Saturday, July 19, 2014

I never know what to say in this subject! But this was a great week! ‏

                                                                                                                                         April 29, 2014
So this last week has been really good! Like I said last week we played football on Monday and then we got invited to join the McNally's for a bbq. It was soooo awesomely great! Tuesday was so good. After I emailed we went and had dinner and did some finding and then at the end of the day we tried by a potential. So we chapped into this potential and her name is Fiona. We hardly even talked to her when we chapped her door, and she was like, "I am really busy right now can you come back next week?" Well then on Tuesday we went to go try by and you know we thought it was just going to be another one of those "I’ll just tell them to come back so I don’t have to deal with them" sort of situations. So yeah we chapped her door and her fiancé opened the door and we asked if Fiona was in and he called her over and she was like "oh hi girls come on in!"

Whenever things like this happen I always have a bunch of things run through my head. First off shock and a millisecond fear for my life because I am thinking, "a Scottish person just let us in right on the they want to kill me", then my mind goes over the white handbook rules to make sure its ok that I am going inside this persons house so suddenly, and then I think are they tricking me, and then I step through their door and they invite us in and then I think.....YES! THIS IS HAPPENING!

HAHAHAHA so that was way cool. It was a really disjointed lesson because there were a lot of distractions but it was good. She had attended one of our services when she was a wee girl with a friend. Her fiancé is really skeptical. So we ended up inviting them to read the intro to the BOM and then we set up another appointment for Friday. So then on Friday we met with them and Fiona's kids were sick so she didn’t get a chance to read, but her fiancé, Liam, loves reading and is secretly really curious and apparently Fiona told us that the moment we left on Tuesday he picked up the BOM and started reading, so he read through to 1 Nephi 3! So that was really exciting. We taught the Plan of Salvation and it seemed like it went pretty good, so we have another appointment with them on Thursday! We now have 2 new investigators, who are getting married in 10 weeks and have 4 kids, ages 12, 5(I think), 4, and 2 or something. I don’t really remember the ages, but a big family! So that is really really exciting. And I feel blessed that God led us to them.

 We did a good amount of service this week. It’s been really nice weather and it’s been nice to wear service clothes and do something physical, since our lack of investigators, it’s nice to have that break from finding and chapping! We had a dinner appointment with the Bishop and his family on Wednesday, I love going to their home because they have a great family. They have 3 kids who are awesome. I have learned so much about what I want to do with my family from them. And you know how I am, I love studying parenting and family stuff, so I really enjoy seeing the way they parent and run their home. :) Also on Wednesday we met with Alison, our investigator who has been investigating for a long time, but is now finally trying to get back into actively investigating again. So things are going well with her. She knows everything so we are just trying to pray for things that will help her make the choice to get baptized, and also we are just trying to help her get a deeper understanding of the gospel.

Thursday we were able to visit some less actives, the Irvine’s, and Sister Procter. Sister Procter is improving I think. She is starting to read daily and do the little things. So hopefully that will help, she can be pretty stubborn!

I already talked about Friday, although we also just did some finding and we chapped this guy’s house and we had a good chat with him, and we have a return appointment with him tonight! So we will see how that goes. We also had dinner at the McNally’s. Seriously I love them and I always look forward to Fridays because we get to eat dinner at the McNally’s! And of course we met with Liam and Fiona Craigie.

Saturday we did some service and set up an appointment for this Saturday with a potential investigator. I am so grateful to God right now because he has been blessing us with people that have just been so welcoming. All week we have had a lot of people just ask us to come back, or set up appointments with us on the spot. Not all of them have followed through but we do have some serious potential. So I have been so grateful that God is blessing the East Kilbride area! Saturday was a day full of less actives to work with, we saw Christine, Brother McCafferty (both came to church on Sunday) and Sister Procter again. Sorry this is a long email! Busy week!

Sunday we visited Fay and kind of had a lame day...after church. Church wasn’t lame, church was good! Sister Firths brother-in-laws dad (who she is really close too because her sister and brother in law were dating for years) was riding motorcycles up the British Isles (apparently he does this a lot) and decided to surprise Sister Firth with a visit at church. And Sister Firth had a talk to give, so she was sitting on the stand and he walked in in his motorcycle gear (because he wasn’t planning on coming) and her eyes just about popped out of the sockets. She did a great job on her talk and afterwards was able to have a badly needed reunion. She has had a hard couple of weeks so I think this was one of those tender mercies that God gives. So that was cool.
AND MONDAY! A few weeks ago we got an email from President Brown who just established a new thing called zone development day. Basically the second Monday of every transfer we get a whole Monday (from 10-9) off to do really fun things with our zone. I think he started this because there have been so many people who have been going home because of stress related illnesses, so he wanted to establish something the missionaries could look forward too and a day of relaxing and unwinding. So yesterday was the first one and it was awesome! It started with lunch (we all traveled and met at the Stake Center in Glasgow) and then we played volleyball...well volleyball of sorts. I haven’t played in more than a year...I’m terrible now! Haha anyway then we did a bracket competition with the stick pulling game. So that was fun, and we did a relay race. They had a bunch of other sports like mits and baseballs for catch and a football and a room set up for Nerf gun fights! So after the relay race and everything we all played different sports. I played catch with Elder Jensen (he is in my area) for a while and now between volleyball and catch my shoulders are killing me! Haha and then we did a talent show. Elder Jensen earlier was trying to convince me to do it. I knew that he is shy on stage too so I told him that if he did his yoyo tricks I would play the guitar (thinking he would say no) and he agreed...........So that plan backfired. Anyway so Elder Crosby and I did a singing/guitar duet to a Mumford and Sons song! It wasn't half bad for me learning how to play it in one day! :) And then after that we had dinner and then chatted and took some pictures and hung out and then we all went home and went to bed! And now I am here!

So basically this email is ridiculously long, but I think it’s safe to say that I had a really good week and I am looking forward to this next week! :) Thanks for all your love and support. I know this church is true, and I know that the Lord’s work is hastening fast! I encourage you all to grab hold and run with it, because it might pass you by! Share something about the gospel with a non-member friend this week! God will bless you!

Love you all!
Sister Watt

1) My s’more exploded on my hands!
2) :)
3) HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I seriously die laughing every time I see this photo! Elder Crosby so perfectly photo bombed this photo! Man I love our East Kilbride missionary group. Not even joking Sister Firth, Elder Crosby and Elder Jensen have become some of my closest friends. We call ourselves the dream team! Although Elder Crosby goes home after this transfer and I will probably leave too, so then it will be broken up. But we have decided that we are all going to hang out when we all are home!

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