Saturday, July 19, 2014

Prayers Needed‏

                                                                                                                                    April 7, 2014
 So this week was absolutely rubbish. I hate starting an email off like that but it’s the truth. Monday was ok but then black Tuesday happened. After District Meeting we got a call from (I will just call him Young Man) this is how the conversation went:

Me: Hello
Young man: Hey is this Sister Watt
Me: Yes "Young Man" how are you?
Young man: I am fine; umm my Mum wants to talk to you
Me:.....................uh ok.
Young man’s Mum: Is this Sister Watt?
Me: Yes
Young man’s Mum: Well we have just this morning been informed that "Young Man" has been associating with you and your religion and doing bible classes, well I am here to inform you that that will no longer be happening. We are Roman Catholic and you have caused "Young Man" to be very ill the last couple of weeks, he has mental health problems and he will no longer be meeting with you.

And the conversation kept going with me trying to explain to his mum that everything has been Young man’s choice, then she said that he told her that he didn’t want to meet with us anymore, and I asked to hear that from him and then Young man came on the phone and agreed with his mum that it was effecting his health and that he wasn’t sure if  he should learn any longer ( and in the background I hear his dad say "he won’t be meeting with them anymore" and then laughed) and then his mum grabbed the phone from him again and said:
Young man’s Mum: Well that is enough, goodbye! (phone off)

Pretty frustrating. It’s sad because we know that this is his parents’ choice. I asked him later on when we had to pick up a few things that he had and I asked him if it was his choice or his parents and he said that it mainly had to do with his parents. Unfortunately Young man won’t be getting baptized this upcoming week. It is really sad that there are such hard hearted people out there that won’t let people use their own agency. Yes Young man has some mental health issues, but he is fully capable of feeling the spirit and deciding what is true and accountable enough to need to get baptized. Unfortunately, a lot of his mental issues cause him to be way attached to his parents. So that was really hard for me this week, seeing someone that we had worked so hard with. I remember stopping him on the street, he was across the street and I was with Sister Jacques and I mustered the courage to purposefully cross the street to talk to him. That was a big leap for me because normally I wouldn’t do that, and the moment I met him I felt that he was special and was going to join the church. So it was very heartbreaking to receive that call and feel the influence of Satan on other people. I don’t believe that what we were teaching him caused him to be ill. I have been able to see him progress and I could see a light forming and so was his understanding. So it really is too bad. 

After that we got a call later in the day from Jacks mum who told us that since Jacks dad wasn’t a member and doesn’t like Mormons she wanted to respect his feelings and so we wouldn't be teaching Jack anymore. That one I understand more, but two times in one day is not the best.
Black Tuesday........
On the upside, Sister Lloyd was so kind as to take us out to a nice Italian restaurant that night, so that made me feel better. Food is good, and always makes the soul happy, until you over eat your feelings and then it gets bad. Haha

So this week with all of our investigators gone and our less actives not being available, we basically just went back to the basics, chapping and street contacting. We were able to see the Watsons on Wednesday and they are doing good. We reviewed the Plan of Salvation and their 13 year old daughter, who is less active and avoids the church, sat in on our lesson. We had been praying for that, so it was exciting that she stayed in the room this time! Progress being made there, definitely!

We saw Sister Procter as per usual and I am pretty positive she watched General Conference; I phoned he like 30 minutes before the Sunday morning session started and she said she was sitting at her computer. :) So that is really good. I feel like we are making progress with her so that is always exciting. I love Sister Procter!

Oh also on Tuesday we got a less active referral from a lady in England whose Sister is a member but not active. So we went to her house. She told us she still believed but because of things that happened with the ward with her mum will never go back. But she said that she has been wanting to relearn everything because she has forgotten a lot! So we told her that we wouldn’t push her to come to church but we can teach her the lessons and she agreed so that will be good.

To add to our awesome luck, Friday, Matt our new investigator dropped us. :) Yep so by that time we were just numb to the disappointments. Thankfully though we had general conference and that really uplifted my spirit. It also caused me to do a lot of thinking. I didn’t know my brain had room to have more thoughts, I thought I was already doing enough thinking! Seriously though, I really liked General conference. I don’t have my study notebook with me right now but I took a lot of really good notes. I had like 5 questions and most got answered and I am pretty sure the other ones got answered also, I just need to search my notes a bit more and read the talks over.

So I have to go, but I hope everyone really enjoyed conference, and this week Sister Firth and I are determined to find a family to teach. Seriously we are going to find one so prayers to help would be awesome!

I love you all and hope I have better news for next week!

 Sis Christine Watt

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