Sunday, July 13, 2014


                                                                                                                                      March 24, 2014

PAUL CAME TO CHURCH! That is my highlight, straight off the bat! I am so grateful that Paul has been able to build up the faith and desire to go. He hasn’t told his parents that he is learning from us but he came to church and that is a big step. His baptism date is the 12th of April, and so far he is on track for that! I am so excited! Paul also came to FHE last Monday and we saw him our usual 2 times a week. He is accepting everything so readily and hasn’t had coffee in like 2 weeks! :D It feels so good to see someone change and accept the gospel in their lives. On the down side; we haven’t been able to be in contact with Craig at all. He canceled on Monday and then said he was really busy. So we haven’t been able to meet with him. Last night Sister Firth and I went to his house to try by, and as we were climbing up the stairs to his close we both got this really, really bad feeling, and knew that we were not supposed to be there. So we left. I don’t really know what to do about Craig, but we will see. The gray family dropped us, if I am being honest I am not surprised, they were never really that interested and weren’t willing to put in the effort for the future, but that’s ok at least the seed is planted.
Tuesday night I was talking to Sister Firth and told her about Donna Carey. If you remember Donna, Sister Jacques and I tried by her home and she let us in and we had a really good discussion, she is a less active with non-member family. And we had been the first missionaries let in her home for a really, really long time. Well since then we haven’t really been able to keep an appointment with her. So it kind of gets awkward after a while because you don’t want to be intruding and so on and so forth. Well I was explaining this to Sister Firth and how I thought to try by but was feeling really awkward about it. And Sister Firth was like, "if there is one thing I have learned on my mission, it’s to act on whatever comes into your mind." So we went and she let us in and it wasn’t awkward at all, and her son Jack who is unusually spiritual asked a ton of questions and we had a good discussion with him, and we are going back tomorrow night! So that is really cool! Thanks Sister Firth for reminding me to listen to the spirit, you would think I would have figured that out by now! ;) Oh well, that’s what companions are for!
We had exchanges with the STL's (Sister Training Leaders) on Wednesday to Thursday morning. So that was good. I always get nervous for exchanges just because I don’t like having to adjust to a new companion even if it’s only for a day, but it always turns out well. Thursday we helped out Seda with house work and she was kind enough to make us dinner then we taught her a wee lesson, those are the photos that were posted. Seda loves facebook haha!
We were able to see Scott on Saturday. It’s really hard with Scott because I want him to progress but he just can’t because of legal stuff! :-( Friday we also tried by a former investigator named Pamela, right now her son is dying of brain cancer so we haven’t been visiting too much because we know she would like her space. But we tried by and we talked a lot. She expressed how her daughters have no spiritual beliefs to get them through their brother’s cancer and very possible outcome. So we set up to start teaching her daughters. They are ages 9 and 10. So we went over on Saturday and taught them how to pray and who God is, just very basic.
The last thing I want to share is what happened on Sunday. So after church basically our whole day fell through and we went to go chap this street. So we got on the street and everyone rejected us. We even have one person say that he just joined a church that was actively anti-Mormon and another started arguing with us telling us that we aren’t Christian and that he has read the Book of Mormon and it does not support the bible at all! So it was a pretty demoralizing experience. Well we finally got to the last house on the block and I kept looking at my watch and thinking we should just go because none of this is working. But we kept on going and Sister Firth and I got to the last house and we chapped the door and the guy was so nice and invited us back. His name was Matt and he asked so many questions, and we are seeing him this upcoming Saturday! Later on Sister Firth and I were talking about how we both wanted to stop in our minds but kept going and then we got to the last door and both had the feeling that this door was going to be good! And it was! So that was way cool. Anyway time is running out, I love you all! Thanks for your love and support!

Sister Watt

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