Sunday, July 20, 2014

Longest Week of my Life!

                                                                                                                                        May 26, 2014
Olo?! (Name that movie)
 How is everyone in the west? Everything here is fine. This week has been the longest in my life! After I got the moves call I feel like life just dragged! I had to pack and we were so busy. Basically I didn’t do anything last Monday because I knew we were doing everything Tuesday and I wouldn’t have time to pack. So basically I was all packed by Monday night. Oh and also we had FHE on Monday, and it was like a party for Elder Crosby. Seriously it was way sad saying goodbye to him and Elder Jensen, but I ended up seeing Elder Jensen on Wednesday anyway.

Tuesday we met with Mharhi, and invited her to be baptized and she said yes! And I just talked to Sister Firth last night and she said that they committed her to a baptism date last Friday, so that is really exciting. I got to see the Watson's and Sister Procter and Caroline on Tuesday as well. We also had dinner at the Rodgers and so I got to say goodbye to them and then we met with Merrin and Telula. I don’t know if anyone remembers these girls. Pamela was a former investigator and her son has brain cancer and is terminal now. So she wanted us to teach her girls so that they could have a religious foundation. We only got to teach them once though because of the hecticness of her life with her son. But her son just moved back into his own flat with his brother because of the stairs in Pamela’s house he can’t get around very well because his physical ability has been going down, so it’s easier and nicer for him to be in his own flat. She said it makes her sad that he is not at her house all the time but it makes him happy to be there so she is ok with it. Anyway so she said now that he is there we can teach her daughters again. So we had a good lesson with them and Merrin even prayed! So that was good. Pamela also talked about how she is thinking in the future she wants them to go to church, but not until they learn a bit more. So that is good. We were supposed to also see Johnathon and the Craig’s, but they cancelled. 

So Wednesday I woke up bright and early and we hopped on the train to Glasgow, where I waited around for a while and then hopped on a train to Irvine and unpacked and chilled for the rest of my p-day. Then we did some finding and went to the Poland’s. The Poland’s are a family, the Mum is in the church, dad isn’t, and we are teaching their grandsons, Andrew and Declan who live there. So that was good. Hopefully we can convince them to be baptized soon. I think they are struggling understanding it though. Andrew is 11 and Declan is 14. 

So Irvine is really small and so we get around a lot quicker than in everywhere else I have been. So our days are packed, I have been soooo tired all week!

By the way my companion is Sister Jones. There is a picture on my blog and probably Facebook of me with Sister Firth and another girl at my Utah farewell party. That is Sister Jones and my companion now. So it’s pretty cool that I have served with the 2 sisters that I met before I started my mission. Also Sister Jones and I stayed in Sparks at the same time while we were in college, so we have a lot of mutual friends which leads to good conversations. Sister Jones is sweet, soft spoken, loving, humble, quiet, and just a peaceful person all together. So as you can tell, we are complete opposites! hahaha But that’s ok, it still works out, we are pretty different on every level but we get along and that is what matters.

Anyway back to my week, Thursday I woke up bright and early again and got a train out to Edinburgh for New Leadership Training. Along with me there were 4 Elders who were called to be district leaders and another Sister who is the new STL in Dunfermline. 

Ok so I only have like 6 minutes left to write this. So this is going to be watered down. Anyway so that training lasted a long time but was good. I learned all about my responsibilities and stuff! We also saw Amanda Donnelly an investigator after we got back from Edinburgh. Friday we weekly planned, had missionary coordination with the ward and saw a recent convert, Davy, and an investigator Jason. He is very cynical but we had a good conversation, Every question he raised we countered and he was like...ok that makes since. Haha Saturday we got taken out to a really yummy lunch place on the harbor and we visited 2 recent converts. And Sunday we had church. The ward is quite big for such a small area. Bigger than East Kilbride. We visited a former investigator who still wasn’t interested and Davy and the Poland’s again. And now I am here! So that is a wrap. I love you all and I will save more time for my big email next time!

Love love love you!

Sister Watt!

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