Her fiancé is really skeptical. So we ended up inviting them to read the intro to the BOM and then we set up another appointment for Friday. So then on Friday we met with them and Fiona's kids were sick so she didn’t get a chance to read, but her fiancé, Liam, loves reading and is secretly really curious and apparently Fiona told us that the moment we left on Tuesday he picked up the BOM and started reading, so he read through to 1 Nephi 3! So that was really exciting. We taught the Plan of Salvation and it seemed like it went pretty good, so we have another appointment with them on Thursday! We now have 2 new investigators, who are getting married in 10 weeks and have 4 kids, ages 12, 5(I think), 4, and 2 or something. I don’t really remember the ages, but a big family! So that is really really exciting. And I feel blessed that God led us to them.

 We did a good amount of service this week. It’s been really nice weather and it’s been nice to wear service clothes and do something physical, since our lack of investigators, it’s nice to have that break from finding and chapping! We had a dinner appointment with the Bishop and his family on Wednesday, I love going to their home because they have a great family. They have 3 kids who are awesome. I have learned so much about what I want to do with my family from them. And you know how I am, I love studying parenting and family stuff, so I really enjoy seeing the way they parent and run their home. :) Also on Wednesday we met with Alison, our investigator who has been investigating for a long time, but is now finally trying to get back into actively investigating again. So things are going well with her. She knows everything so we are just trying to pray for things that will help her make the choice to get baptized, and also we are just trying to help her get a deeper understanding of the gospel.

Thursday we were able to visit some less actives, the Irvine’s, and Sister Procter. Sister Procter is improving I think. She is starting to read daily and do the little things. So hopefully that will help, she can be pretty stubborn!

I already talked about Friday, although we also just did some finding and we chapped this guy’s house and we had a good chat with him, and we have a return appointment with him tonight! So we will see how that goes. We also had dinner at the McNally’s. Seriously I love them and I always look forward to Fridays because we get to eat dinner at the McNally’s! And of course we met with Liam and Fiona Craigie.

Saturday we did some service and set up an appointment for this Saturday with a potential investigator. I am so grateful to God right now because he has been blessing us with people that have just been so welcoming. All week we have had a lot of people just ask us to come back, or set up appointments with us on the spot. Not all of them have followed through but we do have some serious potential. So I have been so grateful that God is blessing the East Kilbride area! Saturday was a day full of less actives to work with, we saw Christine, Brother McCafferty (both came to church on Sunday) and Sister Procter again. Sorry this is a long email! Busy week!

Sunday we visited Fay and kind of had a lame day...after church. Church wasn’t lame, church was good! Sister Firths brother-in-laws dad (who she is really close too because her sister and brother in law were dating for years) was riding motorcycles up the British Isles (apparently he does this a lot) and decided to surprise Sister Firth with a visit at church. And Sister Firth had a talk to give, so she was sitting on the stand and he walked in in his motorcycle gear (because he wasn’t planning on coming) and her eyes just about popped out of the sockets. She did a great job on her talk and afterwards was able to have a badly needed reunion. She has had a hard couple of weeks so I think this was one of those tender mercies that God gives. So that was cool.
AND MONDAY! A few weeks ago we got an email from President Brown who just established a new thing called zone development day. Basically the second Monday of every transfer we get a whole Monday (from 10-9) off to do really fun things with our zone. I think he started this because there have been so many people who have been going home because of stress related illnesses, so he wanted to establish something the missionaries could look forward too and a day of relaxing and unwinding. So yesterday was the first one and it was awesome! It started with lunch (we all traveled and met at the Stake Center in Glasgow) and then we played volleyball...well volleyball of sorts. I haven’t played in more than a year...I’m terrible now! Haha anyway then we did a bracket competition with the stick pulling game. So that was fun, and we did a relay race. They had a bunch of other sports like mits and baseballs for catch and a football and a room set up for Nerf gun fights! So after the relay race and everything we all played different sports. I played catch with Elder Jensen (he is in my area) for a while and now between volleyball and catch my shoulders are killing me! Haha and then we did a talent show. Elder Jensen earlier was trying to convince me to do it. I knew that he is shy on stage too so I told him that if he did his yoyo tricks I would play the guitar (thinking he would say no) and he agreed...........So that plan backfired. Anyway so Elder Crosby and I did a singing/guitar duet to a Mumford and Sons song! It wasn't half bad for me learning how to play it in one day! :) And then after that we had dinner and then chatted and took some pictures and hung out and then we all went home and went to bed! And now I am here!

So basically this email is ridiculously long, but I think it’s safe to say that I had a really good week and I am looking forward to this next week! :) Thanks for all your love and support. I know this church is true, and I know that the Lord’s work is hastening fast! I encourage you all to grab hold and run with it, because it might pass you by! Share something about the gospel with a non-member friend this week! God will bless you!

Love you all!
Sister Watt

1) My s’more exploded on my hands!
2) :)
3) HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I seriously die laughing every time I see this photo! Elder Crosby so perfectly photo bombed this photo! Man I love our East Kilbride missionary group. Not even joking Sister Firth, Elder Crosby and Elder Jensen have become some of my closest friends. We call ourselves the dream team! Although Elder Crosby goes home after this transfer and I will probably leave too, so then it will be broken up. But we have decided that we are all going to hang out when we all are home!