Sunday, July 20, 2014

....and its Monday again...not sure how that happened.

                                                                                          June 16, 2014

Well my weeks are just moving faster and faster. So I will give you a watered down replay of my week. Monday evening we got fed by a member, our ward missionary leader actually. We get fed sooooo much here, a least once a week we’re fed both lunch and dinner! I think it’s safe to say that this will be the area that I gain weight! Although I have been trying really hard not too. Sister Jones and I run every other day and work on abs and strength the other days. So hopefully that is keeping off the pounds!

Tuesday we had district meeting and then we exchanged with East Kilbride sisters. Sister Caswell came with me in Irvine and Sister Jones went down to EK with Sister Firth. I was intimidated at first by Sister Caswell but things went well and I realized we actually have a lot in common. So I wonder if I intimidate people also....I hope not. After exchanges we did some finding and participated in the ward choir and I taught a last minute planned lesson in the Book of Mormon class. Sister Caswell helped me a lot though. And then we taught a recent convert named Thomas and I really felt like that went well. I have to say, I have been improving a lot on my ability to find and sing the alto parts on songs, thanks to my mission.

Wednesday we did family history in the morning and then visited a less active that we haven’t visited before. She made us lunch and she made us bracelets, because she makes jewelry; which was really nice of her. It was good getting to know her and hopefully we will be able to go back soon. Then we exchanged back and we were supposed to have an appointment with Alexander our investigator, but he had a seizure that morning so he couldn’t. I think he is epileptic. So hopefully we will meet with him soon. Then we had dinner at the Polland’s. Andrew and Declan are making good progress and we really feel like they are opening up to us and we are becoming good buds with them, which is important when you’re teaching 12 and 14 year olds. We talked to them last Sunday about baptism but when we asked them about it on Wednesday they were being shy and just said "I don’t know", later on Sister Polland told me that they told her that they wanted to, so obviously there still is a little bit more trust to gain there. We saw them again last night and that was really good as well, each time they open up more to us! We always try to make our lessons fun and interactive and that makes it good for them! And last night both Andrew and Declan AND Sister Pollands nonmember husband said a closing prayer! We just went through them all, Andy, then Declan, then Andrew! It was awesome! :D I love seeing people change and progress!

Anyway after the Polland’s on Wednesday we saw Davy, and he is struggling just now. It doesn’t make me feel good that the moment Sister Ricks left and I took her spot, suddenly all these recent converts are struggling and not coming to church :(, really though it makes me feel really bad and sad, but I guess all I can do is do my best and love them and serve them.

Thursday we painted our neighbors fence and then had lunch with a member at a Chinese restaurant....I miss American Chinese food! But it was still alright. Then we weekly planned and had another dinner appointment at the Watson's, and they made DELICIOUS food, but I was absolutely stuffed by the end of it all. I felt kind of sick! Then to top off our day we gave the stop smoking program to Amanda Donnelly, and I phoned her today and she still hasn’t smoked! So that is really exciting!

Friday we had ward coordination and then went on exchanges with Hamilton. God just doesn’t want me to get away from my home mission area does he! Haha I went with Sister Mills in Hamilton and we visited a girl in the ward who is a convert of 3 years and just turned 18 and is thinking about going on a mission. So we came over to explain the whole process to her mum, who isn’t a member and answer any questions the two of them had. So that was really good, and she is going to practice teaching with the missionaries on her mum, so maybe a baptism will come out of it! Then we just did some try bys and then we went to Marie and Victoria’s. I wasn’t going to ask to visit Marie and Victoria while we were on exchanges, but 2 weeks ago, President and Sister Brown said that they felt that it would be best if I could pay them a visit with Sister Mills. So I called Sister Mills and had her set it up. Marie couldn’t be there because of an appointment, which at first I was sad about. But the way the lesson went I felt that maybe God just wanted me to visit Victoria, so she could have a moment to open up and vent without her mum there. So it was good, Victoria’s still struggling but I feel like there was some progress made.

While I was on exchanges Sister Jones and Sister Morrison had a great lesson with our investigator Jason, and he is seriously thinking about getting baptized in July, we told him to pray about it and we will be following up on that on Wednesday this week! So that is exciting.

Saturday morning we did some finding and then exchanged back, and then Sister Jones and I had a lunch appointment with a lady in our ward and then she went over some things we are helping her with. She will be organizing a computer class for the sisters in the ward, just basic knowledge. And she has asked us to teach it, because she is not confident in her teaching skills, so we went over everything we will be teaching and stuff. So yup and then we did a lot of try bys and finding, and then we had a dinner appointment with Lorna Reid and a lesson with her friend Randy and then we did some more try bys.

The weather here has been fantastic, but since the weather is very unpredictable, I had to plan as if it might rain while I was in Hamilton. So coming back on Saturday and we didn’t have time for me to change at the flat, it was scorching hot and I was wearing black tights! So I finally just gave up and took off my tights and just went barefoot in my shoes! hahahaha I didn’t ever think I would choose sticky smelly feet over heat but apparently when the times get rough....! hahaha Anyway so that felt better! And now I have a tan line from the sun.

Sunday we had church, and we were supposed to meet with Jason afterwards but because of Father’s Day he bailed on church and us! REDICULOUS, his father should not come before us! ;) Kidding. Anyway so we had lunch, did some finding, skyped with the Sisters in Stornoway and then had dinner and then visited with Andrew and Declan, which I have already talked about. And now I am here. So there is the play by play of my week, I guess it wasn’t very watered down! Oh well. Life is good.

I am tired all the time and still feel like there is not enough time for anything ever! But we just have one more exchange and then a few weeks of normal stuff (plus a few meetings) and then it’s a new transfer, and back to doing it again. :) Sometimes I feel like a zombie, just following around another zombie with a name tag on. Sunday was hard, but we made it through and this is another week! So that’s missionary life seems it will never end! And I am grateful for that. I love you all have a great week!

Sister Watt

P.S. I am still missing updated photos from Barbs family, Ambers family, Jordan and Jen, and Mum and Dad! So chop to it!

P.S.S. I don’t know if any of you knew this but it is ok to email me like once a few weeks or something! So if you were afraid that getting to much email is against the rules so that’s why you don’t send’s not, just so you know you CAN email me sometimes.....just saying. I LOVE YOU!

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