Sunday, July 20, 2014

How did this happen?‏

                                                                                                                                     May 19, 2014
Well helloooooo family!
So I am sure this has been a great great week for everyone. My thoughts were definitely with you on Friday, but I tried my hardest to keep busy so I couldn’t dwell. Thanks for the pictures sent! I look forward to seeing more!
Well I guess I should no longer keep everyone waiting to hear about moves call. I am being moved. I got called to be a Sister Training Leader in Irvine, which is in the Paisley Stake. I am following in my trainers footsteps and only serve in 3 zones, and they are all in the industrial belt, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Paisley. So for those who don’t know, a Sister Training Leader is the leader over all the Sisters in an area. My area that I cover will be Paisley zones and Glasgow Zones. STL's go on 2 exchanges a week with the Sisters and help them find things they can work on, so I will be doing a lot of traveling and exchanging. I don’t know if you remember me saying this, but I really struggle with exchanges. I guess this will be my opportunity to learn to love them! Also STL's give a lesson to all the missionaries at zone conferences. Basically it’s a lot more responsibility than I had planned for and I feel extremely inadequate to do it. When that call came in I was not expecting it, then President told me and I immediately got silent and started crying. Haha, Then President was like, "Sister Watt, you have gotten all silent on me...." And I asked him if he was sure about it, and he said that he and God were sure. And then I asked if he thought I could do it, and he said "I think you can, and more importantly God thinks you can". I know he is right and I know that God will provide me with the means to accomplish all I need to. I am just shocked and feeling really not ready for it. But I guess the next few moves are going to be one of learning and learning to love. Anyway so that is my news...extra prayers would be appreciated.
Ok so now that is over I will talk about my week!
Kind of a frustrating week, cause you know when we get investigators it’s not like we WANT to meet with them! haha, so it was another week where it was difficult to get our investigators to meet with us. :(  We did get to meet with Mharhi and she kept her commitment and she read some of the Book of Mormon and she prayed about it. She said she got that it was true, but that it might not be true anymore....I think she just realized it was true and it scared her and she over thought it a bit. Haha but that is alright, because she is still meeting with us, and she will come to know the truth and accept it soon! I can feel it!

OK so on Monday we had FHE that was good, we taught the lesson and talked about faith and hope. I have come to realize that hope has a lot more power than we think it does! We had Elder Crosby's last district meeting on Tuesday. He is going home in like 2 days! I am way excited for him. He is going to BYU so we are totally going to hang out when I get home and go to BYU. In fact Sister Firth and I and Elder Jensen and Elder Crosby have become such close friends, so we have planned parties once we are all off our missions and in Utah! Anyway we also helped Sister Green with gardening and then we had a dinner appointment with the Rodgers. We had a lot of food that day, I had breakfast, then our district went out to lunch for the last celebration with each other, then Sister Green insisted that she feed us food for helping even though we told her that we had a dinner appointment in like an hour. And the Rodgers always feed us a lot....I didn’t finish my food. Its only like the second time I haven’t finished a plate, but I felt sooooo sick! Hahah anyway and then we saw Sister Procter!

On Wednesday we visited Fay in the nursing home and then we did a lot of finding and had dinner with the Cooks. Thursday we did a lot of try bys with potential investigators, and we did some finding and then we met with Seda at the end of the day. We taught about the restoration and watched the restoration movie with her. The good thing is that she still believes our church is the best; she is just not acting on it. :(

Friday we met with Mharhi, and then we watched 17 miracles with Christine and talked about sacrifice and choosing God over everything else, and then we dropped off a lot of cards, because some of our investigators are having struggles so we bought them cards and dropped them off. It was good. Then we had dinner at the McNally’s. I spent a lot of the day looking at my watch trying to imagine what my family might be doing at this or that moment. :) SO that was kind of fun to imagine, then we met with Sister Watson.

Saturday was a hard day full of chapping! It was a cloudy day and we were exhausted for some reason, so it was a real struggle to keep pushing there! Then we had dinner and met with Brother Graham and Sister Procter. I don’t know if I have told you about Walter, Sister Procter’s cat, but he died Saturday morning! It was so sad; you could tell Sister Procter was really upset. She was like "who am I going to talk to during the day now!" Well the Watsons have a bunch of kittens and so we showed Sister Procter a picture and video of them and she is thinking of taking one of them. So Sister FIrth and I will be taking the kittens to Sister Procter to have a look at them! It’s exciting because I felt so bad when she told us Walter died, because seriously she needed Walter to keep her company, and I could tell she was completely depressed, so it feels nice to be able to do something to help her, I feel like Santa! I am excited to do that!

Yesterday we had church and then we stopped by Sister Greens to help plan the surprise party tonight for Elder Crosby, well surprise FHE party. :) Basically it’s just going to be like the usual FHE, except with cake and a shorter lesson to make time for cake! :) Yay! And then we stopped by Sister Procter again, because she was so sad. That’s when we showed her the kitten pictures. And then we had dinner and then we did some chapping...late at night. Which usually isn’t really a good idea, but we actually got some potentials that we will be going by today, including an appointment set up!

So that was my week, and we got moves call this morning. All of the sudden the next few days is going to be really busy trying to juggle packing and visiting members and less actives and we already have like 4 investigator appointments set up...yeah so I don’t know when I am going to will be interesting.
So that was my week, I hope everyone has a great week and I love you all! Talk to you next week and you can hear about my first few days of being and STL...probably won’t be very exciting.

Oh p.s. I will be serving in the Irvine Ward and guess who is in my ward!?!?! Elder Phippen! He will be serving there also, if you remember Elder Phippen, we became good friends when we both served in Hamilton/Motherwell together!

I love you all and have a great week!!!!!!
Sister Watt

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