Saturday, July 19, 2014

Here’s to Faith and Hope!‏

                                                                                                                                     April 14, 2014
Hiya Familia!
This has been an OK week. A lot of hard work; and not fun work like teaching. But not as fun work, like chapping and finding. No that’s not too bad, you learn to love it eventually, it’s just the getting started bit that is hard sometimes. Well I will quickly update you on my week, because I procrastinated writing this letter, for some reason I just didn't feel like writing it.

Anyway, So Monday was the greatest Monday ever! We went bowling and it was soooo much fun. I did terrible to start off, but by the second game I was doing pretty good. Well sort of, I got 4th place! Out of not that exciting but it wasn't last so that is good for me, and I also beat Elder Cavallaro and he was my main competition! We were neck in neck the whole time, and on the final slot I guttered...both of them. And then I was like oh dang, Elder Cavallaro is going to beat me now, and then he guttered too! haha So I beat him by one point! :D Haha Anyway so that was good and then we just did some finding.

So then Tuesday we had a whole day of finding and then we met with the Smiths. We are having a pizza and movie night this Tuesday, since its Dominos two for Tuesday deal. We are going to watch Prophet of the Restoration or Legacy or something. Whichever is shorter, I think Legacy, so I am excited for that. On Wednesday we met with Sister Procter, she actually couldn't watch General Conference but we watched a talk with her and committed her to read every day, and guess what! She did! When we met with her on Saturday she had read her scriptures every night, so that was exciting, any progress with Sister Procter is good!

Thursday we taught Scott in the morning, and then we got hired for a charity shop. So we worked at the charity shop. They wouldn’t let us wear our badges and they called us by our first was really weird, each time the lady had to say my name like 2 times before I realized she was talking to me. And I didn't like not having my badge on, but maybe once they get warmed up to us they will let us wear them. It’s just we are encouraged to find a charity thing to work in each week, so now we work for a cancer charity shop. It was weird doing normal work. But that was good.

Friday we did some service for Seda and she made awesome shortbread cookies. She sent some home with us, and Sister Firth is on a diet thing (I don’t know how you do a diet on a mission but whatever) and so I ate all of them! It was awesome. Speaking of being unhealthy, Sister Firth and I have been running in the morning. The weather is finally nice enough to do that, so besides the fact that I have been way sore, it was super nice to go running! Then we had lunch and then we met with Christine.

Last week we told the Watson's that if they prayed as a family 3 times then we would make them ice cream cake! Well they did! So I was sooooo excited to be able to make ice cream cake on Friday and then bring it to the Watson's and eat it in celebration on Saturday! IT WAS SO GOOD! I love Ice cream cake. Anyway then also on Friday the McNally's fed us as usual, they are always so nice and we tried by our potential investigator David and we have a return appointment tonight. So hopefully by the end of the day today we will have a new investigator. Saturday was busy; it consisted of visiting Fay in the nursing home, teaching Brother Graham, and the Watson's, and then Sister Procter! Then to celebrate the anticipation of moves call we went to KFC with the Elders.

On our way home the craziest thing happened, we were walking home from the bus station and this guy who just got off a special hire bus started talking to us. It kind of seemed like he was trying to hit on us and Sister Firth and I were wary about talking to him so late. Especially since we knew they had just got back watching the horse races and they were heading to the pub. Well this guy, Jamie, kept on talking to us and we turned to head to our flat and he followed us, and his friend that was walking with him asked him where he was going. Well he just said that he would meet up with him later. Well the moment his friend left he started talking to us and asking us a ton of questions about religion. He just opened up and said how he was feeling like something was missing in his life and how he needed direction and how he had money and everything but it wasn’t making him happy. So after a 15 minute conversation, he didn't want to give out information and he seemed a little skeptical about us meeting with him. So we just gave him our number and invited him to church and gave him the time and everything. Obviously nothing has come out of it yet, but he said to us that he felt like he needed to talk to us for some reason, so maybe something in the future will happen. Or maybe God just needed some seeds planted in his head. It was an interesting experience though.

We also talked to a guy who had talked to Mormon’s in the past and was not interested really but willing to talk to us. So we offered him a Book of Mormon and he said no, then we continued talking and something we said must have triggered something, because he then was like "actually can have that book". Again he didn't want to meet with us but he said he would read it. So blessings are coming and things are happening, I really hope that East Kilbride starts picking up again.

Oh I just realized that I never told you. We had moves call and Sister Firth and I are staying. I have mixed feelings, I really want to experience another area and I would love to go to Ireland eventually. But I am happy that I am not leaving Sister Firth, and also that I am not leaving this area worse than I found it. So Sister Firth and I decided we are going to work harder than we ever have and exercise some faith and hopefully East Kilbride will be flourishing by the end of this transfer. Which by the way is a 5 week transfer so, it’s going to seem extra short! Well that was my week. Not a bad week, I hope all is well there at home and thanks for all the support and love especially after my struggle week I had last week. I know God has a plan in store! I know this is the true church and that it changes people’s lives! It’s changed mine.

I love you!
Sister Watt

P.s. This was a long letter; I guess I am more chatty than I thought today. As they say in Ireland (and here a bit) about chatty people, I must have kissed the blarney stone! :)


1) Last p-day, Irn Bru is the number one drink here, they drink it like crazy, I think it tastes like bubble gum.
2) Haven’t changed much have I!

3) Bowling and Sister Firth and I have matching t-shirts!

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